2014 Interviews of Saturn


I interviewed several different individuals in 2014 for The Saturnalian.  Two of these individuals interviewed me as well.  I have included these interviews below.  

First is the interview conducted by presidential candidate Robert Milnes, whom I interviewed for the article “Interview with a Time Traveler.”  The interview took place between July and August at The PLAS Place.

Second is the interview conducted by Nazi blogger Vernon, whom I interviewed for the article “Interview with a Nazi.”  The interview took place via e-mail in October.  It was originally posted at the 88Fourteen blog.

Robert Milnes: Where are you?

Bayside, TX on the warm shores of Copano Bay.

RM: How are you?

I am very good. The Saturnalian project is going very well, much better than Saturn’s Repository.

RM: Where were you born and raised?
i.e. what are you doing in Bayside, Texas? Seems like an isolated, boring lonely place to be, especially in summertime. Must be hot as Hell there, even on the beach. Born & raised there? Texas somewhere? So I get the loyalty, familiarity. But Bayside, Texas?

I was born and raised in Corpus Christi, TX. I moved to Bayside for the isolation. There is no beach in Bayside. The closest beach is several miles away. Bayside is on the bay. The bay is like my Walden Pond. There’s no cartels and the border is far away. It is solace. I have no intention of leaving at this time and have no desire of going to California or anywhere else.

RM: You haven’t read Reich. How about Freud?
How about Vonnegut? Are you the one who posted my article on the Vonnegut sight?
Do you understand Relativity? It is more than just you can’t choose your relatives, you know.
Sounds like the Texas summer sun has beat down on your brain.

Vonnegut wrote fiction. What did Reich and Freud write about time travel? And what does any of this have to do with relativity?

Vernon: Is William Saturn your real legal name or a nom de plume?

I’ve said in the past that it is a nom de plume but I’ve done a lot under the name and so may legally change it at some point.

V: What are your political views and how have they evolved over time?

I am pragmatically libertarian but extreme in defense of free speech. My association with the Boston Tea Party turned me on to libertarianism in 2010. Before that, my views were similar to those of Pat Buchanan with a slight Bill Maher influence.

V: What is your ethnicity, ancestry and race and what are your views on race, nationality and nationalism?

I am of French descent, but I’m not too connected with it. I believe it’s natural for some people to cling to national/racial pride, but I don’t consider it a benefit or a detriment.

V: Do you think it is troubling that the White population is declining precipitously as a percentage of the world’s population and as a percentage of every White country’s population and that Whites will be a minority in the US, Europe and Russia within a few years? If yes: What would you do about it?

The percentages of White people may be decreasing but the numbers certainly are not. I’m more concerned about Americans (of any race) becoming overly sensitive and dependent on government.

V: Do you think that the amount of control that “Jews” have over banking/finance, government, media, entertainment, porn, lawyering and other fields is a problem? If yes: What would you do about it?

No. I think U.S. foreign policy gives too much deference and attention to Israel. I do not attribute this to “Jews” in the government, but to the Neo-cons.

V: Do you believe border control is important and if yes, what should be done to help control our borders better?

Yes. This may put me at odds with some libertarians, but I favor Chuck Baldwin’s approach to border enforcement from his 2008 campaign. “[A] Baldwin Administration will not wait for the construction of a fence in order to seal and secure our borders. We will utilize whatever force is necessary, including regular military personnel, to effectively secure our borders immediately. It is lunacy to send troops and National Guard half way around the world to protect the borders of Iraq while leaving our own borders wide open.”https://web.archive.org/web/20081030034636/http://baldwin08.com/BorderSecurityAndImmigration.cfm

V: How concerned do you think we should be that Islamic extremists want to convert the whole word at the point of a sword and are getting their hands on nuclear, chemical and biological weapons and large amounts of funding from unknown sources?

We have no reason to worry about Islamic extremists attacking the United States so long as we stop meddling in the Middle East and focus exclusively on preventing extremists from entering the country.

V: Are you aware that globalists have openly admitted they want to kill 80-90% of the world’s population? If yes how should we stop them, assuming you agree that they need to be stopped?

