Andy Martin Announces 2016 Campaign for President

Adapted from Wikinews

Via press release on Friday, vexatious litigant Andy Martin, whom The Saturnalian has covered previously, announced he is seeking the Republican Party’s 2016 presidential nomination, his fourth bid for the White House. In his announcement and subsequent release, Martin expresses a desire to participate in Republican presidential debates and aligns himself with fellow Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Additionally, he outlines six reasons for running, including degrading the candidacy of former Florida governor Jeb Bush, who is also seeking the Republican nomination. Continue reading


Pastor Manning Complains of Gay Semen in Starbucks Coffee

Late last year, Pastor James David Manning of ATLAH Worldwide Church released a YouTube video in which he accused the Seattle-based coffeehouse chain Starbucks of intentionally adding gay semen to its drinks to enhance flavor and increase sales. Recently, Manning released another video in which he explains his accusation in greater detail, comparing semen to milk. Continue reading

Grant Wood: Parson Weems’ Fable (1939)

Oil on canvas – Amon Carter Museum of American Art

American Gothic painter Grant Wood created this work in celebration of historian Parson Weems and first President George Washington.  Weems’ 1800 work Life of Washington first told the anecdote of the six-year-old future President hatcheting down his father’s favorite cherry tree and then owning up to it.  Weems reported the story “too valuable to be lost, and too true to be doubted,” was told to him by a relative of Washington, allegedly present when the event took place. Continue reading