Q&A with Three 2016 LP Presidential Candidates

Independent Political Report has dedicated a thread to allow its readers to ask questions to three of the candidates for the Libertarian Party’s 2016 presidential nomination.   Physician Marc Allan Feldman, writer Darryl Perry, and self-proclaimed Mensa-member Keenan Wallace Dunham all participated in the thread.

Below are the questions I asked followed by each candidate’s answer.

What will you do to protect free speech?

Marc Allan Feldman: I will speak freely and promote free speech as the greatest asset we have against enemies around the world.

Darryl Perry: I would not prosecute whistleblowers, and ask Congress to repeal all federal restrictions on speech/expression.

Keenan Wallace Dunham: I will restore civil liberties back to the true law of the Constitution.

Will you ever support a ban on “hate speech”? Why or why not?

Marc Allan Feldman: “Hate speech” has a narrow legal definition in the United States. It is not merely hateful talk. The Supreme court ruled in Brandenburg v. Ohio ; “The constitutional guarantees of free speech and free press do not permit a state to forbid or proscribe advocacy of the use of force, or of law violation except where such advocacy is directed to inciting imminent lawless action and is likely to incite or produce such action.” I believe we have enough laws on the books against incitement to lawless action that we do not need addition penalties for “thought crime.”

Darryl Perry: No, these laws serve only to criminalize thought crimes

Keenan Wallace Dunham: No I abhor political correctness, and free speech is not a crime. As long as there is no associated violence, hate speech is protected free speech.

Would you consider imposing travel bans or closing the borders in the face of global pandemic?

Marc Allan Feldman: I have a Master’s Degree in Public Health from Johns Hopkins. I would make any decision on travel bans and border closings on medical, not political priorities.

Darryl Perry: No!

Keenan Wallace Dunham: Yes absolutely, I plan to close the southern border already, and in a case like the Ebola panic of 2014 I would ban travel. I would also pursue relentlessly education, treatments and cures for all major diseases to end all suffering from AIDS, CANCER, and EBOLA and put them in humanity’s past.

Should private corporations be allowed to possess nuclear weapons?

Marc Allan Feldman: This is kind of a “gotcha” question for Libertarians. The question includes several assumptions:
a. That Corporations would try to obtain and possess nuclear weapons.
b. That Government could prevent Corporations from possessing nuclear weapons.through legislation and law enforcement.
c. That Government legislation and law enforcement against Corporations possessing nuclear weapons would not have inordinate costs or severe unintended consequences.
A more reasonable question would be: Do you support legislation to prohibit Corporations from possessing nuclear weapons, with an associated monitoring and law enforcement program?
My answer would be no – I do not see a need for such legislation now or in the foreseeable future.

Darryl Perry: I do not believe that any government should have any weaponry that an individual can’t possess. That said, there is no way to use a nuclear weapon in a purely self-defense manner; therefore no one has a right to detonate a nuclear weapon.

Keenan Wallace Dunham: No, Never. And I will pursue nonproliferation for the USA and all our allies..

Who is your favorite president and why?

Marc Allan Feldman: Remarks at a Dinner Honoring Nobel Prize Winners of the Western Hemisphere.
John F. Kennedy April 29, 1962
“I think this is the most extraordinary collection of talent, of human knowledge, that has ever been gathered together at the White House, with the possible exception of when Thomas Jefferson dined alone.” I agree.with JFK on that one.
Another more unusual presidential hero of mine is James K. Polk. He made few promises during his campaign, and he kept them all. He took California from Mexico, he lowered the tariff, he established a sub-treasury, and he retired after a single term. He also settled the Oregon dispute. I hope I could be that good.

Darryl Perry: William Henry Harrison. This is not to say that I condone things he did before he was president, or that I would have supported his election. WH Harrison is my favorite President because he did only two things: 1) give an inauguration speech, 2) die! He had no chance to grow the government.

Keenan Wallace Dunham: I admire, Kennedy, FDR, Teddy Roosevelt, Washington, Jefferson, Reagan, and Lincoln. For the parameters and scenarios surrounding this election cycle I look most to Theodore Roosevelt for his protection of the country and his opposition to banking and corporate interests. He has inspired many ideas in my campaign, as do the founding fathers and the Great Generation of World War 2.


