Nathan Norman: Functional Fillmore Frugal Movement, pt. 2

fffm header

Header for the Functional Fillmore Frugal blog featuring (from left) Newt Gingrich, John Lennon, Millard Fillmore, Jim Burns, and Rand Paul.

The Saturnalian has obtained the unfinished part two of Nathan Norman‘s Functional Fillmore Frugal movement treatise.  Though Norman intended to release his treatise in four parts, only part one was ever released publicly before the movement ceased this past September.  IPR published part one in June 2013.  According to Norman, he started writing part two shortly after the publication, but became distracted with other projects and did not finish it.  As reported here, Norman’s movement ended when WordPress discovered he had been using his Functional Fillmore Frugal blog to store bisexual pornography.  Norman has given The Saturnalian permission to publish part two of the treatise for the first time ever.  The Saturnalian does not necessarily endorse the views expressed in this commentary. Continue reading