Interview with a Time Traveler


Upon the 1895 publication of H.G. Wells‘s masterpiece The Time Machine, time travel has entered into the public consciousness.  Films featuring time travel such as Back to the Future and The Terminator have become blockbuster hits.  Popular television shows such as Stargate SG-1 and Lost have included time travel as plot devices.  Moreover, individuals claiming to have time traveled in real life have come forward.  The Saturnalian tracked down one of these individuals to obtain more information about his experiences and time travel itself.

This time traveler is none other than U.S. presidential candidate Robert Milnes.  Milnes cites multiple time travel experiences during his life, which he connects to “radiating bridges” and male-female “superorgasms.”  It is because of these experiences that Milnes believes his deceased ex-girlfriend is not really dead and so plans to travel to Boulder, Colorado to exhume her grave.  It is also because of these experiences that Milnes now refers the views of homosexuality critic Don Grundmann as “revolutionary” since Grundmann believes gay sex should be eliminated while Milnes believes gay sex hinders time travel.

The interview was conducted on Milnes’s website The PLAS Place and is reproduced here with minimal editing.

What were the circumstances surrounding your first time travel experience?

I was in the bathroom of the duplex we had just bought. That was in 1969. So I was about 17-18. I don’t remember the date or time of day or day of week etc. [I] Remember it was a strange experience that I did not speak of for many years. I was in front of porcelain sink, brushing my teeth or something. All of a sudden I felt my breath taken away. There was a whoosh of flood of thoughts and feelings, mostly very painful. I remember thinking, oh no, oh no. Suddenly I knew my mother was going to die soon, which she did. And that I, seemingly forewarned would try everything I could to prevent that. To no avail. She had untreatable diabetes-she was allergic to insulin. And I knew I would have difficulty getting a girlfriend. Again, seemingly forewarned, I tried everything I could think of to prevent that. To no avail.

Note that a very painful experience-the firebombing of Dresden and the aftermath, seems to be the precursor to Billy Pilgrim coming unstuck in time. [Milnes is discussing the plot from Slaughterhouse-Five.]

And later, the pleasures of Tralfamadore seem to be have been earned so to speak.

As Caine in Kung Fu said, about his extraordinary abilities, “It is something for which the price has been paid.”

Are you saying you had visions of the future rather than a physical transfer to the future?

Good question. In this instance if there was physical transfer to the future, it was extremely brief and diffuse. The second time was longer and more defined.

The ultimate physical transfer to the future would be something like finding oneself in a Tralfamadore like place and circumstance.

It sounds to me like if you are interested in making this a Homeland Security issue and/or turn it into a weapon or tool, it could be done but very difficult.

Your agent would have to be psychoanalytically capable. That could take years, but maybe highly detailed screening/selection process and enhanced preparation.

Then agent would have to be briefed. Where to go, what to look for, what is the mission etc. Then come in, report and debriefed.

I, of course have a huge headstart. I could be talked into an advisory position. But I don’t think I’d be interested in a mission. I don’t trust DHS.

Can you describe your other experiences with time travel?

I don’t know whether this should be classified as one time travel or 2.

I have an encounter with a woman. She runs away. Very shortly thereafter, almost immediately, I have another encounter-with a different woman, Nancy.

I’m on a bed. I have tried to think of the details. Where, when etc. I am with a woman from my past who I have not seen in decades. Her name in Ona. Initials OHS. I’d rather not get more specific here in order to respect her privacy. I met her in Boulder about the time I met Nancy.

This time travel happened around 1975. Since I knew knew both I thought at the time that this was going to happen soon. No, I waited in Boulder as long as I could. Nothing from either so I went home-NJ. 1976. Now it is 2014-about 38 years later.

Over the years I tried to keep track of her. After all, if she dies then this was not time travel. Same with Nancy. I don’t know what it would be. Wishful thinking. @Psychosis? Who knows. I lost track. Gave up. But about a month ago I checked. There is a woman in USA that exactly matches her.

So, there I was last year, after 37 years, learning that Nancy was dead about a year.

