Functional Fillmore Frugal Movement Ends

fffm header

Header for the Functional Fillmore Frugal blog featuring (from left) Newt Gingrich, John Lennon, Millard Fillmore, Jim Burns, and Rand Paul.

In 2010, an individual using the name “Concerned Citizen” (CC) began commenting on Independent Political Report (IPR) articles.  His comments often reflected social conservative positions and he self-identified as a Constitution Party member.  As the 2012 election approached, CC expressed support for the presidential campaign of Republican Mitt Romney.  After the re-election of President Obama that November, he expressed anger at fellow IPR commenters for casting their ballots for third party and independent candidates.  In his mind, their votes took votes away from Romney and handed the election to Obama.  Several months later, CC returned to IPR with a new gimmick.

In February 2013, CC began posting as “Fillmore Frugal.”  He made a few comments under this name.  In one, posted to an article concerning a libertarian woman’s support for same-sex marriage, he observed, “[i]t’s not good when the stuff that comes out one’s mouth is the same as what comes out one’s anus. Cut the crap and cut the budget.”  This seemingly foreshadowed CC’s anal fixation, which ultimately led to his movement’s demise

Nathan Norman

Image of Millard Fillmore with Sunglasses (see original) used to represent Nathan Norman.

After the publication of an editorial from the Libertarian Party’s 2012 vice presidential nominee Jim Gray, introducing the term “Functional Libertarian,” CC subsequently posted as “Functional Fillmore Frugal.”   After it was pointed out that the numerology for the FFF acronym of Functional Fillmore Frugal translated into 666, the sign of the beast, CC returned to his original name.  Nevertheless, he continued to mention “Functional Fillmore Frugal” as a kind of political movement. For months, CC teased about a “treatise” detailing his so-called movement.  Eventually he submitted a writing to IPR, published in June 2013.  It featured praise for Senator Rand Paul, businessman Ross Perot Jr., and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, while criticizing past Libertarian candidates he deemed “hobos,” including R. Lee Wrights, Michael Badnarik, and Robert Milnes.  To increase the exposure of his movement, CC set up a MySpace account with the treatise as a blog.  It was lost several weeks later when the MySpace platform changed.

During a walk in the park, I encountered a hobo named Bob. Bob appeared to be in his mid to late-50s and wore an unkempt grey beard. He slept on the park bench, where I often ate lunch; so I approached him and asked why he was there.  He explained that he was in town for some important business, but now he was stuck. Though he lived in a trailer on the other side of the river, he could not afford the bus fare back. The government had stolen his wallet, and he was too distraught to even think of going back. His clothes were filthy, and he smelled as though he hadn’t showered in weeks.  I asked why the government had targeted him. He reasoned that they felt threatened. In his mind, he was an Independent candidate for President, with a chance to win the election. The government also knew he could win, and so they stole his wallet to hurt his campaign.  I asked if he ever had a job or position that qualified him for the presidency. He said that he had always been unemployed and earned money off disability checks from the government.  This man puzzled me. Here he sat with no job and no ambition to even return home, and yet he sought the nation’s highest and most ambitious office, and actually believed he could win it. Here he accused the government of stealing his wallet, and yet the government gave him all the money he had.

-Norman’s account of his encounter with Robert Milnes, from Part one of the Functional Fillmore Frugal movement treatise

After receiving negative feedback on the content of the treatise, CC became abusive and personally attacked other commenters for disagreeing with his point of view.  He called them “hobos” among other names and posted videos to Boxcar Willie’s “Boxcar Blues.”  At this point, CC began referring to himself as “Concerned Libertarian Citizen” (CLC) after the results of the World’s Smallest Political Quiz labeled his views as “Libertarian.”  Under the name,  his attacks on others escalated and soon he became too much of a nuisance for the IPR community.  He reached the last straw when he proposed creation of the “Retard Party” as a response to the IPR post on the newly established Disability Party in September 2013.  He designated others to the “Retard Party” when they disagreed with him.  These actions caused IPR to lose (momentarily) one of its top commenters, NewFederalist.  In October 2013, CLC received his first ban from IPR. It was not permanent.

CLC returned January 2014 with a much rosier attitude, addressing everyone with “God Bless You.”  He quoted Bible verses and told people he loved them, while continuing to discuss the Functional Fillmore Frugal movement.  He also claimed that his Functional Fillmore Frugal movement was the rightful successor to The Beatles’ John Lennon and the recently deceased Libertarian activist Jim Burns.  Contemporaneously, CLC became enamored with independent congressional candidate Marianne Williamson.  He commented on her press releases asking for her e-mail address so that he could “show something” to her.  His posts soon became sexually aggressive toward Williamson.  In one he wrote, “By discussing her love of meat, she must be thinking about me because I had a dream she was eating a sausage and she told me she really loved it.”

Screenshot of IPR discussion between Nathan Norman and Paul Frankel.

Screenshot of IPR discussion between Nathan Norman and Paul Frankel.

Soon CLC’s comments shifted in a homosexual direction.  While arguing against same-sex marriage as an “unhealthy” behavior, he admitted to having dabbled in homosexuality “accidentally” after watching a transsexual beauty pageant on the Howard Stern Show.  CLC said he watched the show when Howard Stern was floated as a running mate for potential 2016 Libertarian Party presidential candidate Jesse Ventura (one statement from September 2013 indicates he watched the show at that time).  Initially, the show disgusted CLC, but he became “a little turned on by it.”  CLC’s continued sexual innuendo and aggression led to his second and final ban from IPR in May 2014.

I’ve been very clear that I am straight. As I said, I was tricked by an episode of the Howard Stern Show but I rejected gay sex as unhealthy. I see no problem in watching gay porn. It’s entertaining. The Bible doesn’t prohibit it.

