Q&A with Rachel Williams, British Glamour Model & Viral Sensation


Like many others, I first noticed Rachel Williams late last year upon seeing the video from Zoo Today featuring the Brit in a red bra “bouncing” in slow motion.  The video, posted to YouTube on October 15 with the title “Slow-motion bouncing boobs – Rachel Williams bounces her fun bags in super slow-mo!!” went viral, reaching three million views within its first month. After watching the video, I researched Rachel and found that she is an accomplished glamour model who won Zoo Today‘s Great British Babe search earlier in 2013.

Now in 2014, the 20 year old Liverpool native is still on the fast track to stardom.  Featured often in Zoo Weekly, she travels the world taking part in photo shoots.  Through Rachel’s modelling agency Mode LondonThe Saturnalian scored an exclusive interview with Rachel.  Posted below in Q&A form, Rachel discusses her glamour modelling career and the viral video that preceded her rise to fame.

The Saturnalian: How were you introduced to glamour modelling?

Glamour modelling isn’t something I’ve really been introduced to, it’s something I’ve dreamed of doing since I was about 10 years old as I had developed my boobs at a young age! So as soon as I turned 18 I began the process of looking for the best agency and then it happened! And it’s the best thing I ever did!

The Saturnalian: Are there any glamour models you admire and look up to as role models?

There are many current glamour models that I think are amazing and an inspiration to others, such as Lucy Pinder and Lucy Collett, however I wouldn’t say I look up to them as I know I’m different. When I was younger I used to look up to Katie Price aka ‘Jordan’, however I don’t anymore as I much much much prefer the natural look!

The Saturnalian: As you took part in your first nude shoot, what went through your mind?

I thought I’d be a lot more nervous than what I was during my first nude shoot, however once I get into the sexy underwear and have all my hair and makeup done it puts me in a completely different frame of mind like I could take over the world!

The Saturnalian: You were the subject of a slow-motion bouncing video from Zoo Today that went viral last year and has received over five million views on YouTube. What is the story behind the making of that video and how has it affected your modelling career?

I really wish there was a story I could share with everyone behind my bouncing boob video, but the truth is, it was just a bit of fun playing around with the camera during a shoot! And then it went crazy and everyone loved it! Someone even made a 10 hour version! The video has been great for me though, I’ve travelled to Los Angeles for work because of it and always have requests for more bouncing boobs!


The Saturnalian: In general, is there a certain message you wish to convey with your work?

The message I try to convey with my work is that natural is sexy and that women shouldn’t have to change or enhance parts of their body! Through school I was teased for how big my boobs were at a young age and people sniggered when I first began modelling, but who’s laughing now!! I have an amazing life, meet amazing people and travel the world, I’m more confident than ever!!!


You can follow Rachel on Instagram and Twitter @RachelW_UK.


For more photos, see the Zoo Today gallery.


31 thoughts on “Q&A with Rachel Williams, British Glamour Model & Viral Sensation

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