The Saturnalian Presents: The Unofficial 2016 Libertarian Party Presidential Candidates Forum

All individuals seeking the Libertarian Party’s 2016 presidential nomination are invited to this page to participate in The Saturnalian‘s first ever presidential candidates forum.

According to Politics1, the following individuals are currently vying for the nomination:

As reported here last month, blogger Nathan Norman (Pennsylvania) is also running.

Readers of The Saturnalian are invited to this thread to question and/or converse with the candidates for the Libertarian Party’s 2016 presidential nomination.


132 thoughts on “The Saturnalian Presents: The Unofficial 2016 Libertarian Party Presidential Candidates Forum

  1. Thank you WSS for providing this fair, inclusive and level field debate/forum. Unlike the one at IPR which is not.
    I have requested that the Green party declared candidates also be invited as they have been also unfairly criticized in Irregular Times.
    I am prepared to win the 2016 election with PLAS and hit the road on the first day running. A full, reality based Shadow Cabinet i.e. one based on the real cabinet not one based on a lot of imaginary posts like the Green Shadow Cabinet. Which no one listens to because they know they will lose.
    There are many possible vice presidential candidates that I would prefer for my ticket-a woman (libertarian). Presently my top preference is Susan Hogarth, founder of the Radical Caucus.
    I hope to say many things here and will do my best to answer any questions.

  2. My name is Nathan Norman of Scranton, Pennsylvania. I am running for President of the United States.

    I am a candidate for the Libertarian Party’s 2016 Presidential nomination. I do not claim to be qualified to win the presidency, but I intend to win the nomination as a stand-in for former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich.

    Gingrich can win this election for Libertarians and end the two party system that is tearing this great nation apart. As Speaker he balanced the budget, reformed welfare, and oversaw a period of economic prosperity. He can do this again as President.

    A vote for me is a vote to win in 2016!

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  4. Bill Pruitt, just briefly visited your website.
    You are an Israel/Palestine moron.
    Israel is a counterrevolutionary theocracy. It not only oppresses the Palestinians en masse, it is actively involved with the FBI to suppress the U.S. third parties. It is funded by and gloms the largess of the American people of which Jews are about 2% of the population. The U.S. subsidizes Israel and protects it from the administration of justice by the U.N. with its veto.
    The Green party position of a one state solution is correct. The Libertarian party position of withdrawal of subsidies and foreign aid is correct.

    • Excuse me, but I am not an Israeli. I’m Jewish but that doesn’t make me Israeli. I was born in Pawnee, Oklahoma to a family that has been living in the USA as natural born citizens for 8 generations. Yes, I do support Israel because they are my people. Israel does not oppress anyone. They defend themselves from terrorists who use propaganda to create the illusion that Israel is a repressive government. They aren’t a theocracy, they are a parliamentary republic headed by a Prime Minister. Stop buying into the propaganda spewing from the lips of terrorists and learn something on your own for real.

    • If people were interested in starting a new political party named Boston Tea Party, they could do so, just as people could start a new political party called the Bull-Moose Party, Greenback Party, Populist Party, Silver Party, Free Soil Party, or any one of the hundred plus defunct political parties that existed at one time or another in the US.

      • Thank you for deigning to come down to the Saturnalian from Mount IPR.
        Cute reply. You are not assuring us about BTP. And your role.
        No, I meant, and you must know this, reactivating it. Just because you and paulie declare it defunct,, it is?
        I do not trust paulie as far as I can spit.
        An all online party. What about the about 2000 email membership list? They get deleted by Anonymous?

  5. IPR claims to serve and report on all third parties and independents with reporters of all political positions. Yet it conducts only a Libertarian declared candidates debate/forum.
    I say at least Saturnalian conduct another for the declared Greens.

  6. 2 Questions for all the candidates:

    1) In realistic terms, what is your plan to win the nomination?
    2) Do you support a Wall Street Tax as a replacement for the Income Tax and as an alternative for the FAIR tax?

