Robert Milnes Forms Coalition with Nazis


PLANSS founder Milnes gives a speech.

2016 Libertarian Party presidential candidate and Progressive Libertarian Alliance Strategy (PLAS) founder Robert Milnes has formed a new electoral coalition. This time it includes Nazis.

Milnes announced the plan Wednesday on The PLAS Place blog. He calls it PLANSS, or the Progressive Libertarian Alliance with National Socialists Strategy. The idea likely spawned from an exclusive Saturnalian interview with neo-Nazi blogger Vernon from last week. When asked about Milnes, Vernon wrote:

I think he has a good idea about united Libertarians and Progressives, but we should include National Socialists too. . . . So basically a progressive-libertarian- alliance with national socialists (PLANS) to take it one step past PLAS. Oh and I also like Milnes being anti zionist and talking about deporting niggers.


Vernon refers to Milnes’s plan to send blacks back to Africa, and alludes to Milnes’s criticism of Israel.  According to Milnes, Israel is responsible for his eviction this past May.

After being made aware of Vernon’s comment, Milnes openly asked, “[Is] [t]he enemy of my enemy . . . my friend?”  He then posted the blog announcing his formation of PLANSS. Vernon reposted the announcement on his 88Fourteen blog.

In explaining his decision to include Nazis in PLANSS, Milnes wrote:

The Jewish population in USA is about 2%. 100% of the court and officers of the Court [for Milnes’s eviction hearing] were Jewish EXCEPT the tenant/defendant [Milnes himself].  I am elderly, on SSI disability/indigent and living alone.
What is wrong with this picture?

[I]f the Nazis were to conduct peaceful demonstrations endorsing PLAS, calling for an end to the ZOG [Zionist Occupation Government] government and calling for investigations of ZOG atrocities including possible kidnapping and/or murder of third party persons and/or their supporters . . . [and] as to whether a particular eviction was lawful, . . . it might rouse the progressives and libertarians and the voters.

Milnes hopes to conduct a PLANSS rally this Monday and Tuesday in Camden, New Jersey, to protest both Zionism and his eviction.


11 thoughts on “Robert Milnes Forms Coalition with Nazis

  1. OK. I was there Tuesday, Thursday AND Friday.
    I noticed a couple of things.
    When I arrived on Tuesday, it looked like a lot of people were outside and at 8:30 all of a sudden they were streaming in. On Thursday I arrived about 8 and it looked like nobody got locked out. Same with Friday.
    Also Friday it looked like a lot less people arrived than I expected. Landlord/Tenant court may have been cancelled.
    I request as many people as possible arrive about 8 am on Monday.
    Tuesday go to election places and ask people to vote Green and/or Libertarian on every possible ballt.

  2. I meant for activists to go to the polling places. Assuming they are aware of relevant laws. As I am, as many times as I have voted. There is always somebody political nearby; usually a democrat. Passing out leaflets etc.
    The Greens and Libertarians have wasted a lot of time. Now it is down to the last moments. They need a Hail Mary pass. That would have to include last minute electioneering near the polling places. As near as legal of course.
    And it would have to involve PLAS, or it would only be a further waste of time.
    Jolly good of you to point that out though, Mate.

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