Interview with Purported Slayer of Nazi Troll Vernon


Hitler Crucified on a Swastika

Thursday I inquired about the Nazi Troll Vernon at The PLAS Place for a possible interview on his current activities. Vernon, who has trolled Independent Political Report for years, runs the Nazi blog 88Fourteen and was interviewed here last year.  In response, The PLAS Place owner Robert Milnes, an anti-Semitic presidential candidate who entered into a political alliance with Vernon, speculated that Vernon had died at the hands of the ZOG, the Zionist Occupation Government.  Shortly thereafter, someone posting under the name “Big Dawg” fessed up to the murder, writing:

I killed his punk nazi honkey ass on Hitler’s birthday. That fool is pushing up daisies deep in the Oregon woods. I aborted his fourth child with my BBC and now his widow will have my black baby instead!

Instead of interviewing Vernon, I decided to interview his supposed slayer “Big Dawg.”  The interview was conducted in the comments of The PLAS Place and is published below in its entirety.

William Saturn: Are you the same Big Dawg that was posting on IPR?

Big Dawg: Naw, dawg, I never posted there. Nathan Norman says that was one of his names:

A Preliminary Proposal on The Final Solution to The Jews.
Posted on November 16, 2015 by rwm4prez2012

Big Dawg says:
November 25, 2015 at 1:14 am
Stab, gas or shoot all the jews and burn all the faggots at the stake! Feed mohametans to starving pigs and deport all the illegals. Milnes/Norman or Norman/Milnes 2016!

Nathan Norman says:
November 25, 2015 at 10:20 am
Fuck you for stealing one of my names. You are not Big Dawg.

Big Dawg says:
November 25, 2015 at 8:36 pm
What, Big Dawg, you think be da only Big Dawg? Nigga please.

Big Dawg says:
November 25, 2015 at 8:37 pm
My bad Big Dawg…I meants to say you think YOU be da only Big Dawg? Nigga please.

Nathan Norman says:
November 25, 2015 at 9:53 pm
Big Dawg represents the black man who eats watermelon, loves fried chicken and supports Nathan Norman for president.

Big Dawg says:
November 26, 2015 at 3:30 pm
Hells yeah Big Dawg, that be me!

Nathan Norman says:
November 26, 2015 at 7:44 pm
Please like my Facebook page and add some comments. Also please join my army marching on Orlando next May.

I is one Big Dawg but I ain’ts the only Big Dawg, cuz!

WS: So you are supporting Nathan Norman for President?

BD: I do, but my heart be torn on this one, know what I mean, cuz? I also love the plan Robert Milnes has to stab, shoot or deport the Jews. That be making a nigga doubt his commitments! But I fo sho love the Nathan Norman campaign. And I loves me some fried chicken and watermelon … especially with malt liquor, cuz!

WS: What exactly is it about Norman’s campaign platform that you like?

BD: He tells the truth about the faggots and the mohametan terrorists, wants to frack Siberia to pay for terraforming Mars, and he always wants to know where the white women at, just like me! He supports a balanced budget and getting more niggas offa welfare. Now a nigga like me sho nuff knows lots of lazy niggas that be on welfare. Them niggas need to get jobs, know what I’m saying, cuz? He believes in winning just like I do and wants to be a stand in for my main man Newt Gingrich. Nathan Norman comes from a lower middle class family was blessed with the ability to entertain. Just like me! Sheeit, dawg, how can you NOT like the Nathan Norman platform?

WS: When you say you killed Vernon, do you mean that literally or symbolically?

BD: Literally. I crucified him on a swastika and made his ass watch me abort his baby with my big black cock while impregnating his wife at the same time. It was brutal, dawg! Then his wife and kids was tied up to chairs so they could watch. I shot him up with meth and LSD, flayed him, and fed him alive to a large pack of hungry rats inside a cage. You shoulda heard that punk screaming. I showed that mofucka no mercy, cuz!

WS: If Vernon died on Hitler’s Birthday, April 20, who was posting as “Wake Up” on IPR last month? Who posted on here as “Stormfronters for Ron Paul”? The posts looked very similar to those of Vernon.

BD: You got me on that one, dawg. I straight up don’t know whom them fools be. Alls I knows is them ain’t no Vernon cuz I done killt that cracka my damn self, son, you heard?