WTF? I wasn’t grieving. I was flabbergasted! Astounded. Confused. Nancy COULDN’T be dead if my experience was what I thought it was. And if she wasn’t dead, what was her funeral and burial all about? And WHO signed the death certificate. Because either that person was way off or I was.

And I thought about it. Maybe I was way off. Because it was incredible. If I was correct, then somebody went through a LOT of trouble just to fake a burial. But why? Was it some sort of caper by Nancy and maybe her husband? Insurance fraud? I didn’t think Nancy was capable of that, but who knows? And if there is an investigation, exhumation, etc. and that turns out to be the case, so be it. Lock her up. She’s not possible First Lady material then.

I want the truth, whatever it is.

The scenario that makes the most sense to me is the FBI/Israel/British covert operation to deprive my candidacy for President of the UNITED STATES.

And the American people deserve to know.

Your narrative is not clear. What exactly did you experience in the future?

OK. You have the balls to ask, I’ll tell you more.

But first I’d like to discuss Margaret Brennan. CBS This Morning substituting for Norah [O’Donnell] last week. She slipped the word “hurts”. My interpretation-it-time travel-hurts. She has read this blog. She is closely following her competitor for co-anchor-Norah. After all, if Norah stumbles, she is high in line to replace her. [Milnes’s experiences with O’Donnell were documented here.]

Yes, Margaret, time travel hurts, if the only avenue available to your psychoanalytic mind is a painful one. e.g. the firebombing of Dresden and the aftermath, horrible experiences of a pow. Or a little boy seeing his mother die a thousand painful deaths. Or a young man, seeking a lover, but finding only neurotic pathetic American women.

But what if there was a path of excruciating pleasure, orgasms repeated and stretched out in time by making time slow down, even partially stopping.

Do you think you might try that path?

Further, WSS you must look up radiating bridges in The Cancer Biopathy by Wilhelm Reich.

Ona and I get surrounded by them.

They are like electricity with a very strong magnetic male><female effect.

From her perspective, she was being pulled towards me by strong invisible forces while some sort of electrical stuff was going on around/within me.

So, it scared her and she ran. Quite understandable. She was not briefed. Whereas I had experienced it before.

I called out to her, to no avail.

This I “saw” in 1975.

It has not happened yet. But I think very soon.

So this encounter with Ona hasn’t happened yet?


Neither has the encounter with Nancy. But it will.

Because I traveled to the future and that was in it.

Do you have any more questions about time travel? I actually have not told you a lot about the Nancy encounter. The longest, most elaborate encounter.

Yes. Could you provide some detail about that encounter?

Very well.

Like I said previously, Ona leaves. I am distraught. Shortly thereafter Nancy comes to me. We hang together for a while.

Then I guess we go for it.

You must understand the orgasm, WSS. What people have now is a vestige of what they have the potential for. Most importantly, the energy of orgasm is lost. Dissipated into space. However in Tralfamadore, the energy of orgasm is not lost. It is combined at the Grafenberg Spot, then split and returned. So a Tralmamadorean is always fully charged so to speak.

Also there is a regenerative effect. Old age goes away so to speak. That may be what motivates Nancy more than me.

Also after orgasm there is about 6 muscular contractions. Ejaculation.

So then there is a series of waves of sexual pleasure. At first I thought it was one orgasm followed by 6 contractions. But upon reflection, I think it is a series of superorgasms.

My hesitance is that I have been cheating so to speak, for decades. I have known so to speak via time travel that I am alive and well up to the series of superorgasms with Nancy. For all I know I could get shot moments afterward. This is how everybody lives-not knowing really what is going to happen to them or loved ones moment by moment. It is awful. But I have been spared this. My life has been largely difficult and miserable, but I at least felt assured that moment by moment I would be pretty much okay. In other words at the Nancy encounter I am not blind with one leg and no right hand. I’m pretty much all there as far as I can tell.

And over the years I thought about testing this. But I decided not to.

So for me, security, both physical and financial are paramount before I go for it.

