Presidential Candidate’s Facebook Image Causes a Stir


Mosheh Eesho Muhammad Al-faraj Thezion

Mosheh Thezion of Burbank, California is a serious man.  He has serious concerns about the future of the United States.  As a result, he is currently exploring a 2016 presidential bid.  Unfortunately, his Facebook portrait (shown above) is negatively affecting his prospects.

Like former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson, Thezion ran for president in 2012 as a Republican before joining the Libertarian Party to seek their presidential nomination.  Thezion fell short in his Libertarian Party bid, losing the nomination to Johnson.  Since then, he has prepared for a 2016 run, but has not yet formally announced or filed with the FEC.

Thezion bases his potential candidacy on five points he believes will restore constitutional law in the United States.  Thezion claims his points have the backing of 1000 candidates and says that anyone who does not agree with these points should be “considered a threat.”  Thezion’s Facebook page for the five points has only 81 supporters, down six from several months ago. This is likely the political fallout of the image and a recent Facebook flap involving it.

Late last year, Thezion’s Facebook image allured a male Facebook friend, who, in Spanish, expressed lustful desires for Thezion.

“Usted tiene los labios bonitos y me gusta tu traje,” said Vidal Rodriguez, whose profile photo featured two shirtless Hispanic men wearing sombreros.

“You like Mosheh?” asked fellow Thezion friend Jay Keniston.

“Sí, quiero follar por el culo,” replied Rodriguez.

Keniston noted that he did not understand Spanish, so Rodriguez explained, “I say yes man he has nice picture.”

Agreeing, Keniston added, “He looks like a serious businessman.”

A bit later, Thezion discovered the exchange.  He commented: “Vidal did not say I look nice . . . he said he wants to do things to my ass . . . and I am not pleased that this conversation exists . . . it will be a magnet for people to insult me. I personally do not like the photo, I need to make a new one.”

Hoping to console Thezion, another friend proposed, “If you’re not into men, I’m female and willing to fuck your ass. I hope this may clear any negative attention the previous comments may bring.”

This appeared to cheer up Thezion, who retorted, “Well . . .  now . . . I do feel better about it  . . . but I prefer attention in the front . . . if that’s ok with you.”

Despite the political backlash, Thezion has yet to change his photo.  One supporter suggested he take another photo and give the old one to Vidal.

This has yet to occur.  Thezion apparently does not enjoy taking pictures, commenting on his campaign website:

I don’t like having my picture taken, and I dont ‘feel’ like smiling for pictures, but I may do so, as part of my honest effort to help my fellow humankind, and not let personal weakness or frailty prevent my efforts.

Whether he will follow through on this “honest effort” remains to be seen.  In the meantime, the photo will likely continue to cause his campaign to lose support.


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