Erotic Letters of “President Hard-On” to be Released (Preview)

"President Hard-On" deep in thought.

“President Hard-On” deep in thought.

I like to dream in loose, flowing garb, because I can dream more intently. And I did — to alarming release. I called your name aloud thrice, begging you to come, and a voice from upstairs responded, wanting to know what I wanted.


Carrie Phillips, the woman of President Harding’s dreams.

The future President Harding, or perhaps more appropriately “President Hard-On,” wrote about his interrupted masturbatory experience above in a January 5, 1913  letter to his mistress Carrie Phillips. It is among the many pre-presidential letters Harding wrote to Phillips, which the Library of Congress will release to the public later this month.

The letters, obtained from Phillips by the Harding family and donated to the Library of Congress in 1964, have remained hidden for 50 years per the donation agreement between the Library and the family.  The Harding’s, whose patriarch died in office under suspicious circumstances in 1923, feared of embarrassment due to the letters’ salacious nature.  In some, the future president discusses his penis, which he nicknamed “Jerry.”

The New York Times published bits and pieces of letters that Ohio lawyer Jim Robenalt discovered in an obscure microfilm while researching for his 2009 book The Harding Affair: Love and Espionage During the Great War.

December 24, 1910:

I love you more than all the world and have no hope of reward on earth or hereafter, so precious as that in your dear arms, in your thrilling lips, in your matchless breasts, in your incomparable embrace.

January 2, 1913:

When I got home I was too tired to sleep, but I rested, and you were summoned in finally.  And you came — a vision vividly plain, a goddess in human form — and a perfect form — clad only in flowing hair, and you were joyously received, and Jerry came and insisted on staying while we all retrospected in the happiness of a Sunday in Richmond.

September 15, 1913:

Honestly, I hurt with the insatiate longing, until I feel that there will never be any relief until I take a long, deep, wild draught on your lips and then bury my face on your pillowing breasts. Oh, Carrie!

March 12, 1915:

Jerry — you recall Jerry, whose cards I once sent you to Europe — came in while I was pondering your notes in glad reflection, and we talked about it. He was strongly interested, and elated and clung to discussion. He told me to say that you are the best and darlingest in the world, and if he could have but one wish, it would be to be held in your darling embrace and be thrilled by your pink lips that convey the surpassing rapture of human touch and the unspeakable joy of love’s surpassing embrace

August 20, 1918:

Wish I could take you to Mount Jerry. Wonderful spot. Not in the geographies but a heavenly place, and I have seen some passing views there and reveled in them. Gee!

It should be noted that Carrie Phillips was a German sympathizer during the First World War and threatened to make the affair with Harding public.  Harding and the Republican National Committee both bribed Phillips to remain silent, preserving Harding’s viability in the 1920 presidential election.

The rest of the letters, rumored to be even more salacious will be released July 29.


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