Nathan Norman: Homeless Man Impedes Traffic

Nathan Norman posted the following on Citizen Norman’s Blog November 14, 2014.  It is believed to be satire and should not be confused with the genuine views expressed in the Commentary section.

Homeless time traveller

A homeless man identified as Robert Milnes of Camden, NJ, impeded traffic yesterday as he handed out leaflets outside the county court house.

According to eyewitness accounts, Milnes ranted about time travel and masturbation as he forced pedestrians to take a leaflet.

Though most pedestrians later threw the leaflet into the nearby dumpster, one man who identified himself only as Chester claimed to have used a leaflet to “wipe [his] ass.”

Milnes remains at large.  His current whereabouts are unknown.



14 thoughts on “Nathan Norman: Homeless Man Impedes Traffic

  1. This is a disgraceful and completely unwarranted attack on Robert Milnes. And his whereabouts are pretty well known, I believe.

      • Screw yourself and die, Norman Frankel. You have a lot of balls calling me Vernon Frankel, you dirty Frankel. And you made this crap up, so you are a lying Frankel too, you dirty, lying Frankel.

  2. Who are you talking to? I am not the Jew named Frankel. I am Citizen Nathan Norman. I am a Nordic with massive balls, proportioned to my huge Aryan penis. You have tiny Jew dick.

    Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s get to the matter at hand. Milnes posted about this happening on his blog. I suggest you read his blog.

    It makes sense that you know where he is located since you probably have masturbation sessions with him. Probably sit in front of the TV, whack off to CNN or PBS, have gay Nazi sex all night long. Disgusting.

    • I am talking to you, you lying jew faggot Frankel, the dickless criminal piece of garbage behind the “citizen norman” character. I read Milnes blog, and he did write about distributing leaflets at the courthouse. You, with your diseased AIDS and syphillis infested crackhead jew brain, made up the disgusting lies about people throwing the leaflets in the trash and wiping their ass with them. You also invented the sick jew lie that “According to eyewitness accounts, Milnes ranted about time travel and masturbation as he forced pedestrians to take a leaflet.” This is a lie, you did not talk to any eyewitnesses and there is no evidence he ranted about any of this while leafletting or forced anyone to take a leaflet. You made up the BS about impeding traffic as well as about his whereabouts being unknown. You are a sick lying jew Frankel, “citizen norman.” You know it, I know it, and you are not fooling anybody with your disgusting habitual lies.

      • You’re talking about yourself. Just like when you called yourself a child molester. You have no shame.

        I have nothing against the Jews. I have many Jew friends. But I don’t like deceitful Jews who try to imitate whites.

        I also hear you like to have sex with black people, which explains all the STDs you say you have. I have nothing against black people but I’d never have sex with them like you do.

  3. No, I am talking about you and you are talking about yourself, Norman/Frankel. I hate niggers and I hate kikes so fuck you and fuck the diseased faggots that your diseased ass and mouth fucks. I hate child molesting faggots like yourself and I am not friends with any of you or any kikes or niggers. I want you all to give each other AIDS and die as soon as possible. Heil Hitler!

    • I am on record as against anal intercourse. The Bible forbids it because it is unhealthy. You have not made any such statement. You probably take part in anal intercourse since you said so at IPR. Therefore you are more likely to have diseases.

      I read you have tattoos. I am on record rejecting tattoos. The bible bans them because they are unhealthy. Therefore, you are more likely to have infections.

      I am actually Nordic White. You have not given Vernon an ethnicity. You and him are one person: Vernon Frankel, Jew.

      As I type this, my clean, aesthetically pleasing Aryan blonde girlfriend without tattoos is orally stimulating my penis. I will ejaculate in her mouth and she will swallow joyfully.

      Please just go away and find some mongoloid to play with. Stick to your own kind.

      • Take your jew bible and stick it up your jew faggot ass, Frankel. And you, me and everyone else you are the one doing the semen swallowing. Go to hell and die painfully over and over again forever. My resolution for 2015 is that you will not live to see the end of this year. Mark my words, because they will fucking come true, you contagious virus.

  4. The really pathetic thing here is that “Citizen Norman” and “vernon1488” are probably both Frankel. The mentally ill dude is inventing characters to talk to himself. How sad!

    • You and “citizen norman” are both frankel. Who the fuck do you think you are fooling you nasty disease spreading child molesting blood drinking kike?

      • I’m fairly certain that Mr. Passoli is a semi-famous gay porn star. The name sounds Italian not Jew.

        I’ve had Vernon pegged from the start. I always knew he was Frankel. His rhetoric is so over the top and his knowledge of Frankel’s life and whereabouts is not because he has surveillance on Frankel as Andy Jones claims but because he actually is Frankel. He is the cyberpig as the masturbator-in-chief calls him. He altered my comments on IPR and then he banned me. Why can’t I post at IPR but “White Rebel” always slips in? Because “White Rebel” is neither white nor rebel. He is a Jew dictator named Vernon Frankel.

  5. I am not, nor am I related to, the gay porn actor who has the same name as me. I did not know he existed until a week or two ago when Dave Terry accused me of being him on IPR. Which makes me wonder if Citizen Norman (aka Frankel, aka Vernon) is also Dave Terry. This suck fuck must have nothing to do all day except make up these pathetic characters. As for the porn actor…Since I was accused of being him I was mildly curious to look it up, and he is actually Hungarian. Like most porn actors he uses a fake stage name. I’m part Italian, and part a lot of other things myself, but none of them Hungarian.

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