The Daily Beast Links to The Saturnalian

Satanic Senator

Image: The Daily Beast

While scanning Google News for the latest updates in current events,
I immediately came upon a Daily Beast story about the Libertarian U.S. Senate campaign of Florida’s Augustus Sol Invictus.  I was quite familiar with the subject from its coverage at Independent Political Report and from my posting of Invictus’s controversial writings here at The Saturnalian.   In order to see how a “mainstream” source covered the matter, I read the article and was surprised to find a mostly accurate and fair depiction of Invictus and his campaign.  More surprisingly, I found a link in the article to this very site.

The Daily Beast piece, authored by Gideon Resnick, begins with an account of the resignation of Florida Libertarian Party chairman Adrian Wyllie, who stepped down from his position in protest of Invictus’s campaign and supporters.  It quotes Wyllie as calling Invictus a Fascist and Neo-Nazi with views incompatible with libertarianism.   The article does not mention that Invictus is not yet the Florida Libertarian Party’s nominee for U.S. Senate but just a candidate seeking the party’s nomination.

The article goes into depth about Invictus, conflating his Paganism with “Satanism,” and describing his appearance as “resemb[ling] a character on True Blood.”  It mentions his ritual sacrifice of a goat and claimed journey of 2,500 miles to the Mojave Desert from Orlando, by foot.  Finally, the story links to the posting here of Invictus’s 2013 letter to DePaul College of Law alumni in which he disavows his U.S. citizenship and law license among other things.  The letter was originally posted at the law blog Above the Law.

Perhaps The Daily Beast linked here based on the Pagan-like name of this site.  Please be advised, however, as explained in the about section, the name of this site is not an endorsement of Paganism but rather an allusion to an historic secular celebration and play on my pen name.  Nevertheless, I’ll appreciate the coverage.  It has caused a healthy spike in page views.  As far as I know, The Daily Beast is the only mainstream news outlet to ever link here.  Hopefully, there will be more as The Saturnalian continues to cover interesting stories.


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