Medvedev Demands Return of Natural Law Party

The following is satire and should not be confused with the genuine views expressed in the Commentary section.

The Rev Alberto Medvedev officially called upon the American people to reform the defunct Natural Law Party.

“I am sure that we can win this time,” said Rev Alberto Medvedev.  “The Natural Law Party’s members were a top-notch bunch of folks!”

Medvedev believes that he is the natural successor to John Hagelin, the party’s presidential candidate during the 1992, 1996, and 2000 presidential elections. Medvedev, who is also a spiritual guru, believes that his message will resonate deeply with the American people.

John Hagelin

“I have no desire to be president,” Reverend Medvedev told an almost entirely empty press conference in the basement of his church in Asbury Park. “But I do desire to make America fabulous again–that will require a powerful third party. We need to get this ball rolling. Organizers in all fifty states are necessary, but together, we can accomplish the impossible.”

During the conference Medvedev also reiterated that he hates disco music, which he dismissed as being “trashy dancy!”

During the 1970s, Medvedev was among the most prominent members of the U.S. Labor Party. He hopes to use his fame and prestige as a launching point for the Natural Law Party.

“We can do it,” he told single reporter who attended the press conference.  “We are a top-notch bunch of folks!”

Editor’s note: Rev Alberto Medvedev regularly commented at the Independent Political Report (IPR) in the Summer of 2011.  The Natural Law Party actually still exists in Michigan, where it has ballot access.  In 2012, the party nominated former Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson for president.  Below is a video of party founder John Hagelin discussing Transcendental meditation, the basis for the party.


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