Meet Lizzie Bayliss, Multi-Talented UK Glamour Model

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Image: Outofrespect

Every week,, the official website for UK lad mag Zoo Weekly, showcases Twitter images from up and coming glamour models in the feature #ZooTwitties.  Back in February, while viewing #ZooTwitties, I  stumbled across an image of a nude woman bathing.   It was excellent work.  I followed the Twitter handle @lizziebayliss and arrived at the twitter page for UK model Lizzie Bayliss.  Upon reviewing Lizzie’s body of work, I felt she would be the perfect glamour model to interview for The Saturnalian‘s inaugural pg.3 feature. Luckily, she accepted the interview request.  We are honored to have her presence grace our new blog.

Lizzie is 20 years of age, based out of  Wolverhampton, West Midlands.  She began modelling more than 3 years ago, and travels across the globe to partake in shoots, averaging about 300 per year.  In addition to modelling, Lizzie is multi-talented.  She is a photographer, actor with credits in the 2013 Steve Coogan film The Look of Love, and author with the second edition of her book The Wise Girl’s Guide to Freelance Modelling soon to be released.

To schedule a shoot, Lizzie may be contacted through her website


Image: Outofrespect

The Saturnalian: Do you recall the circumstances of your first nude shoot? What went through your mind at the time?

Unlike many girls, I’ve never had a problem with nudity, so I can honestly say that absolutely nothing went through my mind when I did my first nude shoot except thoughts about posing, and trying to keep to the photographer’s brief. I’m just as happy in as out of clothes, and have always been like that.

The Saturnalian: What inspires you to pose as a glamour model?

Most people think the female body is a thing of beauty, and I’m lucky to have  good figure, so I’m pleased to be able to make a contribution to the art form. I don’t just stop at glamour modelling though – I also do a lot of art nude, pin-up, and other genres.

The Saturnalian: Are there any current glamour models whose work you admire?

None in particular. I don’t have glamour role models, if that’s what you mean.
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Image: Drew Tucker

The Saturnalian: I notice your Twitter images are sometimes featured on the Zoo Weekly website.  There’s been much feminist criticism in the UK of Zoo Weekly and The Sun‘s Page 3 for their publication of nude models.  What are your thoughts on this issue? Does modern feminism pose a threat to glamour modeling?

Feminism should be about encouraging women to realise their potential in their chosen field, to develop their skills, and to be independent and successful, whether they choose to be footballers, astronauts, or glamour models. What annoys me about fundamentalist feminists is that they claim to speak for all women. They don’t. Their campaign against page 3, nude modelling, and prostitution is a moral and political campaign, and its motivated by a hatred of men and a belief that these activities are all about pandering to men. They’re not. I find modelling tremendously empowering. It has improved my confidence, made me lots of friends, and I earn a very good living from it. Look, ‘sex’ has always been with us and is an essential ingredient in relations between men and women. Go into any stately home in the UK and you will see bare breasted women (and children, come to that!) in painting on the walls. Glamorous images of women have always been with us, and always will be. They inspire not only photography and painting, but also music and literature, and have always done so. These dried-up feminists really need to get a life, and stop telling other women how to lead theirs.

Casual public

The Saturnalian: As a model and a photographer, in general, is there a certain message you want to convey with your work?

No single message. It’s all about art, and striving to produce the highest quality work. It involves developing a lot of technical knowledge if the message is to be clear.

Image: Outofrespect

The Saturnalian: As a photographer, who or what would be your dream subject?

My subjects and interests range widely and change constantly, so my answer today will not be the same in a week’s time. That’s what art is like: inspiration comes, and then needs to be followed, until it is replaced by the next idea.
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5 thoughts on “Meet Lizzie Bayliss, Multi-Talented UK Glamour Model

  1. What an intelligent and articulate, well presented and well-balanced case for glamour modelling and glamour photography.

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