Interview with American Glamour Model Mandy Kay


Image: Gud Photography

Though pg.3 is a chiefly British concept, The Saturnalian enjoys a substantial American audience.  Therefore, after publishing the interview with UK glamour model Lizzie Bayliss, I sought out an American glamour model to interview.  It was my plan to alternate between a UK and an American model.  And so, sometime in July, I stumbled upon Playboy cybergirl Mandy Kay.

I first noticed Mandy after a mention in Zoo Today.   Upon reviewing her work, I concluded that she would be an excellent representative of American glamour modelling. Immediately, I contacted her about an interview.  She seemed excited about the opportunity, but did not get back to me in the weeks thereafter.  Having received no response from other American glamour models either, I scrapped the idea of alternating and instead pursued my interview with UK glamour model Rachel Williams.

Earlier this week, Mandy decided to participate in the interview, and so it is posted here.

Mandy is based out of Dallas, Texas and regularly poses for Playboy online.  She maintains a YouTube channel, on which she uploaded a video of herself “twerking.” As of today, it has received over 52,000 views.  Mandy has a strong social media presence and regularly updates her profiles on Twitter and Facebook.

The Saturnalian: How were you introduced to glamour modelling?

I’ve always had a passion for taking photos of myself! I model with my fiance by investing into our own equipment! From there we put my portfolio together! Then i started booking with other photographers!

Image: @MandyKay18 on Twitter

The Saturnalian: During your first nude shoot, what went through your mind?

Being nude in a photo shoot makes feel much sexier than i do in cloths.

The Saturnalian: Are there any glamour models you look up to as role models?

Glamour model is Kate Upton. She has a look that is so easy to fall for. A little bit of this and just enough of that!

Image: Playboy

The Saturnalian: In general, is there a certain message you wish to convey with your work?

I like to be a leader. Being a role model. There are so may people out there that love my work and, that’s what really keeps me going as a model.

The Saturnalian: How did you become associated with Playboy? Were you recruited or did you apply?

I went to a casting call in Dallas Tx.

Image: Playboy

The Saturnalian: What do you hope to accomplish through glamour modelling?

I really aim for a versatile look and personality that anyone can appreciate! With that i hope to gain more fans! Become a known model and idol!

Image: Stevens Photography

The Saturnalian: Where do you foresee yourself in the future?

Owning my own website where i will show more of me!

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