Presidential Candidate Says FBI Spying on his “Masturbation Shows”


Milnes accuses news anchorwoman Norah O’Donnell of watching him masturbate to her.

Longstanding, well known Progressive activist” Robert Milnes has had his share of trouble with the FBI.  In the 1980s, he was arrested and pleaded guilty to stalking and threatening a TV news reporter, an event Milnes claims was the result of a covert FBI operation.  Following his release, Milnes has had additional run-ins with the FBI, most recently relating to his campaigns for President of the United States.

Milnes has run for president in every election cycle since 2004.  His best showing came in 2008 when he received 721 votes (4.28 percent) in the California Libertarian Primary.   However, it wasn’t until the next election cycle that Milnes discovered the FBI’s surveillance of his “activities.”   Reporting on his 2012 campaign website, Milnes expressed astonishment upon finding that  the FBI had apparently employed then-MSNBC reporter Norah O’Donnell to watch him through his television set as he masturbated to her newscast.

Milnes has offered little proof for his theory outside of the “Freudian slips, body language, and acculturation” he claims to have observed in O’Donnell while he masturbated to her.  But, recently new evidence has come forward.  On The PLAS Place, a news blog created by Milnes which doubles as his 2016 campaign website, at least three strange occurrences have taken place.

First, a photo of Chairman Mao was added to a post about Israel’s alleged sabotage of leftists and libertarians. Second, on a page discussing the initial attack on The PLAS Place, a banner for fellow 2016 Libertarian presidential candidate Kip Lee mysteriously appeared.  Third, after removal of the Kip Lee banner, a (since removed) photo of supermodel Kate Upton emerging from a pool in a white transparent t-shirt found its way onto the page.

This Kate Upton image was mysteriously added to Robert Milnes' campaign website.

This Kate Upton image was mysteriously added to Robert Milnes’ campaign website.

“I did conduct a masturbation show advertising that I would be looking at photos of Upton during the show. Alone at home in front of TV,” said Milnes, pondering how this could be anything but the work of FBI surveillance.

Perhaps this gives further credence to Milnes’s theory:  Someone from the FBI must have seen Milnes advertise his upcoming “masturbation show” and vandalized his website with the exact same subject matter advertised (though that only explains the Upton image).

We can only speculate at this point. Perhaps additional evidence will be forthcoming.


3 thoughts on “Presidential Candidate Says FBI Spying on his “Masturbation Shows”

  1. WSS, again your facts are not necessarily correct. In this case you repeat the xaulie disinformation/discredit/harassment meme that I was charged with stalking. The actual charge was 1 count 18USC Section 876. Threat by mail. Usually associated with kidnapping, extortion. The alleged threat was to her husband, Henry Bonilla, who was to be elected Congressman R-Texas. Later I realized the alleged threat was not one according to the definition of threat in Black’s Law Dictionary.
    So please stop with the xaulie stalker accusation.
    Find out if xaulie was Anonymous who banned me from IPR on false ground.
    BTW, I tried to withdraw my guilty plea pursuant to Rule 32d, FRCP and 28USC Section 2255. Repeatedly denied.
    Every time I pleaded guilty I regretted it.
    Now, as for Norah, I have lost my DISH as part of eviction. However I do have free digital tv and a solar panel system in rv. I have recently interpreted that she has consulted a phd and is trying a vibrator. She has the common women’s complaint, she is inorgasmic. I do not know whether it is individual or marriage therapy. I do not know of any way to verify that except from Norah herself. Other than investigative journalism-hint, hint.
    Due to eviction, haven’t felt like putting on any shows. However I MAY resume them.
    Again, fairly well written article.

    • FYI. The plan was to involve me in something similar to what happened with Knapp and I in 1985. I would contact the person, Norah or some other reporter, preferably in person, then be promptly arrested. So far I have not directly contacted or tried to contact Norah or any other. I have “advertised” that I would be interested in any contact FROM her or others, but so far nothing.
      The interpretation of seeking out sex therapy is very interesting. As interpreted, she is watching and getting involved/aroused/educated. I’m hoping for a breakthrough quite the opposite of what the FBI wants.They want me to contact HER first, in person preferably.Then arrest me and use her against me like Knapp. I want HER to contact me first, preferably with witnesses. Then WE expose the FBI treachery.
      Evidently they ARE able to intercept over the air digital signals and make use of them via theHDMM/ tv screen. I further tested the system this morning. Verified via interpretation.
      In other words, government agents are able to see who is in a residence with high resolution via any tv set inside. This is in addition to various other techniques. Most notably infrared, radar via satellite, drone, mobile vehicles etc. Google maps,GPS, cellphone/computer pings etc.

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