New Third Party Blog Launched

Last month, Krzysztof Lesiak, formerly a contributor to the Independent Political Report (IPR), started the blog American Third Party Report (ATPR), which, as its name suggests, covers American third parties.  Though similar to IPR in subject matter, it currently lacks the community that makes IPR such a popular blog.  All of its recent posts are copies of news articles and press releases from third parties and associated political campaigns.  It once featured some original content, but recent personnel changes have somewhat altered the blog’s output.

Lesiak, a self-described Polish nationalist who belongs to the quasi-fascist American Freedom Party, signed several writers to post for the blog, including Nathan Norman, an activist currently signed as a contributor to The Saturnalian to publish his four part treatise on the Libertarian Party (see Part One).

Norman, best known as Concerned Libertarian Citizen (CLC), the name he commented under at IPR before being banned for trolling, was removed as a writer after posting an article critical of IPR and its administration.  He posted a total of five articles overall, including an interview with homosexuality critic Don Grundmann and a report on IPR owner Warren Redlich’s plan to run for President of the United States in 2024.

“I posted stories the public cared about,” says Norman, who is thinking about starting his own blog, “[n]ow all they post [at ATPR] is boring rubbish.”

Editor-in-chief Joshua Fauver, who is still signed up as a writer at IPR, is the most frequent ATPR poster.  Fauver has a long résumé of third party activism.  He started in the right wing Constitution Party, then worked on the campaign of Independent/Reform Party/Constitution Party/Republican Party presidential candidate and former football coach Robby Wells (who is now running for president as a Democrat).  Fauver next joined the Libertarian Party before becoming a self-proclaimed socialist who plans to join Socialist Party USA.

“I’m really happy with the site,” says Fauver, “I feel like we’re accomplishing what we set out to do, which is to provide a legitimate alternative to the Independent Political Report.”

Nevertheless, the blog still has a ways to go before reaching the prestige of IPR.  Whereas IPR has 1,921 Facebook likes, ATPR currently has only 24.  Personnel changes notwithstanding, only time will tell if ATPR has what it takes to become as successful a blog as IPR.


55 thoughts on “New Third Party Blog Launched

  1. Note that I have been invited to participate in this new blog, by CLC on my blog The PLAS Place. And that I am expected to participate in this new blog as commented more than once by cyberpig paulie banali in IPR. And that I have not and will not do so. As a fellow IPR reject/troll along with CLC, Ogle etc.
    No, I’ll not participate in A3PR. I MIGHT participate in IPR if let back in. But neither are necessary anymore. All that is needed is The PLAS Place. A movement, a winning electorial strategy, reporting is all we need and could be accomplished there. Along with BAN Ballot Access News, The GP and LP websites and candidate websites.
    We do not need A3PR. We no longer need IPR.

      • CLC,
        2 l’s in Millness, if you please.
        I stand corrected. it wasn’t CLC that invited me, it was Dude. And in the comment on my blog-The PLAS Place-he seems to self identify as clesiak.
        And how far into the future must I travel to find your blog, CLC?
        As I said, if a hobo is Lee Wrights and a functional libertarian is Newt Ging1%, I’ll be glad to huddle under the overpass with the former et al.

  2. Maybe Milnes could sign up CLC to write at the PLAS Space or CLC could sign up Milnes when he starts his new blog. You’re right about A3PR, that site showed a lot of promise at first but went down hill rapidly when they they got rid of CLC and turned into just another censored shithole like IPR. We need a place for everyone who has been abused and thrown out of IPR by cyberpig xaulie banali to gather together in one place. Cyberpig xaulie banali needs to be roasted on a spit like the pig he is.

      • I’ll comment there, but I don’t have anything I am really interested in blogging about. If you see one of my comments that you think should be a post (anywhere) feel free to use it. I am skeptical of Milnes’ claims about time travel, news reporters watching him jerk off through his TV, his ex-girlfriend’s coffin being empty or many of his other outlandish claims but I think he is a good guy fundamentally and has been treated unfairly by the morbidly obese homosexual nazi zionist commie cyberpig xaulie. Milnes is a hobo, but we should have compassion for the homeless and the emotionally disturbed. There needs to be somewhere for everyone this pig xaulie has screwed over, belittled and censored to get together. Maybe this could be the place here. Maybe we can pool info and get the criminal piece of shit xaulie apprehended by the authorities as well, and I am sure they are probably looking for him due to his many past and ongoing criminal activities (some of which he loves to brag about).

  3. Hey Dude. I don’t have problem with the cyberpig being a Zionist. I support the Israel in its defense against the Hamas Muslims. Muslims have a convert or die mentality that’s rearing its ugly head in Iraq and Syria. Muslims worship a pedophile as their prophet. Muslims crucify Christians. I have no respect for Muslims.

    I do not wish ill will against the cyberpig. That would make me a Muslim. I pray God will soften his heart and he will choose to unban me. In the meantime I plan to spread my movement as best I can. I am writing part 2 of my treatise. It will cover Fillmore, the most successful third party candidate of the 19th century as 1856 nominee of the native American Party.