39 thoughts on “Q&A with Three 2016 LP Presidential Candidates

  1. What a joke this debate is by excluding me. This is just paulie’s way of collaterally attacking me and my candidacy.
    Don’t see Bob Milnes in THE debate? That’s because he doesn’t exist.
    Don’t see Bob Milnes commenting in IPR? That’s because he doesn’t exist.
    When are IPR readers going to overthrow the paulie/warrensolomon/FBI/mossad ZOG?
    Come to The PLAS Place.

  2. I will answer the questions.

    1. Newt Gingrich will support free speech.
    2. Newt Gingrich will oppose the hate speech ban.
    3. Newt Gingrich will prevent EBOLA infested people from entering the country by blocking all travel from infected countries.
    4. No.
    5. Millard Fillmore. He became the first third party presidential candidate after leaving office. He tried to keep America pure which is what Newt Gingrich wants to do.

  3. So William Saturn, how about inviting either Robert Milnes, Nathan Norman and Kip Lee to all answer questions in a similar unified thread here….or, the three of them, plus the three allowed in the IPR debate. Invite all six and see what happens. If you can get a hold of Robert Kuffel invite him too.

  4. Well, maybe, maybe not. I’m not sure how savvy he meant and whether that has changed. But at a minimum you should be able to get a 5 candidate debate, as opposed to the elitist IPR “top three” approach.

  5. Crickets.
    Come on WSS. Do something. Get the inclusive debate going. Do some investigative journalism. Join my campaign. Help me file with FEC.
    For one thing, I have some questions for Darryl Perry about the 2012 campaign which paulie was involved in, and the demise of BTP, which paulie evidently went along with. Kind of like he went along with Anonymous declaring me banned from commenting in IPR and permanently deleting the supposedly ban provoking comment.
    I note that peregrine pecker wood is being posted on IPR by Jed Z. Post some of MY stuff on IPR. Even if only on thePLAS dedicated thread.
    Note how paulie immediately downplayed a rumored Johnson/Stein ticket. And didn’t even mention that would be a possible PLAS fusion ticket.
    Do something.

    • Robert Milnes is right. Frankel is definitely enemy #1 and needs to be neutralized with extreme prejudice ASAP. Frankel was involved in the plot to keep Billy Roper from winning the BTP nomination for President. If only Roper had the BTP nomination I fully believe he could have been elected president. Instead we get another four years of the planet of the apes at the White House. It was meant to be a White House for White People, not a Kenyan petting zoo!

      Frankel, Ziggler, Pyeatt, Redlich and the rest of the zionst kike-faggot-commie gang of censors disguised as libertarians that runs KikePR need to be put in their place and punished.

      The unified ticket of Greens and Libertaryans, that has been talked about for some time as Progressive Libertarian Alliance Strategy but more recently we had a High Level summit and also agreed to bring National Socialists into the coalition. We plan to unite the Libertarian Party, Green Party, American Freedom Party and the National Socialist Movement together with the American Nazi Party and all the different parties of Socialists and Progressives under the banner of the Libertarian National Socialist Green Party. Tell you what White Folks are ready for this like never before, it’s like 1933 in Germany all over again! I’m excited!

      But really to make this work we have to keep evil jewess cunts like Jill Stein off the ticket. No niggers, spics, fags, nothing like that. Just Pure Whites Only. Blonde, blue eyed heterosexual gentiles. We believe in Eugenics and Natural Health to keep the Bloodline and Seed pure and armed resistance to forced vaccination.

      As our first revolutionary act we will capture fat pig felon fugitive Frankel, put him in a cage and burn him to death, and put it out on internet video. This will be done this year in the name of Perun. The video will get enough views to spread our name far and wide and Aryan fighters from all over the world will come to the US Pacific Northwest as we create an Aryan State under the Kolovrat of the Old Slavic Gods and the Celtic Cross, the Nordic Runes and the Triskalion but above all the Swastika. Brutality is our reality and the pig will get roasted, and you lucky folks at home will get to watch! Liberty to the Aryan people, death to traitors and kikes!

