The Saturnalian Presents: The Unofficial 2016 Green Party Presidential Candidates Forum

All individuals seeking the Green Party’s 2016 presidential nomination are invited to this page to participate in The Saturnalian‘s second presidential candidates forum.  Last month, The Saturnalian held a similar forum for Libertarian Party presidential candidates. 

According to Politics1, the following individuals are currently vying for the nomination:

Readers of The Saturnalian are invited to this thread to question and/or converse with the candidates for the Green Party’s 2016 presidential nomination.


14 thoughts on “The Saturnalian Presents: The Unofficial 2016 Green Party Presidential Candidates Forum

  1. Thank you, WSS, for again providing for such a debate/forum.
    I note in IPR that there is mention of the Constitution party’s early seekers of their Presidential nomination. paulie asks whether a debate/forum is planned for them.
    What about the Green party in IPR, paulie?
    I hope to greet Kent Mesplay here. Like I said, I have communicated with him several times in the past.
    Jill Stein’s name I certainly recognize. I would be pleasantly surprised if she deigns to come here. Her nomination is a virtual lock-or fix-, much as Gary Johnson’s is. And of course they both will almost ccertainly lose-again.
    The other names I am not familiar with and I look forward to their participation.
    Question for Dr. Stein: Do you support the Green party’s position of endorsing a one state solution for IIIsrael/Palestine?

  2. Question for Midge Potts: As Greg Jocoy asked on your Facebook, who is Marc?
    FYI my present top preference for vp is Susan Hogarth, founder of the Radical Libertarian Caucus. That would be a fusion ticket.

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  4. Why did you comment in IPR that you expected failure with this here?
    At least you set it up. If the candidates are not making use, that’s on them.
    Also it is politically expedient for Stein, IMO, to not debate here.
    The fix is in for her. Why face me?
    paulie didn’t even set up a Green candidate debate in IPR. I wonder why.
    OH yeah. The fix is in.
    Foolish me!

    • Right.
      Kind of like me building a garage to park my RV in and fixing up my trailer to move my father and/or uncle in. Then oops! The Zog disappeared it all.
      I don’t know what, how or when, but The Zog will get you.
      Which does The Zog attack more zealously, the progressive left or the Nazi right? I’d say it is a tossup.

  5. paulie March 20, 2015 11 a.m. IPR comments, “You can see for yourself how debates/discussions that allow Milnes go.”
    What in Hell does this mean?
    I was at the debate in 2008 NJ/PA/WV combined LP state convention. There was 10 candidates. Bob Barr was NOT there. Root WAS there. Kubby was not. Mary was not.
    That seemed to go well…
    Alternative partys debate, Swarthmore, PA 2011. Seemed fair.
    Boston Tea Party 2 debates. Tiffany Briscoe democrat>Zog operative? Covert operation?
    Then she joins Ogle with U.S. Parliament. Zog operative? Covert operation?
    Bob Milnes more the victim than bad guy.
    What do you mean, paulie (Anonymous?)

  6. No, paulie, he does not see how debates/discussions that allow Milnes go.
    WSS did research on my comments in IPR before I was banned by “Anonymous” for allegedly threatening to spam IPR. I did not threaten to spam IPR. I did not spam IPR (like Ogle did)..
    I did not always mention PLAS. I did not hog or hijack threads or go off topic. I did not abuse the commenting” privilege” on a privately owned website. IPR should not be privately owned anyway. Why should Warren Solomon have the final say in IPR? Because he owns it? Why should he own it? Who said that was ok? I certainly didn’t.
    Actually if anybody abused the commenting privilege you did.
    Why don’t you come clean, paulie?

  7. The only good Frankel is a dead Frankel. Just raise some money to have him killed, or do it yourself. He should not be allowed to keep breathing.

    • Can’t you see? Vernon Frankel has always been an operative. He’s trying to make you look like it a Nazi to discredit you. It’s the same reason he spraypainted the swastika on your trailer.

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