    • 1. I plan to have Newt & Barr people from Georgia pack the convention in Orlando.

      2. I do not support taxing Americans at the moment. Our main focus is exiting this planet doomed by global climate change. would raise revenue for the Mars colonization/relocation by fracking Siberia.

      • How are you going to pack the convention with Newt & Barr supporters? Barr went back to the GOP and Newt hasn’t shown any interest in running for Pres under any party in 2016.

  7. What will you do to enhance border security, eliminate deportables from the homeland, and stem the rising tides of terrorism, contagious disease, crime and drugs pouring over the borders?

  8. What is your plan to keep American jobs from being shipped overseas, and to keep deportables from sneaking in and stealing jobs from Americans?

  9. Do you have a plan to stop hostile ethnic groups with loyalty to a foreign government from cornering major sectors such as media and banking?

  10. Do you have a plan for ending usury which is being used to rob more and more working Americans of their homes, cars and other possessions for the benefit of wealthy bankers and credit issuers, these usurious bandits being mostly of a single ethnic background with loyalty to a foreign nation in the middle east?

  11. Robert Milnes has said we are at war with Israel, which certainly makes sense given their attack on the USS Liberty and their use of spies such as Jonathan Pollard against America among many other things. Would you be in favor of launching a nuclear first strike against Israel as your first act upon taking office? Do the rest of you agree that we are at war with Israel, and with nuking them as soon as possible?

  12. Do you think it is troubling that the White population is declining precipitously as a percentage of the world’s population and as a percentage of every White country’s population and that Whites will be a minority in the US, Europe and Russia within a few years? If yes: What would you do about it?

    • Hey Vernon Frankel. What is your definition of White? For me it’s blonde hair blue eye Nordics. It certainly is not Slavs. Your Fuhrer considered Slavs inferior, the slaves of the White man. So who are you kidding?

      • Hey Nathan Frankel, I’m not a candidate, so I ask the questions here. Define White as you wish and answer the question, or fail to answer it.

  13. How concerned do you think we should be that Islamic extremists want to convert the whole word at the point of a sword and are getting their hands on nuclear, chemical and biological weapons and large amounts of funding from unknown sources? And what will you do about it?

  14. Are you aware that globalists have openly admitted they want to kill 80-90% of the world’s population? If yes how should we stop them, assuming you agree that they need to be stopped?

    • Likewise the Libertarians should investigate the death of David Nolan.
      Now that the whole situation is suspect, his death came under suspicious circumstances, and like Pierce, when a lot was going on.
      He had just run against McCain. He had just proposed The Nolan Resolution which was against (Jewish) Wayne Root. Somehow his resolution got amended by Alicia Mattson and the Starr(Jewish) Cabal into its exact opposite. Right in front of everybody’s face.
      No doubt the LP is deeply infiltrated. paulie is watching this debate like a hawk.
      And the Greens should investigate 2 -deaths?- in Boulder, Colorado. Dr. McFarland 2008 stomach cancer. He was a longtime friend and mentor/confidante. I noticed him acting strangely at the time. Some sort of memory failure/amnesia. He was a longtime community activist, anarchist, Green Congressional candidate. I believe he became a problem for the FBI/Mossad when my campaign started to get traction in 2008.
      And Nancy Benson, PhD. Breast cancer. I’ve written extensively about her on my blog.
      No doubt the Greens are deeply infiltrated also.

  15. I view any significant nuclear explosion on earth as a very negative thing. A nuclear first strike against Israel is not a good military strategy.
    By neutralizing Israel I was referring to via the U.N for the U.S. to stop vetoing in favor of Israel and implementing the Green party proposed one state solution.

  16. Vernon,
    It is almost unbelievable, but Nathan Norman whoever he is, has a point.
    I suggest we identify regional indigenous gene pools. Have a core group that procreates only within itself.
    That way everybody else can do what they want, which it seems they are going to do anyway.

