Nathan Norman Announces Presidential Run

Blogger Nathan Norman

Blogger Nathan Norman announced earlier this week that he will seek the Libertarian Party (LP) presidential nomination in 2016.  If victorious, Norman says he will cede the nomination to former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich.

“I do not claim to be qualified to win the presidency,” said Norman, “but I intend to win the nomination as a stand-in” for Gingrich.

Norman, a contributor to The Saturnalian who previously trolled Independent Political Report (IPR) as “Concerned Citizen” and “Concerned Libertarian Citizen,” formed the Functional Fillmore Frugal movement a couple years ago, touting Gingrich as the ideal nominee for the LP.  As documented here, the Functional Fillmore Frugal movement folded when WordPress suspended Norman’s account after discovering a pornography collection on his blog.

For his presidential run, Norman writes of two policy priorities:

  1. “balance the [federal] budget” and
  2. “significantly cut the size of government”

He believes Gingrich and the Libertarian Party share these objectives, writing that the LP “has advocated [them] since its founding,” and that Gingrich “actualized” them as Speaker in the 1990s.

Critics have repeatedly informed Norman that Gingrich does not adhere to libertarianism.  But he persists.  Saturnalian reader Martin Passoli calls Norman’s candidacy a “bad joke.”

Other declared candidates for the LP nomination include progressive activist Robert Milnes, writer Darryl Perry, self-proclaimed Mensa-member Keenan Dunham, physician Marc Feldman, Burlington County (NJ) LP representative Robert Kuffel, and perennial candidate Kip Lee.  Former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson, the 2012 nominee, is mentioned as a potential candidate.

Perry, Dunham, and Feldman are currently participating in a candidate Q&A on IPR.  Norman and Milnes, who are currently banned from the site, were not invited to participate.


5 thoughts on “Nathan Norman Announces Presidential Run

  1. “LP Rep. Robert Kuffel”

    What does the Rep. stand for here? Representative? Republican? Something else, if so, what?

  2. Keenan Dunham and Kip Lee are both active in James Ogle’s US Parliament. If Norman and Milnes join the USP they could have a real, inclusive debate over there, unlike the top three sham that IPR is running. Or how about having it here at the Saturnalian? You could invite Feldman and Perry too, even though they are already being unfairly promoted above the other candidates by IPR establishment hacks.

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