ATPR Interface Recalls IPR Past

This past week, yours truly, William Saturn, decided to redesign the interface of American Third Party Report (ATPR), which had recently been acquired by myself and fellow Independent Political Report (IPR) writers Jed Ziggler and Paul Frankel.  The new interface is based upon that which IPR used from its founding in 2008 until its redesign in 2013.  The intent of this new interface is not simply to focus on the old times, but to recall fond memories of what IPR once was.

As reported here, ATPR was founded in July 2014 when disaffected IPR contributor Krzysztof Lesiak established it as a competitor to IPR, covering “third party news & views.”  Joshua Fauver, who had worked with Lesiak at IPR, joined on as Editor-in-Chief.  Though the site initially published nearly 300 articles, posting became sporadic in the latter part of 2014.  By 2015, activity on the site had ceased.  Last month, Lesiak announced the discontinuation of ATPR and offered use of the site to IPR contributors.  Us contributors accepted the offer and decided to use the site to post personal editorials for later publication at IPR.  We have since used the site in that capacity.

Last week, while doing research on IPR in the Internet Archive, I became reacquainted with the previous IPR interface.  A  rush of nostalgia came upon me.  I realized how much I had missed the former design.  Eventually, I thought of the idea to redesign ATPR based on this interface.

Though I could not find the “Cutline” theme IPR had used, I discovered the nearly identical Coraline Theme.  I then searched for the original IPR header without text so that I could write in the site’s title.  I contacted former IPR Senior Editor Trent Hill who redirected me to Jason Seagraves, the founder of IPR and designer of the original header.  Seagraves did not respond to my inquiry, so I decided to create a similar header from scratch.

The original IPR header featured the U.S. Capitol, an American flag, and the Declaration of Independence.  Instead of the U.S. Capitol, I chose another U.S. Monument: Mount Rushmore.  In conforming to the website’s theme, I used the graphic I had created in 2013, which replaced the faces of Mount Rushmore with four modern third party leaders.  Next, rather than the American flag, I chose a flag more closely related to independence: the Gadsden flag.  Patriots used the flag during the American Revolution and its message “Don’t Tread on Me” has become a rallying call for Libertarianism.  I retained the Declaration of Independence because of its association with separation and dissent.  However, I used a different graphic that worked to complete the piece.  For the text, I used the website FontSpace.

After implementing these changes and moving a few widgets around, I believe the site has resurrected the feel of the original IPR.  Hopefully, this will inspire the IPR community and foster growth of the American Third Party movement.


25 thoughts on “ATPR Interface Recalls IPR Past

  1. Yes, it does.
    Although I had my problems with the Mount Rushmore graphic.
    To me this represents the possibility of the beginning of the repair of the damage done to IPR by the Zog. Via (pronounced v-eye-a please) suspected agents/lackeys Warren Solomon and paulie banali The Cyberpig. I do not know whether WSS planned this or agrees with this.
    The next step is that I be reinstated to comment in A3PR. Then paulie decides whether to leave or not. Good riddance. Then EVERYBODY abandons/boycotts IPR and goes to A3PR.
    Then let Warren Solomon take a sword to it and split it in half or do whatever to it. Because it is his.

  2. Why am I not mentioned in this article? I was the only one that made it relevant in the early days. My articles got many more views than Fauver’s. I broke the story that Redlich is running for president in 2024. I had a groundbreaking interview with Don Grundmann. I exposed the cyberpig.

  3. Martin, your comments have paulie cannoli who eats too much Stromboli written all over them.
    Your next comment should be Where is Warren Solomon’s dick so I can suck on it?

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  5. I’m not of any use for him, nor do I strive to be of use for him. You seem to have me confused with that jackass Frankel, and as for Stromboli, I don’t eat it at all (and how would you know what I eat?)

    Basically, you are confused all around, and not even in the right ballpark.

    • His arrogant, assholish, dictatorial and duplicitous behavior. He is a bully and a coward, like most bullies.

    • Milnes what is wrong with you? I am not Frankel, and I am insulted that you keep saying I am that piece of shit. I say he is a piece of shit because he is in fact a piece of shit. As for Vernon, he probably actually is Frankel, just like Nathan Norman.

  6. No, I believe Vernon is real and has been Zogged.
    Martin is paulie.
    paulie has many aliases online. He comments often on IPR not under his real name.
    He comments often on IPR under his real name.
    If anyone abuses the commenting privilege on IPR it is paulie.
    It is outrageous that I am banned from commenting on IPR/ZOG media control and paulie is not.

      • You make yourself look like a nazi fool in both your “Vernon” and “Nathan Norman” fake persona, Frankel. You are a fucking piece of shit who needs to just die already and no, I am not you, regardless of what poor old confused Robert Milnes believes. You are a Jewish nazi and a gay homophobe, Frankel…how pathetic!

  7. Milnes is now calling for a “final solution” to the “Phenomenon of The Jews” on his blog.

    Congratulations Vernon Frankel. You have successfully turned Milnes into a Nazi.

    • Quit bragging so much, Nathan Frankel. Between your supposed lust for “Aryan” women and checking out nazi guys’ dicks (that one, I actually believe) you are not exactly any better. Quit being such a self hating gay Jew and just accept who you are already.

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