I’m not completely understanding what your time travel entails. Did you ever meet Ona or Nancy in present time or was it just in the future?

I met Ona and Nancy in Boulder. Along with other people, including Dr. McFarland and John Davenport, MA. and Cheryl Lewis.

So when I time traveled the second time I was in Boulder. Since the 2 people involved in that time travel instance were in Boulder, I thought it was going to happen “soon.” After about a year I left to NJ. That was 38 years ago.

So, that begs the question-WHERE does the second instance happen-from my pov. Either they come to NJ or I go to Boulder, seems to me.

A lot depends on where they are. Nancy’s grave is in Boulder. But her live body could be anywhere.

Ona is I believe in the N.E. U.S. But she could fly to Boulder in a few hours. She might already be there.

All of this is educated guesses. I do not have enough facts.

Note that if Nancy is alive somewhere she is probably being held involuntarily and probably drugged. For at least 2 years. If she is found she is going to be traumatized. If only with the realization that she has been dirty tricked. Wondering who did it and why. And whether her husband had anything to do with it etc. She’s not going to be in any condition for intimate relations.

Does that clarify for you?

All it sounds like is that you met with these women in the 1970’s. What gives you the impression that time travel was involved?

All it sounds like is that you don’t get it.

You haven’t read Reich. How about Freud?

How about Vonnegut? Are you the one who posted my article on the Vonnegut site?

Do you understand Relativity? It is more than just you can’t choose your relatives, you know.

Sounds like the Texas summer sun has beat down on your brain.

Vonnegut wrote fiction. What did Reich and Freud write about time travel? And what does any of this have to do with relativity?

Your questions seemed excessively skeptical. Quite a turn off to me. After I spill my guts for you.

Yes, Vonnegut wrote fiction. However we are free to, decades later, read with new information and reinterpret. Slaughterhouse-Five is almost inarguably at least semiautobiographical, i.e. nonfiction.
If Billy Pilgrim @ Kurt Vonnegut, why can’t Billy Pilgrim @ Robert Milnes?

Reich and Freud wrote nothing about time travel that I know of. However time travel does not occur in a vacuum. A particle traveling at the speed of light is not an island. i.e. the circumstances of time travel are psychoanalytic.

I ran across a book titled The Freudian Left: Geza Roheim, Herbert Marcuse, Wilhelm Reich. Of the 3, Reich clearly carried the ball farthest and most correctly. He was on the cusp of time travel, radiating bridges in humans, etc. The goal line.

I am at the goal line.

I would have crossed it long ago, except one cannot cross it alone. Much like in [the Star Trek episode] “All Our Yesterdays,” McCoy and Spock had to return in the Atavachron together. The Nancy encounter represents such a crossing. I needed a woman able and willing to cross with me. I failed to find one so far.

Pussy Galore was little help.

What does any of this have to do with relativity?

What does any of this NOT have to do with relativity?

I’m skeptical because you don’t have any credibility on this matter. Have you written academic papers on physics? Have you done experiments? Have you worked in a lab?

Your stories are vague and don’t make much sense. It seems as though every time you are intimate with a woman you think you have time traveled. How do you know? Does the woman become old? Does the world change? What leads you to the conclusion that time travel occurred?

What makes you think credibility must come with credentials?

Did Einstein in any thought experiment hypothesize that human thought and/or emotion might travel at the speed of light and thereby make time travel possible? I don’t think so.

Did Reich upon observing in his laboratory what he called bions with a blueish color and this color radiating between them make the quantum step in logic that it was sexual and could be applied to people. No. In fact he couldn’t even get anyone credentialed to try to repeat his experiments. Whereas I, upon stumbling upon radiating bridges twice, know bions must exist and his experimental observations were accurate, without repeating them.

Reich did get Einstein to try to repeat some of his other experiments, without success. The orgone box/blanket experiments.

Did Vonnegut accomplish the reverse? Figuring time travel was a psychoanalytic phenomenon? No.

Do you need more response?

