Dr. Feldman Comments at Irregular Times, Gets Called a Terrorist

On the Irregular Times article “Is America Not Safe?” by ,  Dr. Marc Allan Feldman, a candidate for the Libertarian Party’s 2016 presidential nomination, disputed the premise of the article that the United States is perfectly safe.  Feldman argued:

America is not safe.
In Ohio, so far this year alone, there have been nearly one thousand traffic fatalities. Why do Americans risk their lives simply to drive from point A to point B?
Our food environment is polluted with toxic high caloric density, high simple sugar, low fiber products that cause obesity with associated hypertension, diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Childhood obesity, in particular is epidemic.
Physical activity levels are down, with central air conditioning, cable TV, internet, video games, and fewer attractions within walking distance to home.
It is only by raising consciousness and confronting these serious threats to our citizens that we can make America safe.

Regular Irregular Times contributor J Clifford characterized the above as a “terrorist argument,” speculating Feldman wanted to “make people afraid, and maybe they’ll support [his] little presidential campaign[.]” He then attacked the substance of Feldman’s point on traffic fatalities:

There are 8 million registered drivers in the state of Ohio. http://www.statista.com/statistics/198029/total-number-of-us-licensed-drivers-by-state/

That means, if there are one thousand traffic fatalities in Ohio this year, there is a mortality rate for drivers of about one-hundred-thousandths of one percent.

Is that what you call a “serious threat”, Marc?

Can we please stop the hyperbole?

Feldman countered:

8 million drivers.
10 percent is 800,000
1 percent is 8000.
so 1000 is one eight of one percent.
it’s not hard to do in your head if you take it one step at a time.

a mortality rate of one-hundred-thousandth of one percent would be 8000/100,000 or 8% of a person.
So you are off by a factor of 10,000, th risk is 10,000 times what you said it was.

I’m guessing you went to public school?

My bad.
1 percent is 80,000
1000 is one eightieth of one percent.
so you are only off by a factor of 1,000 times.

I went to Public School too.
But the risk per year of death is still 1 in 8000, or about 12.5 deaths per 100,000 people.

J Clifford replied:

Marc, the risk of death from traffic accidents on any given drive is close to zero.

This is not to say that traffic deaths don’t happen, but that the death rate from traffic accidents is not a “serious threat”.

You’re encouraging fear, exaggerating a risk of death in order to gain attention for your political campaign.

Don’t you think that’s a problem, Marc?

Feldman retorted:

“the risk of death from traffic accidents on any given drive is close to zero.”

That statement would be relevant if few people drove, or if they drove very rarely. But many people drive, and they drive a lot. So although the risk of death from any one given drive is small, the risk of death from car accidents is considerable. To claim that the risk is “close to zero” is irresponsible. This is not an issue of fear, because much of the risk is controllable with appropriate behavior. Texting while driving, drunk driving (or buzzed driving), teens driving with a large number of passengers, all increase the risk several-fold.

Traffic accidents are a “serious threat”, and driving or riding in a car is probably one of the most dangerous things most people do on a daily basis.

“You’re encouraging fear, exaggerating a risk of death in order to gain attention for your political campaign.”
I am encouraging rational concern and respect for risks that are real and measurable. I am a physician with training in public health. You would know this if you read the article about me written here by . . . you.

“Don’t you think that’s a problem, Marc”
Yes, I do.

Thereafter, Feldman’s fellow Libertarian presidential candidate Robert Milnes, an anti-Semite who often comments at Irregular Times, chimed in with something completely off topic:

Feldman is one of about 6 million latent jewish American terrorists.

Feldman did not respond.

Irregular Times covered the Feldman campaign in January with the article “Understanding the Marc Allan Feldman for President Campaign.”


8 thoughts on “Dr. Feldman Comments at Irregular Times, Gets Called a Terrorist

  1. “…Robert Milnes, an anti-Semite…”.
    Please stop saying that.
    Quote me. Or explain the rationale that YOU believe I am an anti-Semite.
    But don’t just state it like it is a widely accepted proven fact. Because it is not.
    And that is poor journalism. WSS imitator.

    • I didn’t think it was a disputable point that you are anti-Semitic. You say that Jews, not Zionists, but Jews are sleeper-cell terrorists out to get you. You were tempted to stab people you were having a Thanksgiving meal with because you thought they were Jewish. Are you denying that you are anti-Semitic?

      • You have become quite the spin doctor, WSS.
        I did not use the phrase “sleeper cell terrorists”. or that all jews were out to get me-in particular-or all Zionists for that matter.
        What I did say paraphrasing from memory is that -I believe/strongly suspect- virtually all jews could be persuaded or manipulated to do just about anything, anywhere anytime if it was communicated to them that it would benefit or be better for Israel.
        I did not say I was tempted to stab people at the Lutheran church I believe who were jewish. I said it sure was a coincidence and a possibly volatile situation that I found myself in at the Lutheran church. Evidently SOMEBODY suspected SOMEBODY might stab SOMEONE there at that time because the hosts took away the knives and acted strange. Bob(Wakely-a regular volunteer there) actually used the word “stab” there which my guest, Bill verified to me that he heard also.
        I had NOTHING TO DO WITH WHO WAS THERE except for me and my one guest. I did not bring a knife and did not have a knife while there except for the dull curved point table utensil that all had but were taken away.
        I am not anti-Semitic. I have NEVER said I am.
        Yes, I am denying your implication that I am.

  2. I note that this article was posted on IPR.
    I see Tom Knapp’s comments. And of course paulie fat cyberpig Mossad lackey follows up and closes it out, making sure nobody gets an edge in against The ZOG.
    Tom, you clueless fool. Evidence of what I am talking about is right there in front of your newly dentaled face. Johns Hopkins was bought out by Bloomberg? WTF? News to me but sure fits the pattern. If they don’t already
    And of course I am banned from commenting there to defend myself.
    Go to MY website and see what I am posting about DECADES of fbi/Mossad dirty tricks.
    Don’t you realize that the biggest entity/force suppressing the third party movement is the fbi/Mossad/ZOG/Israel?
    How did about 1/3 of ALL the jews in the world find their way to the USA? Plenty of loose money and rich nubile gentile women floating around? You think Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump and Savannah Guthrie were NOT targeted by Mossad/Israel?
    How did 2% of the USA population get so much money and power? 2/9=18% of the SCOTUS?
    Generally speaking in USA the left supports Palestinians/opposes jews/Israel. Where is all this at?
    The LP, supposedly leftist, is highly infiltrated.
    Do me a favor? Find out if George Phillies is jewish. Or an fbi/Mossad lackey/dupe. He and I -and you-agree on many things. Yet he is hostile towards me, PLAS and tv surveillance. WTF?

  3. WSS, referring to George Phillies, I assume?
    I tried HARD to find out his religion. Nada.
    One would think even if atheist or agnostic he would have some sort of religious identification/affiliation.
    Then I thought, jewish? All of a sudden his negativity towards me would make sense.
    Kind of like paulie. He’s quite popular and has his niche. He even went to the trouble of listing homeless shelters in Camden, NJ area. Note that he did NOT come out against the traitor jewish judge that illegally evicted me in the first place.
    George Phillies, are you jewish or an Israeli lackey/dupe?
    EVERYBODY, especially Tom Knapp, ask him.

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