On Hiatus


The Saturnalian will be on hiatus for the rest of the summer.  If I find time, I may post articles, but I make no guarantees.  Thank you for reading this blog and please stay tuned for updates this fall.


12 thoughts on “On Hiatus

  1. What is this?
    Right after Eric Sundwall inquires in IPR comments about your poll in 2013 about LP presidential preference, you announce you are going on hiatus.
    I’m skeptical.
    This poll was favorable towards my candidacy.
    You were directly supportive.
    Then all of a sudden, you are gone. In the U.K according to your claimed brother.
    Several nonsensical emails from your alleged brother.
    Jill Pyeatt and Warren Solomon express satisfaction that all is well. Appalling.
    What happened to William S. Saturn around the end of August, 2013?
    In fact, who actually IS William S. Saturn?
    Where is WSS now?
    He claims to be quite at home in Bayside, Texas. I don’t think so.
    I would like to see a follow up poll. I think it would show surprising grassroots support for me despite the longstanding character assassination against me on the interweb. Not to mention the literal assassination attempts against me over the years.
    Prove you are WSS and are well, supercomputer.

    • Really? Isn’t Saturn entitled to a break every now and again? Just because he is taking time off doesn’t mean he has been abducted or worse. Geez… everyone is entitled to some time off every now and again. And yes, Bob, this is really me. Nobody has kidnapped me because I am just not important. Hope you are well.

  2. NF, Hope it is really you. I’m concerned about Eric Sundwall also.
    paulie went over to the dark side long ago.
    No, Saturn is NOT entitled to a break. Not until he answers a few questions.
    Like who in Hell is he? Where is he? Is he ok?
    Has ANYONE actually met him or at least seen a picture of him? I HAVE NOT.
    Until I do, I am going to suspect something has happened to him because there is TOO MUCH bullshit going on.
    Poisoning, kidnapping, fake deaths and funerals, train wrecks, corrupted Jewish judge, false flag operations involving ex military, drug addicts, Nazis and swastikas. for example. Want more? Just read my blog. ALL kinds of things going on.
    And everybody seems ok with it. The clueless sheep will sleep.
    We should have been winning since 1916. But instead we have this democrat/republican/FBI/Mossad/ZOG bullshit.
    Wake up you third party sheep dips.

    • My supporter Polonius Samford of Hogpodge Inc. tells me that Robert Milnes deleted his legitimate comments on the plas website where he talked about lewd and lascivious phone calls his business received from someone claiming to be from IPR. Polonius tells me this person, who identified himself as Andy, talked about how he wanted to have sex with the janitor Festus. Polonius’s business has had to deal with constant instances of faggotry. Faggots put glory holes in the bathroom stalls and shit in the urinals. Now he’s getting prank calls and is being censored by Robert Milnes. This needs to stop and when Newt Gingrich becomes president I will make sure it does.

      • It was me. Your janitor gives great sloppy skull and really, really loves dirty ass to mouth. But then you knew that already. Yes, I’m some kind of faggot…the best kind. And no I will not stop. Not til I drop. Stop being so jealous, we can share the janitor. How about a threesome?

        Wow, Nathan, don’t you ever get tired of dressing up like a cop every time we fuck? And don’t you ever get tired of being such a self hating closet homo? News flash: that closet door is a two way mirror … everyone can see you, stupid.

        It’s like that tall tale you keep telling about how you were only looking at my dick at the urinal. Yeah, right. As if we don’t both know that dick, swastika and all, went in your mouth and ass that day. What was it…six times, or seven…that first day. And speaking of which why do you keep telling people that I am a nazi? Yeah, I have a swastika on my penis, but I was drunk as hell and eighteen and the tattoo “artist” was drunk and my stupid navy buddy convinced me it was an Indian good luck symbol that would finally get me devirginized with women (I was devirginized with men at too young an age to remember, I know it was definitely before I was three years old because I can remember that and I sure as hell was no virgin by then). As we both know I have told you all this. So why do you keep spreading these vicious lies? Is it just because you love how I punish you when we have sex so much?

        Speaking of things you and I both know, we both know that you are the one who keeps making those glory holes. You like to think that Festus thinks it’s me sucking his dick when it’s really you. News flash: he knows it’s you. And he knows you make the glory holes and that its you that shit in the urinals. And, yes, he knows my last name and so do you.

        Now cut this shit out once and for all or I will stop letting you borrow my police uniform when we hatefuck.

        Your good friend with benefits,

        Officer Andy

  3. Aint it curious that Tropical Storm Bill (Saturn?) made landfall right at William Saturn’s house? Just like Hurricane Sandy (Hook?) made landfall right where Robert Milnes parked his RV? Is the government creating tropical storms to silence dissent? Did someone tip off William Saturn, forcing him to go on “hiatus”? We demand answers. Someone needs to investigate the government’s creation of tropical storms/Hurricanes.

  4. To the best of my knowledge, nobody in the movement/third party has any more knowledge about wss than I do, which isn’t much.
    Anybody meet him. I haven’t. Anyone know of a picture of him? I do not.
    So, not only where is he, but WHO is he?
    He might be a cyber persona. But even then, SOMEBODY’S cyberpersonna.
    Too many questions here and not enough answers.

    • And ain’t it curious that as soon as the Tropical Storm disappears Saturn, a CIA agent shows up at IPR claiming to be the new PLAS candidate?

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