  4. Dude, ” Maybe this could be the place here.”
    Yes, it would serve William S. Saturn right to have all the IPR rejects blog here and/or Saturns Repository.
    I blog here and there and have been published about here and there.
    I’d be very surprised to be covered at all, let alone favorably at A3PR.
    But go ahead and prove me wrong. Then I’d consider blogging there.

  5. There has been many references to xaulie banalie having pleaded guilty to petitioning fraud. Probably a multi count indictment. and he has bragged about making and losing millions. Probably distributing drugs.etc. He loves his decadent lifestyle of being a hobo with a clipboard wandering around the USA, motels, hotels, drugs and booze, room service, massages and hos. If he doesn’t have an std by now it’s a miracle.

    • He is a criminal crackhead commie pig and I am sure you are quite correct about his many STDs especially due to his participation in the homosexual lifestyle, and pederasty.

      • Dude I’m pretty sure you’re klesiak. I’ve suspected it all along. Just be honest with us and sign me back. Fauver hasn’t posted since Sunday. I think he quit. Sign me back so I can take up the slack. Please Bubba.

  6. Yes, clesiak, sign CLC back up.
    I visited A3PR. You need more writers/posters. If you want to compete with IPR.
    True CLC is a political moron/counterrevolutionary. So what? Not even I am perfect.

    • On IPR Nathan says he got signed back up at A3PR but I haven’t seen any new articles from him or Fauver. Fauver is still on the about A3PR page but Nathan is not. Lesiak and Quirk are posting articles there now.

  7. Nathan, I don’t know why you think I am Lesiak, I already told you I am not. I already told you that I am not. I’d sign you up if I could and wish he would but I’m not him and I can’t. All Lesiak has is a free wordpress blog though, not even a domain name (which would be cheap, about ten bucks or less) or an existing comment community. Anyone can set up a free wordpress blog. Just go to and do it! It’s super easy, even hobo Bob figured out how to do it. I believe in you Nathan. You can do it! You too can set up a free blog on wordpress! Oh and once again I am not Lesiak and he should sign you back up. Also I would not jump to the conclusion that Fauver left just because he took a couple of days off either. Not that it matters. Go start a blog already, what are you waiting for?

      • Knowledgeable how? I just know anyone can sign up for a free blog and hobo Bob figured out how to do it so it must be pretty easy. What makes you think I have a blog? I’m not into blogging myself, only commenting on other people’s. Looking forward to yours as well.

  8. I invite everybody to visit Saturn’s Repository and comment on the articles there. However, Saturn’s Repository will only feature my material (or Phil Davison’s if he wants). It is not in competition with any blog, and like this one, it is meant to complement IPR.

    Like Dude, I too am looking forward to reading Nathan’s blog. If he launches it, I will post an article about it here. I hope it can be as interesting and insightful as The PLAS Place.

  9. WSS, quick question. I posted the previous comment at 9:18 pm eastern time Aug. 7, but it recorded 1:18 am Aug 8. That is 4 hours ahead which puts the BLOG Server IN England OR Ireland, doesn’t it?

  10. WSS, did I understand your previous comment to be politely asking IPR rejects to not comment here but comment on Saturns Repository, and then only comment relevant to the articles?
    Now, if A3PR wants to compete/provide an alternative to IPR, I suggest the following. All IPR rejects be allowed on A3PR.Except POSSIBLY Ogle. Return CLC. Encourage WSS to post & comment there.
    Now, upon reconsideration, I could be talked into commenting on A3PR. Also I would not mind the posting of my stuff on A3PR. If you have the balls, post my Open Letter to the President, Secretary DHS, Director USSS.
    Enlist more posters/writers AND commenters.
    If you write it, they will come.

    • Cool post!

      Does this mean that you would *like* help to be able to get on the road, or that you won’t be able to get on the road unless you get help with the repair bills and gas money?

  11. IPR has new articles every day, A3PR got one update on August 5. Before that they got multiple updates every day until August 3rd. It has slowed dramatically. PLAS Space is more lively now than A3PR. IPR comments did slow down a bit since the cyberpig has been more quiet than usual. I heard a rumor that he had a mini-heart attack. Here’s hoping for a major heart attack for him soon!

  12. Start by announcing the launch of CLC’s blog in IPR Open Thread for August.
    I may have been too harsh on CLC and his blog. Maybe not.
    Nevertheless he has the right to blog his counterrevolutionary Ging1% crap.
    And he could have but did not disapproved my comments. Unlike cyberpig xaulie banali.

  13. My message to IPR readers is that they should visit, comment and bookmark Functional Fillmore Frugal blog. Even though I have a lot of respect for Warren Redlich and believe he will one day be vice president the site is being ruined by the cyberpig. The cyberpig is behind the Nazi troll and uses its damage as a Reichstag fire to increase his powers on IPR. With the failure of A3PR, the Functional Fillmore Frugal blog is the only blog in competition with IPR. It is the only alternative.

    • William Saturn already conveyed your message in your concentration camp thread. Further proof that the cyberpig is really the nazi troll just like you said, he sets up concentration camps which quickly become extermination camps for anyone who ever disagrees with him even slightly. Everyone at IPR has to goose step in perfect formation with every whim of the cyberpig or face deportation or death. The whole place needs to be fumigated and denazified. And the pig needs to be fed to the dogs.

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