-Nathan Norman as Concerned Libertarian Citizen on IPR, April 18, 2014

Almost immediately, CLC returned to IPR as Lyndon LaRouche-supporter Nathan Norman.  Though politically different, Norman soon began exhibiting CLC’s traits, and so was banned.  Continuing to use the name Nathan Norman, he then sought out other blogs to which he could post.  He was signed up as a contributor to The Saturnalian to complete the final three parts of the Functional Fillmore Frugal movement treatise.  He started on the second part but did not finish.  Norman briefly wrote for the American Third Party Report (reviewed here), but was removed after continually posting material critical of IPR and IPR editor Paul Frankel.  It was suggested to Norman that he start his own blog.  He did so.

In August 2014, Norman debuted the Functional Fillmore Frugal blog on the WordPress platform.  It featured a peach background and a header that included images of Newt Gingrich, John Lennon, Millard Fillmore, Jim Burns, and Rand Paul (see above).  Norman billed the blog as a competitor to IPR, covering third party and independent political news.  However, the blog focused more on Norman’s personal issues with IPR and his views on political issues than any substantive news coverage. On the blog, he claimed the deceased Jim Burns told him in a dream that he would become president and that Marianne Williamson would be his first lady. Occasionally, he posted a press release from Newt Gingrich.

Norman made a fatal mistake when he attempted to create a “private” page to store pornographic material on the blog.  However, rather than switching the visibility aspect to “private,” he simply titled the page as “private” making it publicly visible.  It was listed on the menu as “private.”  The page included hardcore pornography of a bisexual and homosexual nature.  The page remained publicly available until it was brought to Norman’s attention.  He then removed the page from the menu and apologized for having posted it.  Afterwards, he repeatedly claimed that his blog was a “family friendly website” and “safe for work.”  Nevertheless, Norman evidently never deleted the aforementioned page.  His entire blog was suspended several weeks later for “posting materials of a pornographic nature” in violation of the WordPress Terms of Service.

On September 10, Norman using “Another Fake Name,” wrote the following on the IPR September 2014 Open Thread:

Today is 9/11. That is appropriate because today someone committed a 9/11 against my website.

Someone reported my website for unknown reasons. Political suppression is all I can think. WordPress won’t tell me.

IPR, you win. I give up. Our rivalry is over.

The Functional Fillmore Frugal movement is dead.

This took everything out of me. I can’t beat the system and I’m tired of trying. Everyone I encounter online is against me. I am done using the internet. Maybe I’ll get a job or write a book. Bottom line, you won’t have Norman to kick around any more.

Shortly thereafter, under the name “Lazarus Mudd,” Norman began commenting at The PLAS Place.   He begged site owner Robert Milnes to sign him up as a contributor, but Milnes declined the request.

With the Functional Fillmore Frugal movement dissolved and decreased blog prospects, it is unclear what the future holds for Norman.


7 thoughts on “Functional Fillmore Frugal Movement Ends

  1. Maybe he should sign up to blog at 88fourteenWordPress. I think Vernon1488 would let him post, because they both really hate Frankel, even though Norman believes Vernon actually is Frankel (and he’s probably right).

  2. The more I think about it the more it makes sense. Off the top of my head:

    *Norman and Vernon/Frankel are both self-hating bi/homosexuals

    *Frankel is a self-hating Jew, if he is Vernon like Norman says he is, and Norman provides convincing proof that no one has even tried to argue against (and I don’t see how they could)

    *Vernon and Norman both hate Muslims

    *They both oppose feminism and believe women should be obedient to men, good for nothing except providing sexual pleasure, producing and raising children, and domestic slavery

    *They are both right wingers

    *Norman is a fan of Newt Gingrich, who favors a final solution to the drug problem (see while Vernon is also fond of final solutions to various problems

    *They both support a more conservative approach to immigration

    *They both love rock n roll music

    *They both love to use multiple screen names and to troll websites

    *They both believe that countries need strong leaders

    ….and of coure they both hate Frankel and IPR with a passion.

    Sounds to me like a gay marriage made in the place that’s the opposite of heaven!

  3. I keep thinking of more!

    * Norman is a fan of the late James L. Burns, a libertarian known for campaigning with the confederate flag. Vernon is also a fan of the Confederacy, with blog links to the neo-secessionist League of the South and the Modern Confederate, an article strewn with confederate flags which praises Odin for AIDS (a stance which self-hating bi/gay in denial CC/FFF/NN should approve of), another article praising former Libertarian Party candidate Ron Paul for campaigning with the Confederate Flag, and tunes by Johnny Rebel among other things.

  4. Darn it!

    Last one for now, I promise.

    FF/NN/CC said the people of the South would reject Libertarian candidate Robert Sarvis because of his interracial marriage. Vernon also opposes interracial marriage, and much like Norman’s patron saint and spiritual advisor Jim Burns he also loves the Southern states.

    I can probably keep thinking of more, but I think that would just belabor the point unnecessarily, and I wouldn’t want to do that.

  5. First of all, I am not a homo.

    Second of all, I do not have an “anal fixation”

    Third of all, I am not a Nazi.

    Fourth of all, I will consider writing for 8814 but I need some time to think.

    • Oral simulation of the penis is not necessarily homo. It’s just a fun activity that brings good will. How is it any different from receiving a massage from a male massage therapist? A massage usually ends with hand relief anyways. Why is it “gay” to be stimulated by a man’s mouth (not a sex organ), but “not gay” to pay to be stimulated by a man’s hand?

      The answer is that neither is “gay” because neither is unhealthy. The Bible’s ban on homosexuality is because the act of anal intercourse causes incontinence, excessive flagellance, hemorrhoids, and constipation. It is unhealthy. It is gay. It is faggotry.

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