5 thoughts on “Meet Phil Davison, “America’s Councilman”

  1. While Mr. Davison may be a zealous advocate for free speech I can’t say as advocacy against one noise ordinance is qualification for such a label. My understanding is that his pursuit of the Boston Tea Party nomination for President in 2008 was reason enough for its founder to send that political party to the deep blue sea rather than allow a person like him to win the nomination. He may indeed be a likeable fellow but if he were to express an interest in obtaining the Libertarian Party nomination it will be all the more reason for Libertarians to pursue a NOTA2016 nomination. http://nota2016.org

    • Thank you for your comment. The Boston Tea Party collapsed in 2012 after Jim Duensing was selected as the nominee and declined to campaign or participate in ballot access drives.

      • Yes, and if I were the nominee, we would have had a fusion ticket, despite Kimberly’s clueless lack of understanding of what that meant and could have meant.
        I would have insisted Kimberly and I campaign together and eventually by osmosis she would have learned. We would have done well. Certainly expanded the party, not participate in its collapse.

    • WSS, I’m not sure how or why or who to blame for the collapse of BTP. Thane was there. He is understood by me to be some kind of rightist despite being called a libertarian. So I do not trust him.
      I know he usually was contrary to me in IPR and supported my banning.
      But I share his negative opinion of Davison. Sorry, I know you are fascinated by Davison.
      Dime a dozen Republican as far as I can tell.

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