Tomorrow Is Election Day

Tomorrow, November 4, is Election Day in the United States.  Important races up for election include those for U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives and Gubernatorial contests across several states. These races receive most of the attention in the media, but just as important are the races for local offices—those which affect voters more directly.  

Voters do not usually pay as much attention to these races.  But one website has raised awareness: asks a series of questions on various issues and referenda.  Based on your responses and geographical area, the site displays the percentage at which you agree with candidates for local, state, and federal offices.  Moreover, in calculating your matches, the site includes all candidates on the ballot, including independents and third parties.

If you are unsure on how to vote, please check out the website so that you can make an informed choice on Election Day.

An additional resource for Texas voters is  The Dallas Morning News voter questionnaire.  Based on a user’s address, the questionnaire lists candidates for office, and enables users to compare candidate responses to answers side-by-side.  Most state-wide candidates answered the questionnaire, making it an invaluable resource.

The Saturnalian will be paying close attention to tomorrow’s election, particularly the Texas races.  Other races of interest include U.S. Senate contests in South DakotaNew Hampshire, and Kentucky, and gubernatorial contests in Colorado, Georgia, and Massachusetts.


27 thoughts on “Tomorrow Is Election Day

  1. What a pathetic joke. Virtually ALL third party candidates will lose. AGAIN! Most by huge percentages.
    And yet, if they coordinated their ballots and votes, the Greens and Libertarians could sweep out the dems and reps and also win the Presidency.
    But no, the parties and activists are so infiltrated by FBI informants and agents and Israeli operatives that they have no chance. Besides they and the voters are too brainwashed.
    They would have to educate themselves about PLAS before educating the voters, which would be necessary. For some reason they are resisting this. So they will continue to lose.

  2. In the 2012 presidential election, the Greens received 0.36%. Libertarians received 0.99%.

    Had the Greens and Libertarians “coordinated” their votes, it would account for only 1.35%. This would not win the election or even come close.

  3. Come on, WSS. What is with the linear thinking?
    The whole leftist/progressive vote is about 33%. This would account for Roosevelt/Progressive in 1912 27%. And Debs/Socialist 6%. And Allende Chile 1970 36%. Even that is usually not enough to win. Allende won VERY CLOSE against the Nationalist. The Democratic Socialist candidate made it a three way race.
    But usually they vote for the democrat, mostly. Some vote republican.
    The point is usually they see they will not win, then either vote dem or not at all.
    Similarly, The Libertarian Vote/Cato Institute, is about 13%. That is clearly nowhere near enough to win.
    But seeing they will not win, they then vote mostly republican.
    33 + 13=46. Like I tried to explain to Richard Winger, PLAS is a possible counter to Top Two. 51% in a two way race.
    Try to think outside the duopoly box, will you?

  4. William, I think you’ve maybe already looked at echodiem? They are just employees!!, why do our fellow Americans’ spines turn to jelly whenever we push this idea??.What are we missing??

    • You’re full of shit Nazi Millness.

      And no the video is perfectly safe for work. It shows one how to check their selves for cancers. Consider it a pubic service. I plan to make other health posts along the same lines. We need to be mindful of what the Bible says about our health. That’s one of the major blog themes.

      • It shows a woman touching a man’s testicles and has full frontal nudity. Health tip or not, that’s not safe for work, and many parents would not find it OK to have someone open that around their small kids. Someone could also get in trouble, or have some explaining to do, if they happen to open it at a library, airport waiting area, coffee shop, laundromat, restaurant, bar, or some other public place. That is what is meant by not safe for work.

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