      Progressive-Libertarian Alliance with National Socialists Strategy PLAN_SS, baby! Let’s make it happen! Sieg Heil! Glory to Battle! NS-14 88 Bring the Hate!

      What I am thinking is this. We take Frankel and shoot him full of LSD, meth and curare. Then put him paralyzed but wide awake and alive on a spit like a pig at a luau and lower a cage over his fat naked corpus. After peeling off his skin while he is still alive and scalping the fat pig, cutting off his prick, balls, eyes, ears, nose and tongue, breaking each finger and toe and elbow and knee and vertebra one by one, and we set him on fire and put the cameras on, then we stand around while he is still breathing and burning in agony and high five each other and clink our beer and vodka glasses as we play White Power music all night long. What remains of the corpse we feed to our dogs later, but earlier we had some fun letting them bite a few chunks out of him while he was alive and restrained. Great fun to be had by all, later we enjoy it again and again by playing the video over and over and spreading it thru social media! Sieg Heil!

  6. Is peregrine pecker wood jewish? I asked him for more info about himself and his possible agenda as he is attacking me repeatedly on Irregular Times. Nothing!
    Is Jill Pyeatt and/or her husband jewish? I don’t know. But I do know her comments about my eviction were very patronizing. Like, granted, the eviction was my fault, the landlord was right/justified, the judge right/justified. NOT! True, I fell behind about a month in rent. But he incorrectly applied a “Consent to Vacate” document. There was already a default. The Consent to Vacate is absurd when there is a default. He said give him the deposit check from the court clerk which was sent to ME upon default judgement! Which I did. As soon as he accepted ANY money from me, the default is nullified. He should know that. His lawyer(Jewish) and the Judge(Jewish) should know that. My 2 attorneys from legal Aid(Jewish) BOTH withdrew Legal Aid from my case because of a phony lack of funding excuse. That order probably came right from The Mossad. The fix was in when I faced a corrupted judge alone with no legal assistance.
    What kind of a court allows an elderly disabled man alone with nowhere to go to be in Court ALONE without legal assistance? An FBI/Mossad kangaroo court

  7. Bring the debate here.
    I am furious that paulie is considered vital to ipr and the libertarian movement when I suspect he has been manipulated into that position to better spy on and suppress-as Anonymous banning me-and manipulate the movement e.g being one of the first to cheer for Johnson 2016. I suspect he get paid by Israe. He has a golden parachute for when he leaves the movement. probably in Israel. Why is he so it talented yet has a menial job, petitioner? Why the hobo with a clipboard lifestyle? A Front? To get into position? A warren Solomon manipulated/duped into ipr ownership to protect paulie and reinforce me being banned.

    • This shows why Vernon Frankel is a fraud. Over at 88Fourteen he talks about the holocaust as a hoax now he acts like it happened.

      I notice someone posting at IPR under my name. I am not posting at IPR because I am banned. It is Paulie impersonating me. I ask you to stop. I am a presidential candidate dammit and I demand to be treated with respect.

  8. Nathan Frankel, of course the holohoax is a hoax. But it needs to happen. You and all the rest of the kikes should be rounded up and nuked.

  9. Over at KikePR Nathan Frankel censored the following:

    Andi you are gay queer homo. If ten men came in a cup you would drink it and ask for more.

    Hey Andi are you slow or just stupid? Go to youtube and put “Paul Frankel” or “Jill Pyeatt” in the search box and see what comes up you imbecile. Mark Herd is the motherfuckin MAN! That’s youtube you nincompoop!

    Mark Herd ran as a Libertarian for Congress in CA-33 in 2014. And David Macko in OH-14. Vernon has the scoop.

    Hey Andi are you slow or just stupid? Go to youtube and put “Paul Frankel” or “Jill Pyeatt” in the search box and see what comes up you imbecile. Mark Herd is the motherfuckin MAN! That’s youtube you nincompoop!