      • A Blue Ribbon Presidential commission comes to mind as one means.
        Study the problem. Make recommendations.
        Possibly Congressional action. Presidential Executive Orders.
        Realize Congress will not be Democrats and Republicans. Mostly progressives Greens, Libertarians and others.
        This also applies to the problems involving Indigenous Americans recovering from their own Holocaust.
        Defining the Jewish indigenous gene pool will be complicated.

  17. U N resolutions and blue ribbon commissions? Come on. This is a war. We are facing a ruthless enemy that only understands brute force. Are you really going to go fight a seven headed dragon with resolutions and commissions?

    • No, this is not war. It is politics. Dirty, filthy rough, tough complex politics.
      And I am a political genius. I can win this. Without weapons of mass destruction.
      You want a powerful weapon against the Zionists? Exhume Pierce. If he is not buried there, as I suspect, then EVERYONE will ask where is he,what happened to him?
      And why?

      • Vernon,
        Get the Nazis to exhume Pierce. Have some neutral observers and media present.
        Do not be fooled by an old man’s body being there Get genetic testing.
        I have a source that one of the people I have named as being disappeared by The Zog has been exhumed. There was a body but not of that person. That person has been located but all this has been suppressed by the government and Zog controlled media.

  18. There are numerous nuclear weapons that are set off every year in weapons tests. So whats the big deal? Just use some on Israel and some on the Mooslims, turn the whole middle east into a glass parking lot. What’s the problem?

    But let’s just say you are worried about the fallout. Even though these same weapons are set off and tested all the time.

    How about inventing some biological warfare that specifically targets the Jews, Arabs and other ethnicities that adhere to moon rock worship, and setting the little critters loose to wipe out those populations from the face of the earth? Anything wrong with that?

    • Nathan Frankel is full of shit as usual. Hitler was not blond, but many Slavs are blond. I am not Slav (where did you get this from)? My ancestry is Celtic, German and Scandinavian, and you are the jew mongoloid, Nathan Frankel. I see you are failing miserably to address the questions posed to you as a presidential candidate about the future of this country, too.

      • It is obvious I am not Frankel (you) because I am using my REAL photo. You are a fake using a Hitler image. Funny thing is that since you are actually a Jew Mongoloid, Hitler would have sent you straight to Auschwitz.

      • I see Nathan Frankel (using some retard’s photo that he found on the web LOL) still can’t answer fundamental questions about the country’s future even though his fake persona claims to be running for president. Anyway jewboy, I have work to do so start answering the actual policy questions or I have better things to do. Actually I do anyway, just got a new client for my business that is taking a lot of time so you will probably have to finger your fat fold mangina here by yourself. I’ll check back at some point to see if any “candidates” have even tried answering the basic questions I posted. My guess is you will continue to fail to address the questions and fail in general. I’d rather keep the element of surprise for when I come to kill you, Frankel, so no luck on my picture you’ll just have to keep looking over your shoulder and guessing. Sweet dreams, faggot. You will die in pain on video and it will be on the web, bitch. You’ll wish you was in Auschwitz when I torture and kill you Frankel.

  19. And who are you, Erik Viker? Your link goes to a facebook(Jewish run) broken link.
    I’m sick of being attacked by anonymous assholes.
    Sounds like more blame the victim crap.
    Libertarians are about 13% according to The Libertarian Vote/Cato Institute. That means it is unfamiliar, scary or not understandable etc to 87%. Yet libertarian morons like Professor Phillies think(fantasize) that libertarians will take second place party status somehow. Not gonna happen. But libs still listen to him over me.
    No, I blame the FBI/Mossad/ZOG for successful infiltration and suppression of the libs. And the greens.
    And most particularly the Nazis. Instead of learning about the FBI/Mossad/ZOG from the Nazis, people like paulie exploit the situation.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if you are paulie.
    Why doesn’t paulie deign to come here to comment?
    paulie, Tom Knapp, Darryl Perry afraid to comment here?
    Supposedly radical libertarians. What a joke.