WS: How did you find Vernon and how do you know it was actually him that you killed since no photographs of him are known to exist?

BD: I been knowing that mothafucka for years. It’s him.

He was my bitch in prison. I caught him hanging around the hood lookin at a nigga funny, know what I mean? So I straight jacked his ass, made his ass get in his beat up old truck with the primer paint job and drive way the fuck out in the woods where he stay at. His fucked up website was all on his computer and shit.

WS: Do you feel any remorse over the killing?

BD: Hell naw! I wish I could do it again all day every day, you feel me?

WS: Are you concerned that one of Vernon’s followers will want to avenge his murder?

BD: Get at me, dawgz! I be armed and ready fo all y’all nazi peckerwoods, you feel me?

WS: Are you concerned that investigators will read this interview and use it as evidence for any unsolved Oregon murders?

BD: Naw, dawg. Ain’t nobody missin’ that fool. And it ain’t no body left for nobody to stumble on, know what I mean, cuz? I keeps my shit clean. Niggas always be axinn how I keeps it so fresh and so clean. Well that’s just how I do, lil nigga.

WS: What happened to the baby you impregnated Vernon’s wife with?

BD: She bout to have it in January. Another little nigga to call me daddy just like all the rest of Vernon’s kids and they mama do already, cuz!

WS: So Vernon’s wife wasn’t racist?

BD: I done reprogrammed her brain a lil bit with my BBC, you know what I’m sayin’, dawg? Now don’t get it twisted… there’s still a lot of races we both hate such as jews, towelheads, faggots, wetbacks, dotheads, japs and chinks.. but I done changed her mind about niggas, cuz.

WS: Nathan Norman believes Vernon was actually Paul Frankel. You obviously disagree with him on that issue, correct?

BD: I told you, I done kilt Vernon with these two hands. Frankel seems to still be alive. So naw, it ain’ts him. Nathan be wrong on this one, dawg.

WS: Robert Milnes said he believes the ZOG killed Vernon. Are you associated with the ZOG?

BD: Hell no! I agree with Robert Milnes… Stab, gas or shoot all the jews!

And while you at it burn all the faggots at the stake! Feed mohametans to starving pigs and deport all the illegals! Milnes/Norman or Norman/Milnes 2016!

WS: But Robert Milnes had an alliance with Nazis called PLAN-SS. Don’t you think he’s going to be upset that you ruined that for him?

BD: He should make a new alliance with Nathan Norman instead. That be the winning team, dawg!

WS: Are you aware of Robert Milnes’s policy of sending black people back to Africa?

BD: Oh shit. For real? Naw, dawg, I didn’t know about that. I liked what Milnes said about the jews but if he hatin’ on niggas like that I be stickin’ wit Nathan Norman fo sho!

WS: Also, Nathan Norman seems to casually use the term “nigger” and opposes interracial relationships. He wrote the following comment on my blog last December:

I have nothing against niggers. I am personally opposed to racial mixing, but if others want to do it I don’t care. I can’t stop everyone from making mistakes.

Your response?

BD: I am glad Nathan Norman has nothing against niggas and won’t try to stop interracial relationships. I loves me my white womens! They always up on a nigga’s nuts, riding and licking and sucking the BBC, flicking my frenulum, calling me daddy and having my black babies. I got nothing against crackers either, I’m even supporting one for President! ‘Sallgood bruh. I don’t like nazis though, or any type of KKK fools or racist skinhead mothafuckers, if any them bitches want a fight bring it on and I will straight fuck them up, you heard?

WS: If you knew someone in your presence was a Nazi, would you kill him?

BD: I can’t kill all the nazis, dawg. It’s got to reach that point, somethin’ to make my blood boil, know what I mean, cuz? I wish I could kill all them… but for real, I is just one dawg!

WS: Nathan Norman wrote an article titled “Nazis Are People Too” and concludes, “Most Nazis are decent.” What is your response?

BD: My dawg Nathan musta been confused, cuz. Did he just get out the pen when that happened? Sometimes niggas be getting all confused up in that mothafucka and have a time readjusting when they get out, know what I mean, dawg?