Yes. How do visions of radiating bridges automatically lead to the conclusion that one has traveled through time? Seeing a radiating bridge is not associated with time travel. Radiating bridges can take place in the present. It doesn’t make sense why you believe you traveled through time if you did not see change of any kind.

Interesting question.

This is why I am not expendable. I not only have the answers, I have the wherewithal to find the answers. That wherewithal would be extremely difficult to replicate, even by me with all the resources of the government.

You know, Reich claims to have discovered bions in the 1940’s/1950’s. In the USA having fled Germany. The government had ample opportunity to check him out, much like Einstein or Tesla. And plenty of time since his death to check out his observations/theories. But unlike Einstein or Tesla, Reich’s theories are revolutionary. Einstein’s theories, as long as they apply to physics and not metaphysics, are . . . fascinating. The government likes to be fascinated. But revolution is its enemy.

The bion experiments would be easy to replicate. I think the government did that long ago. Not only that, but once you know what to look for, it is present in nature. As when earthworms which are hermaphroditic, and garden slugs mate. I’ve seen that many times. I’m sure the government has also.

Evidently time travel can occur without radiating bridges, such as my first two times, and I believe Vonnegut. Could you imagine what would have happened to him if he went around saying I have come unstuck in time!? Well, we are going to stick you in a straight jacket and in a rubber room, and stick you in the arm or ass with drug, . . . ummmm, . . . cocktails, Mr. Vonnegut. So he wrote about it semiautobiographically. Or with, as in the Nancy future encounter.

Radiating bridges are a precursor to the time travel orgasm. Remember, a psychoanalytically healthy person is already living in a slowed relative time to “normal” psychoanalytically people. The vast majority. In fact one may not even realize that time is experienced differently for him/her than others.

I saw something 38 years ago Nancy etc.Alive, as in multiple, nearly simultaneous orgasms, etc. Much unlike what we experienced in the past. She was actually quite inhibited. Now, that is not possible if she is dead and buried, now is it?

So, by all means, let us exhume the body. Prove I am Millness, The Magnificent!

WSS, have I answered the question?

I guess you’ve answered it as best you can.

Well that seems like a lame reply. I have referred you to the only scientific work that I know of about radiating bridges-Reich’s. I told you about some of my experiences with it. I experienced it twice that I did not tell you about. And I told you about examples in nature. There is also the examples of paramecium.

As best I can implies that humanity has such a dearth of information about it because of its own ignorance, doesn’t it?

Could you provide the story behind the other two occurrences and the future events you witnessed then so that it may be a little more clear?

Very well. Not much to tell though.

One time I was in this house in Boulder on the first floor I think it was the dining room area. If it is still there I could point out the exact house. The kitchen was farther back. The living room/front door was on the other side. Several people were sitting around on the floor smoking pot. Men and women. I was sitting next to this fair complected woman with a baby. Hippie looking lady. To my left. Well, as the evening progressed, I felt and saw radiating bridges forming and flowing between us. I was kind of embarrassed and said nothing. Neither did she. I have no idea if she saw or felt anything. Then I passed out/fell asleep.

Another time I was traveling-again in Colorado, in my VW bus with a young lady. We camped. But both slept in the back. Again I saw and felt radiating bridges between us. I felt a very strong urge to roll over on top of her, but I didn’t. I do not think either of us mentioned it.

No future stuff. Both times in the mid 70’s. That would make me about 23.

I have come to the conclusion that radiating bridges are always heterosexual. The observation of hermaphroditic earthworms always lining up M-F seems conclusive. Radiating bridges are present in free flowing energy, what Reich called Orgone, situations i.e. in the presence of psychoanalytic health. Presently all sex is neurotic. However if individuals and/or couples achieve psychoanalytic health, gay sex will disappear.

Ironically Grundmann’s ideal, elimination of gay sex is revolutionary, not as Grundmann i.e. counterrevolutionary.

I realize this is not a politically correct thing to say. but it has been bothering me for quite some time to not say it in my campaign. For reasons of political expediency. I need the LGBT vote. I want it. I think I deserve it.


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