    • LOL “Erik Viker” sounds a lot like “Nathan Norman” … Viking, Norman. This kike bitch Frankel has fantasies about being a Viking. Maybe while he sticks his He Man dolls in his mouth and ass. What a faggot ass bitch. You are right facebook is a jew run Mossad operation. Fake ass jews, khazars, kikes. We will kill them all, they will die in pain, especially Frankel. I’m gonna make that punk bleed worse than if he had ebola before he dies and feed whats left to some motherfucking hogs, for real.

  20. New Federalist!
    How have you been? I’ve missed you at my blog and of course I can’t converse with you anymore at IPR.
    The invitation to go gold mining with me still stands. I’m poised with my RV to go from Phila area to just past Reno./Donner pass.
    Can you get Tom or Darryl and/or others to join in the debate here? IPR sucks without Vernon and I, and the Saturnalian and The PLAS Place need more participation.

  21. WSS,
    Why is Pruitt a no-show?
    Are you going to invite the Green candidates?
    Better yet, set up their own thread. Do something IPR has neglected to do. Probably because paulie decided not to or just didn’t think of it.
    No need for the greens to debate. The fix is in by the FBI/Mossad for Jill Stein. And of course she will lose-again. So will Gary Johnson.
    The third party situation is pathetic.

    • After looking at this blog and seeing a bunch of skinheads, you expect me to take this blog seriously? Bunch of Jew hating morons! Hell no, I’m not taking this blog seriously. As a Jew, how can I? Nazis are retarted.

  22. Robert, sorry, I don’t have a contingent of people I can direct to travel to far flung parts of the country. Me and my boys stay local here, everything we do is always within a hour drive of here at most. I would assume Dr. Pierce would most likely be buried in WV where he lived near the end of his life, so that would be way too far for me. He did teach in Oregon in the 1960s but I have no knowledge of him being buried here. I assume that information is probably private so anti-Whites will not violate his grave. Or maybe he was cremated or buried near family, honestly I do not know.

    • If I am correct then anti-whites have already violated his grave.
      He could be still alive. He’d be 80. He might be drugged, tortured etc.
      He might be in Israel.
      So, find out what happened to his body after “death”.
      If somebody says he was cremated, don’t necessarily believe it.
      Find out who did the cremation.
      Mrs. Klinkenberg was supposedly cremated. I do not believe it.
      Don’t you see? Don’t you care?
      The Zog has control over the whole system. Deaths are easy to make happen or fake.
      A dead old white man resembling Pierce would be easy to find.
      Funeral parlor make-up, death mask. Who would know?
      The medical/health system, coroner/medical examiner system, funeral system etc.
      Don’t tell me you can’t muster a contingent of volunteers to take care of this.
      Find out what happened to the body. If cremation, question the crematorium.
      If buried, where? Get permission from the family/estate executor etc. Local authorities. Private property.
      For exhumation. If refused, why? Get a court order if you have to.
      Bring witnesses. Neutral observers. Investigative reporters etc.
      West Virginia is not North Korea.
      If you want some cred, if you want to caucus with the libs etc. you’ve got to do something that piques THEIR interest. Not to continue to provoke their revulsion.
      If you want MY help, well, I need help too. Something you COULD do. ASAP.

      • Sorry brother, my plate’s more than full. I have a growing small business (private investigation and security work, all local clients), three young kids with a fourth on the way, garden, all kinds of do it yourself projects around the house and on vehicles, lift weights, target practice and martial arts everyday, take care of my dogs, raise chickens, and so on. All my money and time is needed here at home, I’m a local boy and my boys are all local boys, and running around the country to dig up graves is not really something I can afford to do nor do I have squads of people to dispatch off on such assignments. I don’t really have time to blog anymore either, it is too time consuming. Good luck with the whole digging up graves operation, I hope you find something interesting, but I gotta go take care of stuff at home. If I did have some time I’d start a new Libetaryan Party of Oregon and or revive the Libertaryan National Socialist Green Party but realistically I have too many real life things to do.