WS: Nathan Norman has admitted he engaged (or engages) in homosexual activity. He speaks of receiving oral sex from other males. He says he went to a massage parlor and received a handjob from a male masseuse. He even stored homoerotic pornography on his blog. He justifies this by arguing:

Sexual orientation does not exist. The [homoerotic] images I ‘stored’ were for personal use. They did not give me an erection. The thought of my penis being in those situations gives me an erection. There is nothing wrong with that. It is healthy and the Bible allows it.

Do you approve of this behavior and outlook?

BD: He must of fo sho just got out the pen then, dawg. Cuz, now he strong in hatin’ on faggots. The Bible says they should be put to death and I believe burning at the stake is the way to do it … fo shizzle! Nathan Norman don’t love no faggots now, and Big Dawg got not love for faggots. Faggots need to be exterminated, you feel me, cuz?

WS: You recognize that Nathan Norman sometimes posts as Marlon Areola. As recently as last week, Areola described circumcised penises as “[v]ery aesthetically pleasing,” and says he wants to be “cock inspector” in a Robert Milnes presidential administration.

Your reaction?

BD: That’s just a character, dawg. Even Nathan Norman says that character is a nasty ass faggot. I agree with him on that one, cuz.

WS: As recently as August 2015, about a year after his WordPress blog was removed for storing gay pornography, Nathan Norman wrote:

This story reminds me of a cool movie I watched. About 20 guys with massive throbbing cocks all took turns jerking off and cumming into a glass jar. Afterwards it looked like a big jar of milk. A Japanese girl then drank it.

I find it hard to believe that such comments spaced out over such long periods of time can be brushed off as the result of a prison experience. Are you open to the possibility that Nathan Norman’s orientation is not as straight as you think?

BD: It ain’t a damn thing wrong with watching a Japanese ho drank a bucket full of cum, dawg. It’s a female gettin shown for the beyotch she is by being made to swallow much jizz. Them little Japanese niggas be straight mackin on that ho, cuz. It aint nathan queer bout dat, feel me? Me and my niggas do the same damn thing to break in tha hoes and we straight as they come, you heard?

WS: How do you intend to help the Nathan Norman campaign for president?

BD: I’m a keep barkin bout it in my hood and online, cuz. Its all about pimps up, hos down and that nasty ass ho Hillary Clinton is goin’ down hard and chokin’ like a ho that came up short on tha dough… I’ll be steadily representing guerrilla pimpin rowdy no doubt about it now scream and shout it like you can’t live without it….beyotch!

WS: Anything else you’d like to add?

BD: Pimps up, hoes down! Frack Siberia and Terraform Mars! March on Orlando, get Nathan Norman nominated and Newt Gingrich elected as a Libertarian…fried chicken in every bucket, watermelon on every nigga’s plate every night and malt liquor in every pimp cup all day every day! 503 Crips all day every day! 82nd Street all up in yo ass beyotch! I’ma fuck up Moonman KKK when I see that bitch! And I’m out. Gag on my dick for all you nasty hoes out there! Woof! Woof!


5 thoughts on “Interview with Purported Slayer of Nazi Troll Vernon

  1. I’m not buying it either. I don’t know who it is but a Crip would not call anyone Dawg, just like a Blood would never call anyone Cuz. This guy claims to be a Crip and his name is “Big Dawg”? Dawgs are Bloods, what an idiot. And if it’s Frankel I would have thought he would know better than that too. It’s actually more likely to be Nathan Norman because, let’s face it, paid for (cheap) and joke facebook likes aside, who would actually support his “candidacy” in reality? In truth he would be his own only supporter if he actually supported himself, and he probably can’t or won’t pay anyone to pretend to support him for that many questions. So Nathan Norman would be my top suspect for “Big Dawg.” Frankel may still be a suspect too, despite the big time boo boo on gang talk/names. Or maybe it’s someone else completely. The only thing that can be said for sure is that it’s a phony character with a bullshit story. I mean, who would ever even begin to believe a story that crazy? And is it even physically possible for a man to impregnate a woman while aborting her fetus with his penis at the same time? Come on.. not only does that fail the laugh test, it’s not even allowed into the room where the laugh test is administered because it ate all the lead in every No. 2 pencil on the way to the exam room and showed up an hour late with no clothes on.

  2. Who or what is sick here, NF?
    Please include the reporter who is slinging mud without evidently getting much on himself.
    My main concern here is the well being of the real WSS and that of Vernon, whose website has shown little/no activity for quite some time.

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