    Speaking of Vernon go to his blog at 88fourteen dot wordpress dot com and check out the latest comments by Libertarian candidates Mark Herd and David Macko!

    “David Macko on February 9, 2015 at 5:01 pm said:

    We need to awaken the American people before we are enslaved. We also need to be able to work with others who want to restore our country. As an example, I certainly support the principles of the 14 words, just as I would expect Blacks, Asiatics, American Indians, Hispanics and others to want to preserve their heritage. About the 88, not so much, but Hitler has been demonized to a great extent and Lenin, Stalin and Mao murdered many tens of millions more people than can be ascribed to his actions even by his most fervent enemies.”

    Vernon replied

    “Thank you for commenting, and for your commitment to securing the existence of our people and a future for White Children. As you can see I am a big fan of Adolf Hitler, who has beenmuch demonized as you correctly point out. As I am sure you must know, in addition to Heil Hitler, 88 also stands for the 88 precepts:


    It is true that Lenin, Stalin and Mao were mass murderers and that the same brainwashed idiots that can’t stop crying about the holohoax just ignore what these communist scum did.

    I am glad there are pro-White leaders like you in the Libertarian Party. However, there are also some commie scum pretending to be Libertarians, such as Paul Frankel, Jill Pyeatt, Jed Ziggler, Andy Jacobs, Mark Pickens and Jake Witmer among others. They are a bunch of criminals and sycophants and need to be exposed.”

    MARK HERD wrote

    “I ran for Congress as a Libertarian vs. Ted Lieu. When I started coming to meetings I found out how and why the party only has 700 members in cali. Jill Pyaett, Bo Cain, Jonathan Jaech and Paul Frankel all use censorship to control criticism. I complained about the 2015 California convention being held in Nevada. I also complained about the shady, secretive way they got away with it, by not posting an agenda. Then Bo Cain starts trashing me on the Libertarian cali fb pg. I respond, he bans me, censored from fb. Then his little clicksters, Jill Pyaett, Jonathan Jaech and Paul Frankel ban me on fb and IPR. I havent stopped protesting either, just youtube their names and see. More protestations to come.”

    Vernon replied:

    “Please post the youtube videos here. These communist scum need to be exposed. Sieg Heil!”

    Mark Herd will fucking take your head off and shit down your neck you little faggot sodomite bitch!

  10. I stand with our brave law enforcement officers. Here is hoping they pick up the pace with killing dirty black niggers and criminals such as Frankel, Jacobs and their gang. Shoot them in the balls and in the guts and let them bleed out. Fucking filthy criminal scum.

  11. Marc Feldman? Another fucking kike bastard. Like we need any more. It’s too bad the holohoax never really happened, it’s past time to make those fantasies come true.

  12. Frankel and Jacobs have been “going greek” for years. That means fucking each other in the ass for those of you who don’t know. Quit bailing these criminal scumbags out. They deserve to be treated like lepers and destroyed like rabid dogs. The filthy scum.

  13. Yet another comment censored at KikePR:

    No, Frankel, you pussy little commie kike bitch, I am not Mark Herd. I’ll tell you what though, he’s not half bad for a LP member. He has balls (unlike you) and hates communist style censorship like what you do here. Maybe him or me will catch your sorry ass in person and kill you slowly and painfully like what you deserve some day soon. Keep looking over your shoulder bitch.

  14. IPR phony debate was specifically designed to minimize my campaign. First Joshua Katz declared, then Marc Feldman. Then debates at IPR that I am excluded from. Then trash Bob Milnes in Irregular Times by peckerwood, along with other declared Greens then Jill Stein announces exploratory.
    I think The Zog knows PLAS can win and Bob Milnes will try it.
    paulie banali immediately trashed Johnson/Stein, Stein/Johnson without mentioning that such a ticket COULD be a PLAS ticket.
    However I do not endorse that ticket. Both candidates are too flawed.
    I hope my ticket presently to be Milnes/Hogarth. We now need to watch that Hogarth is not the victim of covert operations and character assassination.
    WSS, invite the Green declared candidates also.

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