  23. “You know, New Federalist, I am considering putting you on my List of The Disappeared by The Zog.
    I have suspected this for quite some time.” – Robert Milnes

    The Zog would not want me. I have been assimilated by The Borg. 😉

  24. I may resume protesting across the street from the Hall of Justice.
    February was the 5th coldest in Philadelphia history.
    Next week’s forecast seems to be further below average temps plus snow>mix/rain.
    Next Saturday maybe 45/sunny. Average high about 47.
    So maybe warmer second week of March.
    I’m going to ask EVERYONE to come out in my support-that I was illegally evicted- and against The ZOG.
    And that I testify before a Grand Jury.

  25. Vernon,
    You are a fool. After all this Zog ranting and posting a blog etc., do you really think The Zog is going to leave you alone?
    I realized early on that I was probably under FBI surveillance Especially after hanging out with anarchists in Boulder in the 1970’s.. But I couldn’t figure out how to stop it. I just hoped for the best. WRONG. TheZOG attacked me in 1985. Big time. Federal prosecution, prison, ,attacked on probation and in a halfway house (snitch jacket attempt), several attempts to kill me etc.
    When I finally got out, I tried to keep to myself. Then I tried going to CA gold mining. Didn’t do well. Came home. Finally I got into politics again. Ran up against paulie. Then a whole bunch of bad stuff. One thing after another. Even a false flag operation involving swastikas painted on my street. When I realized my supporters, family and friends were being attacked, it was too late. I’m furious.
    My recommendation to you is help me defeat The Zog or plan on spending the rest of your life wondering when and where and how they will attack you and your family, friends, job even your dogs and chickens.

    • No, I don’t think they will ever leave me alone, that is why I am preparing to defend my ground, building and expanding and providing for my family and my kith and kin, prepping and studying and spreading a little knowledge when I have time, loading up on guns and ammo and survival supplies of all kinds. I only hope to kill of you of them when they take me out and go to Valhalla. We are working for Secession here in the Great White Northwest. ZOG will be defeated! But for the moment I have to deal with practical day to day realities of life.

  26. Holy shit! Gotta agree with Mr. Viker of the Pennsylvania LP; the sewers at the mental asylum definitely overflowed on this one, and the stench of infected feces is overpowering and sickening.

  27. Erik Viker, you have been outed by Rob Banks here. LP Snyder County, PA.
    You both have Zog disease. Brainwashed dupes.
    Go back to Jewish owned Facebook and IPR Zog lackeys.
    Be sure to ask the FBI please can I have some lube before you stick me?

    • KikePR and KikeBook are both kike owned shitholes and they won’t give you any lube but remember just like it says on the label “government owned website” LOL

  28. “Or are you in Quantico. Or Israel?”- Robert Milnes

    After the rectification of the Vuldrini but prior to the 3rd reconciliation of the McKetrick supplicants I went into cyber hiding with Vedek Bareil communicants. In other words, I haven’t moved.

  29. Would the Nazis have enough Honor to hook up with the Native Americans?
    You have persecution by The ZOG in common.
    They already have Sovereign land recognized by The Zog and internationally.
    Just saying.
    Your quest alone is futile. The ZOG is WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY too powerful.
    Your best bet is to help me.

    • You’re a presidential candidate, maybe you should ask them to do that, in return for allowing them to put you on the ballot as their candidate? They may have more reason to listen to you than to me but I will give them a call if I get a spare minute.

  30. You’re a presidential candidate, maybe you should ask them to do that, in return for allowing them to put you on the ballot as their candidate? They may have more reason to listen to you than to me but I will give them a call if I get a spare minute.

  31. William Saturn has gotten together to takeover American 3rd Party Report with the jews and the queers from lukewarm “sort of” White nationalist, Polish surrender monkey Krzyzstof Lesiak. They are censoring critical comments just like proudly self-proclaimed “government website” KikePR.

  32. Yes, But I was not banned from a3pr. So, OWNERSHIP=CONTROL? Who owns IPR? Warren Solomon. Who owns a3pr?
    This is all consistent with The ZOG controlling the third party movement.
    Who owns The PLAS Place? ME!

