ZOO Today YouTube Channel Restored


The Saturnalian interviewee Rachel Williams in a ZOO Today shoot.

Earlier today, YouTube restored the channel for the UK lad mag ZOO Today. We at The Saturnalian thank those responsible for getting it back on line.  Quite possibly, The Saturnalian, which reported this matter on Sunday, was the only blog to bring light to this very important free speech issue.

The exact problem that led to the termination of the ZOO Today YouTube channel was never made clear. Its videos did not expose the nipples or genitals of glamour models, conforming to YouTube’s policy against gratuitous nudity.  Had any particular video been deemed to violate YouTube’s content policies, the nonconforming video could have been flagged and removed individually.  This was not the case.

Perhaps the termination is connected to the feminist attacks on lad mags across the UK.  These attacks ultimately led to the discontinuation of Nuts and caused The Sun‘s Page 3 to make changes detrimental to its product.  The Saturnalian launched PG.3 as a reaction to this assault on free speech.

Fortunately, the restoration of the ZOO Today channel brought back the site’s most popular video, which features The Saturnalian interviewee Rachel Williams bouncing in slow motion.  It has thus far been viewed 5,434,836 times.

It’s inspiring to see that ZOO Today models like Rachel can once again express their work to the world through YouTube.


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