Presidential Candidate Evicted from Residence, Blames Israel


Bar Rafaeli is a citizen of Israel, the nation presidential candidate Robert Milnes blames for his recent eviction.

Four time presidential candidate Robert Milnes was evicted from his New Jersey residence this past month.  The reason given for the eviction was the nonpayment of rent, but Milnes suspects something far more sinister.  He believes his eviction was actually the work of a joint FBI/Israel operation to prevent him from becoming president of the United States in 2016.

Though Milnes admits he fell behind on his rent this past year and even signed a “Consent to Vacate” agreement to delay his eviction until after the winter, he maintains that the judge at his eviction hearing was “gotten to.”  Milnes accuses Superior Court Judge Lee Larkin of having been “recruited in a covert operation” to evict Milnes, apparently at the behest of the State of Israel.

Milnes suspects the Israelis for two reasons:

First, he is a candidate for the presidential nominations of the Green and Libertarian parties. These parties do not share the pro-Israel platform of the Democratic and Republican parties. Rather, they often sympathize with the plight of the Palestinians, the natural enemy of Israel.

Second, Milnes believes he has devised an electoral strategy that can win the 2016 presidential election away from the two major Israeli-supporting parties.  This strategy, which Milnes calls PLAS, the Progressive-Libertarian Alliance Strategy, suggests a fusion ticket of a Progressive man and a Libertarian woman can win in 2016 based on Milnes’ own analysis of the 1912 presidential election.

Though unemployed and without the credentials of most presidential candidates, Milnes sees himself as a prime candidate for a covert Israeli operation as he understands it.

“I’d say about late 80′s, early 90′s Israel took over U.S. domestic surveillance and covert operations from the FBI involving third party/independents,” writes Milnes at the PLAS Place, describing the complex relationship between Israel and U.S. intelligence.

“[T]he infrastructure is in place,” continues Milnes, “Just say ‘[w]e think this would be better for Israel.’ So and so gets convicted. So and so gets evicted. . . . [Consequently] Bob Milnes [is left] without [a girlfriend] and homeless[.] [W]ell that’s in the best interest of Israel. Anything for Israel.”

Without a home, Milnes now plans to travel west, first to Colorado to exhume the body of an ex-girlfriend, and then to California to search for gold.  And so, despite the alleged efforts of Israel, Milnes’ campaign continues.


One thought on “Presidential Candidate Evicted from Residence, Blames Israel

  1. WSS, congratulations on your new blog corresponding to your writing branching out to other than politics areas.
    I made a mistake in getting behind a little in rent, then writing the judge and withholding rent until a hearing. In NJ there is that right, however I was under court order to make back rent payments -about $275 balance. I therefore violated that order by mistake. A default was entered. OOPS!
    But then the landlord the greedy bastard made a mistake. He drew up a consent agreement that gave me three months delay in enforcing the default. One stipulation was that I get current and stay current in rent. Which I did. But by getting current in rent-he accepting rent after the default, he relinquished the default. He can’t have the rent AND the eviction when that is the only issue litigated. Later, realizing his mistake probably, he refused April’s rent. The corruption follows in that when I moved the Court to vacate the default, it declined. That clearly was an incorrect ruling. I moved again to which he again denied the motion.
    Other than this the article is fairly well written. And the fact that it is written and published at all is noteworthy.
    You are to be commended.

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