Prohibition Libertarian Alliance Strategy

The following is satire and should not be confused with the genuine views expressed in the Commentary section.


  • Theodore Roosevelt
  • Ross Perot
  • Robert M. LaFollette
  • George Wallace
  • Eugene Debs
  • John Anderson
  • John Schmitz
  • William Lemke
  • Ralph Nader

What do all these candidates have in common?

They didn’t use PLAS–the Prohibition Libertarian Alliance Strategy!

Had they simply nominated the Prohibition Party candidate and attached a female celebrity (i.e. Angela Lansbury of Murder She Wrote fame) they would have won with at least 68% of the vote!

I have used my election-programatron computer to prove this beyond any doubt.

By using PLAS–the Prohibition Libertarian Alliance Strategy–the Prohibition Party could WIN in 2016.

But who did I, Alberto Medvedev vote for?

Well, let us take a gander at the goose that gave us great goodies.

  • 1984-Gus Hall
  • 1988-Lenora Fulani
  • 1992-Bo Gritz
  • 1996-Earl F. Dodge
  • 2000-Pat Buchanan
  • 2004-Earl F. Dodge
  • 2008-Bob Barr
  • 2012-Jack Fellure
  • 2016-Milnes/Lansbury(?)

Xenu be with you and in your hearts.


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