Irregular Times Reports on Milnes, Greens

On January 9, blogger Peregrin Wood posted an article on the news blog Irregular Times, citing dissatisfaction with three candidates for the Green Party’s 2016 presidential nomination.  Of the three, the article specifically mentions progressive activist Robert Milnes in its title, proclaiming “No. No. Please No,” at the possibility of Milnes representing the Green Party in 2016.

The article reads as follows:

Memo to the Green Party, such as it is: Please, can someone over there step forward as a serious presidential candidate soon? Here’s who we’ve got as Green Party presidential candidates so far:

Midge Potts, a die-hard 9/11 truther [and transgender activist] . . .

[Potential candidate] Charles Brannan, an 82 year-old man who . . .  believes he has been called by the Holy Spirit to begin a rebellion against the government of the United States . . .

This leaves us with Robert Milnes. Milnes promotes the idea of an alliance between the Green Party and the Libertarian Party, which at first sounds interesting. Then, one reads why Milnes wants this alliance to take place: To protect himself from Jews.“Now upon looking back on this, the fucking bastards Zionists had time and wherewithal to carry out a heinous covert operation. Their target, ME, ME you fucking bastards, not some old ladies attacking from the shadows. I’m here, at The PLAS Place you pussy shit bastards,” he writes. “The Nazis should be allowed to caucus with the libertarians. At least on an experimental basis. Much as the commies should be allowed to caucus with the Greens. We need all the allies we can muster. All bring something to the table. All have their baggage. The Nazis bring awareness of the common enemy-The Zog, to the table.”

In response to the article, Milnes commented, “Note I said Zionists, not Jews. BIG diference.”

Milnes then asked if anyone had information on his ban from the Green Party news blog Green Party Watch.  He has yet to receive a response.

Others could possibly seek the Green nomination.  According to Politics1, the party’s 2012 presidential nominee Jill Stein is considered a potential candidate for 2016.


16 thoughts on “Irregular Times Reports on Milnes, Greens

  1. Aside from the questions about the mental states of Mr. Milnes, Mr. Brennan, or Ms. Potts, or who will run for the Green nomination for president (none of the national parties have serious candidates who are declared yet – it’s all loony bin candidates and speculation about candidates who may or may not run at this point), I’d like to for my own reasons raise a question about this part of Milnes quote:

    “The Nazis should be allowed to caucus with the libertarians. At least on an experimental basis. Much as the commies should be allowed to caucus with the Greens.”

    I assume that this means Milnes, just like a lot of other people, classifies nazis and libertarians as both being on the right, much as he/they classify communists and greens as being on the left. But why? What issue positions do nazis and libertarians share that make them both supposedly rightists?

    I’m also wondering why William Saturn thought it was important to mention that Midge Potts is transgender, which was the only fact in the quoted portion of this article not included in Peregrin Wood’s article at Irregular Times, whereas other parts were edited (for length, I assume).

    • “die-hard 9/11 truther” does not adequately describe who Potts is. Wikipedia identifies Potts as a “transgender peace activist.” I can’t recall whether a transgender person has run for president before, but it’s certainly worth noting.

  2. If Milnes has questions about the status of his ban at Green Party Watch, he could try posting there to see if it goes through or emailing Dave Schwab – all the articles in recent months have been posted by Schwab. I doubt anyone else would know, or at least I wouldn’t know who else would.

  3. There’s been a lot of speculation. Let me put it all to rest unequivocally. I am seeking the Libertarian Party’s 2016 presidential nomination. I am running as a stand-in for Newt Gingrich.


    Please join me on this journey.

    I do not need donations. But in the coming days I will provide flyers for supporters to print out and post in public.

    Libertarians, if you want to WIN in 2016, vote Nathan Norman for president.

    • Actually, while I get fellatio from my REAL Aryan blonde girlfriend, you’ll be sucking off your male “partner.” I think I’ll be feeling better than you. Send me pictures so I can laugh at you.

      • So, you have imaginary friends and an imaginary girlfriend, are a racist, and are juvenile in your mental development. Congratulations, that will get you far in life.

        Incidentally, your comments on this site and others that men fellating other men isn’t homosexual, that you get jerked off by your male masseur, etc., are still available, so if you want a good laugh just go look in the mirror.

  4. You are gay porn star. I am presidential candidate. I enjoy receiving massages and receiving fellatios. I don’t give them. That’s why I would laugh at an image of you with a cock in your mouth. Sometimes I watch videos of it on youporn and it’s so hilarious.

    • I’m sure you watch my namesake’s videos, but it isn’t me, as you already know. You aren’t a presidential candidate. Even you acknowledge your “campaign” is a joke. It isn’t a good one. As for what you give and/or receive…I don’t care, and I doubt anyone else does either.

      • “Citizen Norman says:
        January 14, 2015 at 8:49 pm
        No. I’m not delusional about myself being qualified or even having a chance to win the presidency.”

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