Robert Milnes Proposes “Final Solution” to “Phenomena of The Jews”

Progressive activist Robert Milnes, a candidate for the 2016 presidential nominations of the Green and Libertarian Parties, has proposed a “final solution” for the world’s Jewish population.  Believing that Jews have no rightful homeland, that the creation of Israel was a mistake, and that Jews are interfering in American politics (including having Milnes evicted from his home last May), Milnes wants to relocate Jews to an artificial island in the Mediterranean Sea.

The announcement comes as no surprise for Milnes, who formed an electoral alliance with Nazis last October.  He accuses Jews of being part of a ZOG (Zionist Occupation Government) conspiracy against his campaign, including kidnapping the elderly parents of potential supporters, faking the cancer deaths of potential supporters, and spying on his masturbation sessions.

“I’ve been attacked by THE ZOG for most of my adult life,” writes Milnes on his blog The PLAS Place, “I’m sick and tired of it.”

Explaining his “final solution,” Milnes writes:

The [Jews] have rationalized Palestine as their homeland based largely on Biblical grounds. But the Old Testament is a ancient Jewish scripture, a blatant conflict of interest. . . . I have thought about this Jewish homeland problem. One idea that keeps seeming as a possible solution would be for the United Nations to authorize the construction of an artificial island. Possibly in a shallow part of some ocean. Possibly off the coast of N. Africa/Europe. It would be a huge, extraordinary project.

Milnes has previously endorsed “positive eugenics” to increase the population of Native Americans and has advocated “emigration subsidies” to encourage African Americans to return to Africa.


42 thoughts on “Robert Milnes Proposes “Final Solution” to “Phenomena of The Jews”

  1. Interesting, WSS. A fairly accurate and objective article about my writings.
    Note that this particular writing is a two part work in progress.
    Next question: Has anything happened to Vernon?

  2. WSS, 2 “l”s in Millness, s’il vous plait.
    Oh, and you forgot to mention the germ warfare ADEM Acute Disseminating Encephalomylitis used against my friend in CA with the I.Q. of about 170. Coincidence? His doctor at the time was a Jewish woman.
    Jews, learn a lesson from the FBI: Put some distance and deniability between you and heinous covert operations.

  3. Nothing has happened to me. I have been very busy in the real world, no time to play on the internet. I like your idea about rounding up all the kikes and putting them on an artificial island in the middle of the ocean. To which I would only add, once you have them all on the island, sink the island and all of them with it. Problem at long last finally solved!

  4. Tomorrow (April 20) will be the Fuehrer’s birthday. He is alive on the moon and will be 126 years old. A great day to kill our enemies in his name. Robert LeMagne, how about you get on a bus to Arkansas, from Philadelphia you may be able to get there before the evening of April 20, and put Frankel out of his misery? I suggest a slow, painful death. I would do it but I am too busy at home and too far away. If you can’t go kill Frankel, at least kill some kikes around where you live. The Final Solution starts now, and it starts with us! I will kill at least one of our enemies on April 20, maybe several. Will you join me?

  5. I have a furnace here that is so hot, it will burn them to ash and no bones or anything else will remain to identify them. I will make a canvas from their skins, taken from them while they writhe in pain, stretch it in a frame and paint a portrait of the Fuehrer on this canvas. Sieg Heil!

  6. The last thing their eyes will see before being dissolved with acid will be what is done with their flayed skins. Nazi scientists have discovered the secrets of living on the moon and living forever. Adolf Hitler is alive and he commands us to kill, kill, kill!

  7. Is Milnes advocating rounding up all Jews in every country by force, or just creating this island while giving Israel to the Palestinians (with what army?)

    And who gets to define just who is or is not a Jew? Will that be based on ethnicity, religion, or both? Self-defined or defined by a Rabbinical council and/or genetic testing? What about mixed couples and their children? People with partial Jewish ancestry? Etc, etc.

  8. Martin/paulie, like I said previously in comments this is a U.N./world problem. If President I would create a Blue Ribbon panel to study it.
    The whole framework of your comment reveals a strong pro Israel bias. Indeed, what army? Israel is extremely powerful militarily. I wonder how it got that way? Hmmmm.
    But on the other hand, how long do you think Israel would last if the U.N. repeals its resolutions creating it? That would have happened long ago except for U.S. vetoes.
    “giving Israel to the Palestinians…”? No, giving back. Then a new, secular, non counterrevolutionary government. Preferably progressive. There are many progressive/leftist/libertarian Jews. That is the Green party One State Solution, and mine. But Israeli/Zionist resistance is strong.
    Too bad Israel can’t muster a multimillion man army.( The Jews have a very low birth rate. Why is that?) Maybe the Zionists plan to. Marry (impregnate) enough Gentile women like Chelsea Clinton and Savanna Guthrie? How about kidnapping Gentile children to Israel and raising them Jewish? After what has happened to me I wouldn’t put anything past them.
    Why not offer a few million Chinese and Indians mercenary military positions for slave wages?
    You know, I might be a little more agreeable about this if I hadn’t been surgically sexually mutilated shortly after birth. I guess what goes around comes around.
    Vernon/notVernon, you are definitely not Vernon. What did The Zog do to Vernon?
    We need to suspend and investigate EVERY FBI agent to determine which are Zog and which are not Zog. If they all are, replace them all.

  9. I’m not Frankel, don’t like Frnkel and I have no idea where you get your notions of who is who. I also don’t like Israel, but I think they would last just fine without UN approval. The UN really doesn’t have very much power at all, most countries already hate Israel (including all the ones anywhere near them), and at this point Israel doesn’t really even need the US; it just leeches off the US because it can and because it is used to doing so. But really, Israel has become quite good at surviving in a hostile environment and has everything it needs to keep doing it or without anyone’s permission – and regardless of whether you, I or anyone else likes it or not.

