Barry Goldwater Jr. Makes Major Announcement

Former Congressman Barry Goldwater Jr., son of 1964 Republican presidential nominee Barry Goldwater, informed The Saturnalian via Facebook that there is “no truth” to the speculation that he will seek the Constitution Party’s 2016 presidential nomination.

Goldwater, 76, represented the 27th and 20th Districts of California in the U.S. House of Representatives as a Republican from 1969 to 1983.  Notably, during his tenure, he drafted the Privacy Act of 1974, which provided protections for personally identifiable information stored in government databases.

In 2008, Goldwater backed the presidential campaign of Congressman Ron Paul in the Republican primaries. In that year’s general election a group of Paul supporters paid $500 to list Goldwater on the Louisiana ballot as the running mate of Paul.  Though Paul publicly backed Constitution Party nominee Chuck Baldwin, the Paul-Goldwater ticket outpaced all the other third party tickets in Louisiana, including Baldwin’s.   Paul-Goldwater appeared under the header “Louisiana Taxpayers Party,” borrowing from the ancestral name of the Constitution Party.

One member of that Louisiana group, former IPR Senior Editor Trent Hill, who has ties to the Constitution Party, spurred Goldwater 2016 talk after mentioning that the Constitution Party was actively seeking to nominate a certain “big name” in 2016.  Hill, who had correctly reported in November 2008 that then-Congressman Virgil Goode was interested in joining the Constitution Party to seek its 2012 nomination, flatly denied some suggestions, but did not initially rule out Goldwater.  Eventually, Hill denied Goldwater as the “big name.”   Former Republican Congressman Steve Stockman seems to be who Hill had in mind, though Stockman has yet to publicly express any interest in the nomination.

According to Politics1, the current candidates for the Constitution Party’s 2016 presidential nomination are: Betsy Elgar of Washington, Jim Hayden of Tennessee, former U.S. Senate candidate Chad Koppie of Illinois, and Curtis Woolsey of Arizona.  Virgil Goode and former vice presidential nominee Darrell Castle are listed as potential candidates.

The Constitution Party is expected to hold its nominating convention in Las Vegas sometime in the Spring of 2016


35 thoughts on “Barry Goldwater Jr. Makes Major Announcement

  1. I must be missing something. What’s the “major announcement?”

    “There’s no truth to speculation that nobody would have heard about if I hadn’t brought it up myself” doesn’t strike me as very “major.”

  2. LOL!
    Interesting to see a couple of erstwhile supporters exchange Berkeley barbs.
    Hey Tom, you are in the wrong thread. You should be in the Libertarian candidates debate defending your NOTA 2016 fool’s errand.

  3. Tom, why didn’t you join WSS in his effort to get me reinstated to comment in IPR?
    I recall you saying you’d rather ban me than paulie. Ouch!
    Oh yeah, speaking of paulie, are you a Zog operative, lackey or dupe?
    You can tell me. For old times’ sake.

  4. Hey, Tom, Barry Goldwater,jr. actually has one of your Presidential electability ingredients-name recognition. Another was a general in a war. Another was rich.
    Hey, I don’t have many of your ingredients, do I?

  5. RobertLeMagne is my nom de guerre. It sure seems like I’m in a war with The Zog.
    As you are too.
    I wish The Zog was imaginary.
    Then all I would be concerned with would be my very wild imagination.

    • Why do chickenshits say/write “zionist” (the “z” in “zog”) when you mean Jew? What alleged evidence does anyone who alleges there is a “zog” have that posts to zionists as opposed to Jews?

      Of course it should be obvious what the answer is – because they are chicken shit – but anyone who has an alternate explanation for this turn of phrase, feel free to humor me with it.

  6. I’m damned sure not chickenshit. Anyone who attacks by ambush/cover an unsuspecting, less able to defend opponent IS chickenshit. Like the FBI and Mossad in the USA. Attacking the elderly.
    Want proof? e.g. Just look at Roseanne Barr’s pro Bebe rant in Jewish owned IPR and Facebook.
    Evidently Jews will support Israel no matter what their own personal beliefs, political or religious.
    By saying Zog instead of Jog I’m giving Jews the benefit of the doubt which may actually be not the case. All Jews are possible Israeli/Zionist agents, lackeys or dupes.

  7. Gotta disagree with you Robert. On Irregular Times you said Zionists not Jews BIG difference. But here you reveal that actually you do believe it is Jews, not only zionists, all wiggling aside. Anytime you obscure that belief in any way that is being chickenshit. Just say Jews instead of zionists if that is what you mean (and it’s pretty clear that you do); own this belief of yours for better or for worse.

  8. No.
    You know, I do not think you answered MY question.
    Just who are you?
    Why are you trying to put words in my mouth?
    I suspect you are paulie. Or at least some sort of Zog.
    Or, perhaps a supercomputer program?
    No, I do not say Jews instead of Zionists because that is what I mean. And believe.
    Besides it is pure logic. Not all Jews are Zionists. N’est-ce pas?

  9. Yes, I’m a supercomputer program. You got me. But you logic does not compute. It was you that said “All Jews are possible Israeli/Zionist agents, lackeys or dupes.”… not me. It was you that said “Evidently Jews will support Israel no matter what their own personal beliefs, political or religious.”…not me.

    I’ve been told that the guy who wrote me likes to wear a mask and carry a pistol. Also that he hates the banksters. Maybe that is why he called me Rob Banks. But, at least in his case, banksters is not a code word for Jews. He could even be a Jew himself, but is definitely not Frankel, who is a louse and a disgrace to all Jews everywhere.

    • I’m not Frankel, and I haven’t seen the comments in question. Saturn says he has, which was why I asked him to post them.

      • These are the comments Milnes made at ATPR:

        Submitted on 2015/04/03 at 8:27 pm
        If I am declared back, then I say EVERYBODY Abandon/boycott IPR and come to A3PR. Let Warren Solomon split it or do whatever he wants with it. It is his.

        Submitted on 2015/04/03 at 8:12 pm
        P.S. 2 “l”s, one “n” and 2 “s”s in Millness, S’il vous plait.

        Submitted on 2015/04/03 at 8:08 pm
        Deran, I just checked. My mind looks fine, thank you.
        How about this? Let me come here and comment. Then see what happens.
        I don’t think if paulie leaves much will change. If I am correct, he’s been propped up to be “indespensible”. When actually he’s probably just a spy, small time provocateur/saboteur. Like getting me banned from IPR, as Anonymous or standing there doing nothing while Anonymous unjustly banned me. Like most others.
        Further, I think Ogle/U.S. Parliament was a covert operation to inject chaos and confusion into the movement. As was the Tiffant Briscoe candidacy/nomination. Note she started out as a democrat, then wound up with Ogle/U.S. Parliament.
        Nathan Norman/CLC is another such agent/operative.
        I think Vernon is real and has some legitimate gripes. However I am concerned that possibly he has been done in and someone has substituted for him in comments.
        I say ban anyone who is not who they say/represent or otherwise fraudulent. That would NOT include me, but might very well include paulie.

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