Nathan Norman: Nazis Are People Too

Nathan Norman posted the following on Citizen Norman’s Blog October 29, 2014 (it has since been removed after Norman announced his presidential candidacy).  It is believed to be satire and should not be confused with the genuine views expressed in the Commentary section.

Scene from the movie The Hot Chick.

With all the Nazi talk, I’d like to submit my own Nazi story from a few years ago.

One day I was at the urinal expelling some urine. There was a guy standing next to me. Like always I sneaked a peek. As I examined the penis I noticed a swastika tattoo on the shaft.

I struck up a conversation with the guy about sports, the news, whatever. He was a nice guy. Very intelligent. Very personable. But he was a Nazi. Well, Nazis are people too.

Sure, some Nazis are vile people, but don’t use someone like Vernon Frankel as an example of the stereotypical evil Nazi. Vernon is a fake Nazi. He’s a Jew trying to perpetuate the stereotype. The stereotype is wrong. Most Nazis are decent like the man with the tattooed penis.

Remembering this experience has made me think about getting a tattoo myself. I would like to tattoo an image of Rand Paul on my penis. I’m so excited about all the talk that he will be the Libertarian Party’s presidential nominee in 2016. I actually came up with the idea to nominate Rand Paul. I hope it happens.


42 thoughts on “Nathan Norman: Nazis Are People Too

  1. But, he probably did tell the truth about checking out guys dicks at the urinal, which is probably the only true part of the story.

    • Nathan Norman CLC is a Zog operative. Provocateur, disinformation etc.
      Another Zog covert operation-Ogle and U.S. Parliament. Designed to disrupt, confuse etc. the third party movement. Also Tiffany Briscoe-Democrat> BTP presidential candidate. Note how Ogle and Briscoe teamed up.
      Also note that U.S. parliament was used against me. It was banned from IPR for “spamming” just before I was banned by Anonymous (paulie?) for “threatening to spam IPR”.

      • Nathan Frankel and Vernon Frankel are both fake personalities made up by Paul Frankel. They don’t exist. They are figments of his imagination. He writes nasty messages to himself as his two fake personalities. Probably while jerking off to tranny porn.

      • yeah I cringe everytime my bf looks at mine too since he found out about it. It is weird.You are both looking goes!!!!!Ploade don't cut your hair! (I smile everytime I look at your blog because we are hair twins).

      • its such a coincidence… i was thinking along similar lines this week… one never forgets the children one loses(no matter how insane that sounds)..and ur last line is spot on.. maybe someday, its remote enough to be faced..

      • Thanks, Philip, you’re welcome. It would be nice to go back and study some of the history of the place rather than concentrate on climbing. I don’t know whether I’d be much use looking for Irvine, though – I found it tough up there.

    • That’s right, Zog sock puppet.
      Because it fits a pattern. Anyone supporting me personally or my campaign eventually gets screwed with.
      In this case friend’s mother’s death is hoped to provoke reckless drunken, drugged response, including possibly suicide. As was the death of Mrs. Klinkenberg. That almost worked. Mark fell off the wagon, talked shit including suicide. I was very worried.

    • Paul “Nathan” Frankel hates himself for being a Jew and for longing with lust for men’s cocks. He is a secret soviet communist who pretends to be a libertarian but really wishes he was Nordic so he could be a nazi, but he can’t be in real life because he is obviously not even white, so he makes up fake personalities online such as Nathan Norman and Vernon Frankel. He has no life other than hanging around urinals checking out men’s cocks, being a hobo with a clipboard, and staging fake fights between his fake online personalities as well as using them to attack other people and express his self-loathing.

  2. NF, yes, agreed. A thread that could NOT have happened in IPR or A3PR now that paulie is there.
    And paulie does NOT comment at least not under that name HERE or The PLAS Place.
    Maybe paulie is the one we could do without.

  3. Be interesting if you do something paulie banali can’t and/or won’t.
    Can’t conduct a debate/forum that includes banned or otherwise not good enough/qualified people at IPR/A3PR.

    • I had nothing to do with choosing the gravatar. It seems to have been randomly assigned by wordpress. Did you choose yours?

  4. The Palestinians are going to get Israel for war crimes and crimes against humanity.
    Here in the U.S. the FBI is going to get charged with crimes against the U.S.
    And Mossad/Israeli lackeys also.

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