Yes. If true, proponents will need a kind of World Government to implement these plans. It can be prevented if the United States withdraws from the UN and stops funding it. I’d also like to see the U.S. withdraw from NAFTA and NATO.

V: How concerned are you about Ebola getting out of control and becoming a pandemic? What should be done to prevent that, or is it already too late? And do you think it could be intentional biowarfare by government and/or terrorist groups?

Flights from West Africa to the United States need to be halted immediately. It is troubling that this has not already been done.

V: Are you active in any political parties, organizations or movements? If so which ones?

Yes. I have an announcement planned which I will reveal in due time. I was active in the Boston Tea Party until its collapse. I planned to use it to help Phil Davison run for president. But I waited too long to mobilize his supporters to the party and so lost the election.

V: What are the most important issues to you?

Foremost is the maintenance of the fundamental rights of Free Speech, Free Thought, and Free Press. Close behind is the dangers of Political Correctness and an expanding federal government. There is another which will be revealed in due time.

V: Who did you vote for in the last 5 presidential elections and who will you support in 2016 for president?

When I was young, I rooted on Ross Perot in ’92 and ’96. I became interested in Ralph Nader during the 2000 election. In 2004, I briefly considered re-electing President Bush, but in a moment of clarity, I voted for Ralph Nader after reading Justin Raimondo’s piece in The American Conservative http://www.theamericanconservative.com/articles/old-right-nader/. In 2008 I considered Nader, Bob Barr and Chuck Baldwin, but decided to vote for Chuck Baldwin because his views aligned better with my own. In 2012, I planned to help the Phil Davison campaign but it didn’t work out. I voted for Gary Johnson. I could see myself voting for Rand Paul in 2016, but I’ll keep my options open. If Phil Davison runs again, I’ll do what I can to support his campaign.

V: What made you interested in writing about third parties and independent candidates?

I’ve been intrigued by third party and independent candidates most of my life. My interest really took off when I first dabbled in citizen journalism in early 2008. The only candidates who responded to my inquiries were third party candidates.

V: Are you Citizen Norman, or any other names on IPR and similar websites?

No but I did leave about three comments on IPR as “Mr. X” in 2013.

V: What do you think of Citizen Norman, Robert Milnes, Don Grundmann, Paul Frankel, Andy Jacobs, myself, or any other characters that you find interesting at IPR and similar websites? Do you think it is highly probable that any two or more of them are actually the same person and if so which ones do you suspect of being which other ones?

I believe Citizen Norman is a humorist above all, but doesn’t know where to draw the line of appropriateness. Same thing with you. That’s why I’m open to the possibility that you and him are the same person. Robert Milnes is funny unintentionally, but badly needs psychiatric help. Grundmann has strong convictions and truly believes he is right but doesn’t quite know how to go about it correctly. I don’t have anything negative to say about Paul Frankel or Andy Jacobs. I have no knowledge of their past. I am intrigued by Andy’s Libertarian Zone idea and Paulie is essential to IPR.

V: Do you have children and if so are they of the same race as you are? What should be done to secure their future (or if you don’t have children, the future of our children, in general)? Are you worried about homosexual faggots and pedophiles attacking our children, and if so, what should we do to stop them?

I have no children at the moment. I expressed my views on the protection of children at http://saturnsrepository.wordpress.com/2013/07/27/review-of-don-grundmanns-candlecrusade-org/

V: Are you worried about the war in Mexico spilling over the border into Texas and other US States? Or how about contagious diseases and/or terrorists sneaking across the border? If so what can and should be done about it?

Yes. The war in Mexico is exacerbated by the War on Drugs in the U.S.. The War on Drugs needs to end to reduce the power and influence of the cartels.

V: Are you religious? If so what is you religion?

No. I am agnostic but culturally Catholic.

V: What are your other hobbies and interests besides political?

I am interested in the Texas Coast and its history. In addition, I am an Anglophile and art enthusiast. I enjoy horror flicks, dark comedy, and intense raw emotion.

V: How much of the info about Frankel’s gang that I have published have you read and what is your opinion of it?

I’ve read everything you’ve posted. Much of it is so outrageous that it makes me laugh. But I also think it’s overly harsh and hateful. I don’t really understand why you personally have such hate for Paulie and Andy.


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