Ontario Agency Denies Political Parties for “Masturbators”

IPR reports that Elections Ontario, a non-partisan agency overseeing the administration of elections for provincial offices in Ontario has refused to recognize the “Masturbators Political Party of Ontario.”  According to the official report, the name is  “not acceptable.”  A request for “The Masturbation Party” was also denied under the same rationale.

The Saturnalian was unsuccessful in its attempts to find the official party website.  A search for “Masturbators Political Party of Ontario” on Google did not return any results outside the two IPR-cited news reports about the denial (Toronto Sun & The True North Times) and the official report itself. A search on Facebook returned the “Nazi party of masturbators (Canada),” which was thought to be possibly connected to the request.  However, none of the party’s 125 members have the name “William Anderson” (or “William Andersen”), who is listed on official report as the individual making the requests for recognition.

Nevertheless, a party for masturbators would represent a large segment of society.  According to WebMD, 95% of men and 89% of women admit to participating in the act.  “Masturbation” is one of the most commonly searched terms on the internet.  And at least one US president and one current presidential candidate have written about their experiences with masturbation.

If you are outraged by this decision, you can complain to Elections Ontario directly through the agency’s official “contact us” page.


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