William Saturn: Third Party Rushmore (2013)


The work alters Mount Rushmore to feature the top four third party and independent candidates from the past 25 years.

1. Ross Perot – Texas billionaire who ran two self-financed campaigns for president in 1992 and 1996.  In 1992, as an independent, he participated in the official presidential debate against President George H.W. Bush and then-Democratic Party nominee Bill Clinton.  Ultimately, he received 18.9% of the popular vote in that election, the most a third party or independent presidential candidate has received since. In 1996, as nominee of the newly created Reform Party, he received 8.4% of the popular vote. 

2. Ron Paul – former Republican congressman who ran as the Libertarian Party presidential nominee in the 1988 presidential election.  He later returned to Congress as a Republican, but often defied party leadership to promote libertarian ideas.  His 2008 presidential campaign for the Republican Party nomination introduced many young people to libertarianism.  During that year’s general election, loyal supporters placed him on the ballots of Louisiana and Montana, where he received 0.48% and 2.17% of the popular vote, respectively.

3. Ralph Nader – consumer advocate who officially ran four times as a third party and independent candidate for president in 1996, 2000, 2004, and 2008.  His most successful run came in 2000, when he received 2.74% of the popular vote as the nominee of the Green Party.

4. Jesse Ventura – former professional wrestler elected Governor of Minnesota in 1998 with 36.99% of the popular vote as the nominee of the Reform Party.  He later joined the Independence Party of Minnesota after paleoconservative Pat Buchanan took over the Reform Party in 2000. Since his gubernatorial term expired in 2003, he has been mentioned as a potential independent or third party presidential candidate, most recently as a possible candidate for the Libertarian Party’s 2016 presidential nomination.


18 thoughts on “William Saturn: Third Party Rushmore (2013)

  1. Great image and great article!

    You should also make another one with Robert Milnes, James Ogle, Nathan Norman and …. I guess we will have to think of who the fourth one would be. BTW when are you going to put up an article about Nathan Norman’s blog?

  2. This is outrageous! Count me out.
    First of all, Mt. Rushmore represents a colossal rape of a pristine mountain area. No mention of that. If it could be restored, I’d support that. But the damage has been done and the American people would probably resist that. It would have been interesting to see Roosevelt’s reaction had he been alive.
    Second, it is a desecration of sacred Native American land which was stolen in the first place by outrageous Treaty violations.
    Third, 4 white guys? How about 2 White people, one a woman. 2 Natives, one a woman.
    Fourth, WSS, shame on you. You are a better writer than this. How about an investigative reporting article-about what happened to William S. Saturn?

  3. No sense of humor in your program?
    I’d rather see 2 generic savages than billionaire bumpkin Perot or counterrevolutionary Ron Paul. The other two whiteheads are triflers, not understanding the politics they dabble in.
    I suspect Teddy Roosevelt wouldn’t have wanted any part of this any more than I do.

  4. Abnormal Norman, the more you write, the more I get an insight into your deranged mind.
    Millard Fillmore is not eligible. He’s not in the past 25 years.
    And gee… you look a lot like him, only disguised with shades.
    What’s the matter? Maggots got your eyes?
    The sons of Perot and Paul? Sounds like the title of a dime store novel. LOL!
    Heaven save us.

  5. Pingback: William Saturn: Third Party Rushmore (2013) | Independent Political Report


    A “Unity Coalition” of thirty State and Federal political candidates are organized under the unifying all party (and independents) voting system of pure American proportional representation (PR).

    The Unity Coalition headed up by anti-corruption candidate Prime Minister Ron Gold [Republican] for California State Attorney General and tax fighter Greg Conlon [Republican] for California State Treasurer.

    The united coalition has a plan; Call on Republican, Democratic and independent voters to support the three independent Congressional candidates in districts 5, 20 and 28 (Napa, Monterey and Los Angeles).

    In exchange for the support, we also ask those same categories of Republican, Democratic and independent voters, to support the Unity Coalition candidates in their own districts.

    The list of candidates interested in unity is as follows:

    Greg Conlon [Republican] for State Treasurer (Santa Clara)

    Ron Gold [Republican] for State Attorney General (Los Angeles)

    Dale Mensing [Republican] for US Congress (Marin, Humboldt) CD2

    James Hinton [Independent] for US Congress (Napa) CD5

    Bob Conaway [Democratic] for US Congress (San Bernardino) CD8

    Steve Stokes [Independent) for US Congress (Los Angeles) CD28

    R. Adam King [Republican] for US Congress (Los Angeles) CD37

    Andy Whallom [Republican] for Congress (Long Beach) CD47

    Ethan on behalf of Dave Peiser [Democratic] for Congress (San Diego) CD49

    Ricardo Benitez [Republican] for State Senate (Los Angeles) SD18

    Matt Munson [Republican] for State Senate (San Bernardino) SD20

    Peter Choi [Democratic] for State Senate (Los Angeles) SD24

    Eugene on Behalf of Ben Allan [Democratic] for State Senate (Santa Monica) SD26

    Jim Reed [Democratic] for State Assembly (Tehema) AD3

    Kevin McCarty [Democratic] for State Assembly (Sacramento) AD7

    Joy Delepine [Republican] for State Assembly (Contra Costa) AD14

    Tony Thurmond [Democratic] for Assembly (Alameda) AD15

    Dave Erlich [Republican] for Assembly (Alameda) AD18

    Devon Mathis [Republican] for State Assembly (Kern) AD26

    Palmer Kain [Republican] for State Senate (Santa Cruz) AD29

    Pedro Rios [Republican] for Assembly (Kern) AD32

    John Coffey [Democratic] for Assembly (San Bernardino) AD33

    Heidi Harmon [Democratic] for Assembly (San Luis Obispo) AD35

    Nathaniel Tsai [Republican] for Assembly (Los Angeles) AD41

    Zachary Taylor [Republican] for Assembly (Studio City) AD46

    Glen Ratcliff [Republican] for Assembly (Los Angeles) AD54

    Gregg Fritchle [Democratic] for Assembly (Covina) AD55

    Ken Park [Democratic] for Assembly (Corona) AD60

    John Goya [Republican] for Assembly (Long Beach) AD70

    Thomas Krouse [Republican] for Assembly (San Diego) AD76
    * * *
    For more information: (831) 383-1409.

  7. If this republican/democrat garbage shows up on my blog, I will delete it.
    Wss, my recommendation to you is to delete this garbage with an explaination.
    We do not need to make deals with democrats and republicans. We can sweep them out like Teddy almost did in 1912.

    • Ogle can post what he wants, but it doesn’t mean anyone will read it. Site stats show that nobody clicked on any of his links. If Ogle wants to waste his time posting SPAM that nobody reads, that’s his business. But it is wrong when he adds people to the “Hillary Clinton for President” page on Facebook without their consent. Doing that upset many people.

  8. LOL!
    Actually, it depends on what he wrote and why. If he spammed Clinton with his dem/rep crap, I couldn’t care less.
    I figure the democratic machine in Camden was a big factor in my eviction. Somebody got to the judge. The mafia, the fbi, Israelis. Some scum. So when they get a comeuppance, I;’ve got no problem. I’ve been stuck in the ass too many times for too many years in too many ways.

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