Don Grundmann Reacts to Tom Hoefling Campaign Announcement

Don Grundmann

A couple weeks ago Tom Hoefling, a close associate of three-time presidential candidate Alan Keyes and the 2012 presidential nominee of the American Independent Party (AIP) announced he would seek the 2016 presidential nomination of the Constitution Party.  This prompted a response from Don Grundmann, friend to The Saturnalian and former chairman of the Constitution Party of California.  At IPR, he comments:

So here we have the lieutenant of Alan Keyes, whose Republican Establishment lackeys/moles deliberately filed fake documents with the state to break away the AIP from the CP, seeking the nomination of the CP – the party which his Capo, as I document at, deliberately worked to destroy. And he hints of getting the AIP ballot line – the same AIP that is now completely controlled by the Robinson Crime Syndicate which performed the criminal act of filing the fake documents so that everything Bill Shearer built could be destroyed.

Mr. Hoefling, I have heard your “sirens song” of bringing people to the party before and this from your Capo Alan Keyes and his moles Robinson and Seidenberg of how he was going to bring people into the party for the long haul – a pledge which was instantly abandoned when he failed to get the party nomination and hence went to ” Plan B ” to fulfill his original, and real, intent of destroying the party.

And so we have one of the original snakes now slithering back and whispering that “we are stronger together” when he was an integral part of the assassination team that was dispatched to take out the party from being any potential future competition to the Republicans; i.e.; the Republican Establishment.

And of course we hear of how he could unite the CP and the AIP – still controlled by the same criminal Robinson Crime Syndicate that from its first seconds in the AIP was always dedicated to fulfilling their Masters bidding of destroying the CP; by either getting the nomination for Keyes or the “Plan B” which they ultimately did of filing fake documents.

To imagine these criminals, traitors, moles, and proven betrayers/backstabbers in a “principled coalition” is a real laugh, although a sick one. Demons can never have a “principled coalition” except to do what they inherently do in every second of their existence – destroy.

But I will keep an open mind Mr. Hoefling and hence will be willing to believe your intentions when you do one simple thing – Have Mark Robinson and Mark Seidenberg renounce all connection to the AIP and immediately reconnect it back to the CP with no strings attached; i.e.; restore everything back to where it was before they filed their fake documents with the state.

When Robinson and Seidenberg are gone from the scene and the AIP is reconnected to the CP I will believe your good intentions – and not a second before.

Until then I will view you as part of the effort WHICH HAS NEVER STOPPED to make sure that the CP is dead; which itself is a subdivision of the overall movement to kill 3rd party conservative and/or Christian opposition to the “Big Box” parties.

In my book, learned from the painful experience of seeing your Gang of traitors and criminals in action, you are part of the plan to accomplish the exact opposite of what you or your fill-in-the-blank friends; Keyes (the highest mole within the conservative movement that I know of), Robinson, Seidenberg; CLAIM to want.

I will be quite happy if you prove me wrong.

As documented at his website The Corruption of Alan Keyes, Grundmann accuses Keyes and Hoefling of conspiring to destroy the right wing third party movement, precipitating the disaffiliation of the AIP from the national Constitution Party in 2008.

Grundmann is currently mounting a run for U.S. Senate in California and has launched a campaign website entitled Fight The Power.  He is open to running for President, telling The Saturnalian, “If the party considers my views to be valuable and I am requested to be a ‘standard bearer’ by its members I will certainly consider such an honor.”

Other candidates for the Constitution Party presidential nomination include Reverend Scott Copeland of Texas, drug counselor J.R. Myers of Alaska, and pro-life activist Patrick Ockander of Texas.

See also:

UPDATE: Grundmann has announced he too will run for president.


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