  33. If YOU remember, you tried to get me unbanned, appealing to then owner Warren Solomon. He threw up some puke about the IPR “community” that he cares so much about which would be better off without my comments. He’s either a Zog operative, lackey or dupe.
    Pursuant to the rules of the game we are all playing, the OWNER has the final say, n’est-ce pas?. Is Lesiak still the owner? If so, is he letting the “administrators” do whatever they want i.e. cyberpig paulie gets to stick to Bob Milnes again?

  34. Are you going to have a Green declared presidential candidate debate/forum? Or does paulie determine who and which party debates?
    Is the fix in for Stein? Johnson? We know they will just lose again. Why not nominate someone who just might could win, for a fucking change?
    Are all the radicals brainwashed chicken shit?

  35. “Are all the radicals brainwashed chicken shit?” – Robert Milnes

    The Magic Eight Ball says “It is decidedly so”

  36. Does anyone know who this guy is?
    ANOTHER Jewish candidate?
    Also WSS, who is Rebecca Pfleiderer? Also listed on politics1.
    Just about nothing but her birthdate on her facebook.
    Doesn’t say WHERE born or of what parentage.
    Is she Constitutionally qualified or not? Doesn’t politics1 verify any of this?
    ANOTHER Jewish candidate?

  37. In post by Jed Ziggler in IPR about Steve Kerbel, all the LP candidates are listed INCLUDING undeclared Gary Johnson, EXCEPT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What is that, Jed? Accidental oversight?
    You wouldn’t happen to be Jewish, would you, Jed?
    You know, I didn’t ask for this, but the ZOG sure is screwing with me.
    And Knapp says the Zog is fantasy!
    No, Tom, I don’t think so.

    • Pretty sure Jed is not Jewish, actually. And I don’t think he listed Nathan Norman, either. Yes, “ZOG” is absolutely a fantasy.

      • I prefer to hear from Jed concerning his heritage, s’il vous plait.
        Norman Nathan is not listed on politics1.
        Zog is not fantasy.
        Pretty lot of comments, Martin.
        Makes me think it is like trying to stamp out a fire.
        Try not to singe your balls.
        Hey, maybe I’ll get the last LOL!

  38. Remember everybody, I didn’t make up the rules.
    The LP and the GP are probably the only third parties/independents to possibly theoretically win in the Electoral College.
    There might be an independent, like Nader in 2008. Or the Constitution party might qualify. But probably not.
    So if the ZOG ties up the GP and LP, that leaves the ZOG democrats and republicans.
    The Zog is going to make sure a Zog candidate wins in 2016.
    And every 4 years indefinitely.

    • There is no ZOG, and I’m not sure why you think the Constitutionists probably won’t qualify. They only narrowly missed qualifying in 2012 because of a few mistakes on the ballot access front. In the last few presidential elections before that they did qualify under that standard.

  39. BTW, just out of curiosity, is this the first time a Saturnalian post has reached the triple digit comment mark?

  40. I have no idea why you think my name is not real. It’s not a secret that cannoli is not Frankel’s name.
    Frankel may have banned you from IPR, but I don’t know. He claims it was a group decision, but I don’t write articles at IPR, so I have no idea. I think the Constitution Party’s historical record of ballot access over multiple elections is more reliable than Cody Quirk’s sour grapes.

  41. I also have no idea why you think Jed is Jewish (he isn’t, nor has he ever claimed to be) or for that matter why you even think it would matter (it doesn’t, and wouldn’t if he was, which he’s not).

  42. For a while, paulie was asking everyone to not use his real last name. Supposedly somebody was after him. I wonder what he did to somebody that somebody might be after him?
    Wow! The possibilities!
    Yeah, that is the rationale. A group decision. But look at the group. A bunch of brainwashed, clueless radical wannabees.
    Then the Zog brought in Warren Solomon to back that fool decision up.

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