    Vernon sounds like the same old nazi asshole he always was to me, but then you apparently have special powers to tell who is who, although they failed you in my case.

  10. Somebody said the road to hell is paved with good intentions and the road to Auschwitz is paved with indifference.

    Vernon Frankel wrote some disgusting stuff above. I know he doesn’t really mean it and that Milnes is too cowardly to follow through on anything, but it is still awful. You shouldn’t write that stuff on the internet.

    • In the comment above, Nathan Frankel is trying to get Robert Milnes to commit violence by daring him (calling Milnes too cowardly, in effect daring him) just as in his other fake personality of Vernon Frankel, Frankel also goads Milnes to commit violence. Frankel is a nasty turd who wants someone to kill him but is too chickenshit to do it himself, so in his two fake persona above (Nathan Frankel and Vernon Frankel) he is trying to suggest it to Milnes and dare him at the same time. Frankel is also someone who enjoys the misery of others, so he hopes that Milnes will hurt other people and/or himself and wind up dead or in prison for it. It’s really too bad that Frankel doesn’t have the balls to just kill himself in real life, and his fake online personalities such as Vernon Frankel and Nathan Norman Frankel along with him.

  11. I wonder why so many nations hate Israel. And so many people hate Jews.
    I disagree about the U.N. Remember the Korean War was a U.N. action.
    The question is what would Israel do without the U.N. mandate?
    Commit more atrocities by military action against U.N. soldiers, including possibly U.S. soldiers?

  12. My big beef with Israel is not so much my missing foreskin, but their teaming up with the FBI against Amercan third parties especially leftists/progressives.
    And the longstanding persecution of the Palestinians.

      • “Hey faggot, I hope you enjoy having to wear a diaper and having an apartment smell of shit because of the incontinence caused by your faggotry.” <– Paul "Nathan Norman" Frankel talking to himself. How sad! Stop being such a self-hating gay Jew, Frankel!

    • Eat shit and die Frankel.. and I do mean that very literally. I didn’t choose any avatar so why don’t you take your avatar and stick it up your ass along with your head, then sew it shut and die. It’s past time you did, or I may just come down to Arkansas and do it for you, you chickenshit bitch motherfucker.

      • I’ll fucking burn your corpse to ashes, dissolve them with acid and flush you down the sewer, Paul “Nathan Norman” “Vernon1488” “too many false names to list” Frankel. Believe that, bitch!

  13. Lol @ Shave the Whales threatening to burn himself. Like the Cyberpig is important enough that people actually want to harm him. You’re as self absorbed as Milnes. But if you killed your wife in Mexico City as goes the rumor that you actually started yourself then her family may be that upset with you.

    • Keep playing games Frankel, I am threatening you not myself, and the threat is real. I don’t know jack shit about what you did to your wife though. Or even that you had one. I thought you were purely 100% gay. Keep laughing and playing games and saying I’m you tl it happens. You know those calls you’re getting at night? Yeah, we know where you’re hiding you bitch. Sweet dreams, punk.

      • Believe me now or believe me later. And we have your phone and emailed hacked and tapped so moving rooms, or moving motels won’t save your sorry ass from what is coming to you. Toodles!

    • It’s too late for that Frankel. You have fucked over too many people for too many years. There will be no negotiation. You have nothing left that anyone wants.

      • The only thing we want from you is to watch you writhe in pain as you get tortured to death, and the laughter ad joy as we videotape it and watch it over and over, share it with friends, high five and laugh.

  14. And until it happens we want you looking over your shoulder every minute of every day and tossing and turning at night as you wonder when and where you will finally at long last get what’s been coming to you for all these years.

    • It’s too bad we can only torture you to death once, but at least we can watch the video over and over again and spread it all over the internet!

    • So how would you know that Vernon knows about it or that he knew it before anyone else, even though he hasn’t commented here since April 19th or posted anything new on his blog a lot longer than that? Definitely because you are the same person as Vernon.

      • Also, you are both the same person as Frankel. BTW you can run but you can’t hide! You will get what is coming to you. The last few days are just a small taste of what is coming soon, asshole.

  15. You are Vernon. Nobody else is stupid enough to make such threats over the internet. They are empty threats. Paul Frankel (you) and Andy Jones are nobodys. Nobody else has any interest in them.

    • Keep lying Frankel/Vernon/Nathan Norman/Whatever you call yourself. The threats are real, and they can go public over the internet because we have IP anonymizing and spoofing capabilities. We have information on you because we have hacked and tapped all your emails and phones. How else do you think you have been getting late night phone calls, or made it look like Andy was making calls in the middle of the night and early in the morning when he was sleeping? Basically we PWN you and we will dispose of you like the toxic trash you are… but we will toy with you first and make you sick with fear and apprehension. And then after we kill you, we will make videos of you pleading for mercy to no avail public all over the internet…but no one will ever know who did it. Have a shitty day, and a short and shitty life, Frankel! Oh and why aren’t we scared of the law? Because we are the law, dumbass. I know you wish you had the balls to kill yourself, it would be a lot less painful, but you and I both know you are too chickenshit, so there’s nothing you can do to stop what’s coming to you.

  16. Keep telling yourself that you’re important. All you’re portraying is that you allowed somebody to get to you and now you’re obsessed and want yourself to look like a victim. Guess what? You’re as meaningless as Milnes.

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