Pastor Manning: “Obama Is a Long Legged Mack Daddy”

It was February 16, 2008.  With the 2008 Democratic presidential primary campaign heating up between then-Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, Pastor James Manning of ATLAH Worldwide gave an epic sermon in which he  proclaimed the candidate Obama as a  “long legged mack daddy.”   In addition, Manning criticized his congregation and the Black community at large for supporting Obama only because of his skin color.

The Howard Stern Show later took snippets from the sermon and prank called an African American residence:

Woman: (unintelligible)

Woman: Hello

Manning: OBAMA!

Woman: What?

Manning: OBAMA!

Woman: Oh it’s someone Obama

Woman: I don’t know who this is on the phone but they crazy.

Manning: Obama is a long leg mack daddy!

Woman: He sure in the shit is and you a damn crazy daddy.

Manning: You’re despicable!

Woman: Same to you bastard (hangs up)


Woman: Hello

Manning: OBAMA! That’s where you first saw his name.  That’s the first place I saw it, on two great big ol’ tits.

Woman: If you don’t quit calling this phone with your crazy ass, you and Obama and your mammy and everybody else crazy (hangs up)


Woman: Hello

Manning: Obama pimps white women and black women.

Woman: (unintelligible) (hangs up)


Manning: OBAMA!

Woman: Is that the only damn thing you got to do is play on the phone?

Manning: Obama is a mack daddy.

Woman: Well let him be a damn mack daddy. You got anything else to do but play on the phone?

Manning: Aw c’mon! You didn’t notice him until he brought out those big chested white women with their tight t-shirts and their short pants. That’s what a pimp does!

Woman: ooh you are sick!

Manning: You’re despicable!

Woman: Your mammy’s despicable. (hangs up)


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