WWE Night of Champions (Proposal)


Night of Champions is an annual WWE pay-per-view event held since 2007.  Following the 2009 event, Night of Champions has occurred exclusively in September.  This year it will take place September 21 in Nashville, Tennessee. Continue reading


Andy Jacobs: The Libertarian Zone

A frequent commenter to the Independent Political Report (IPR) and longtime member of the Libertarian Party, Andy Jacobs, who also works on ballot access drives and thus has encountered a large segment of society, has discussed the idea of a “Libertarian Zone” in IPR comments since at least 2012. Below is a comment Andy made on June 5, 2014, which I believe best summarizes the Libertarian Zone concept and provides the rationale behind it.  Andy gave The Saturnalian permission to repost it here. The Saturnalian does not necessarily endorse the views expressed in this commentary

. Continue reading

Current U.S. Senate Candidate Once Connected Senator’s Stroke to Gay Sex

Andy Martin is one of four candidates in the September 9 primary to decide the Republican Party’s nominee to face New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen in November.  Others in the race include former State Senator Jim Rubens and former U.S. Senators Scott Brown and Robert C. Smith.  Martin, 69, is a vexatious litigant in multiple jurisdictions (he threatened to sue Wikinews for my 2011 interview with him) and perennial candidate for public office who makes up for his lack of political success with his (often hilarious) attacks on political opponents.  For example, in his current race, Martin attacks Brown’s family as “abusive.”  He accuses Brown of “lying about his military record,” and identifies Brown as  “the most corrupt statewide candidate in New Hampshire history.”   As for his other opponents, Martin calls Rubens a “Mitt Romney-style Wall Street stock speculator” with “crackpot ideas,” and he labels Smith a “gay-basher.”  Though seemingly innocuous, that last statement is highly ironic given Martin’s attacks on a U.S. Senator just two years ago. Continue reading

Thomas L. Knapp: If Not NOTA, Who? If Not 2016, When?

Activist Thomas L. Knapp released the following for the NOTA 2016 movement on July 1. The movement seeks to nominate None of the Above for President of the United States at the 2016 Libertarian National Convention. The Saturnalian does not necessarily endorse the views expressed in this commentary.


When most political parties get together for a national convention, they nominate a candidate for president. The Libertarian Party isn’t most political parties.

First, it has its national convention every two years rather than every four (the 2014 event, held in Columbus, Ohio, just wrapped up).

Secondly, “None Of The Above” is always on the ballot for both internal offices and the party’s presidential nomination. Continue reading

Vincent van Gogh: Starry Night Over the Rhone (1888)

Oil on canvas – On display at the Musée d’Orsay in Paris, France.

Contemporary society typically associates Dutch post-impressionist Vincent van Gogh with his 1889 masterpiece The Starry Night.  However, Starry Night Over the Rhone is perhaps a better illustration of van Gogh’s mastery of light.  The reflections on the water of gas lamps along the shore of the Rhone in Arles, contrasts with the stars of the night sky.

Describing this particular painting, van Gogh wrote the following in a September 28, 1888 letter to his younger brother Theo:

[I]n short the starry sky painted by night, actually under a gas jet. The sky is aquamarine, the water is royal blue, the ground is mauve. The town is blue and purple. The gas is yellow and the reflections are russet gold descending down to green-bronze. On the aquamarine field of the sky the Great Bear is a sparkling green and pink, whose discreet paleness contrasts with the brutal gold of the gas. Two colorful figurines of lovers in the foreground.