WWE Studios Releases Trailer for Countdown (2016)


Last Thursday WWE Studios released a trailer for the soon-to-be-released 2016 film Countdown starring wrestlers Dolph Ziggler, Glenn “Kane” Jacobs, and Canadian actress Katharine Isabelle, who previously starred in the 2012 horror flick American Mary, which The Saturnalian reviewed.

Countdown appears to be about a reckless police officer (Ziggler), his boss (Kane), and another law enforcement agent (Isabelle) who try to find a child at a WWE event with a bomb strapped to his body set on a timer to detonate.

One perhaps unintentionally humorous scene shown in the trailer features an encounter between Ziggler and WWE wrestler Rusev in which Rusev points a gun at Ziggler.

The film is set to be released to DVD and pay-per-view on April 5.


25 thoughts on “WWE Studios Releases Trailer for Countdown (2016)

  1. Yes, it has been quite a while.
    But the situation has not played out yet.
    I’d like to go back to the trailer park-get unevicted. I’m waiting for the Camden police to facilitate that.
    My friend in CA is slowly recovering from ADEM so he is patiently waiting for me to get there.
    So until there is definitive developments that I stay or go, I’m staying. In a sort of homeless limbo.

  2. “I’d like to go back to the trailer park-get unevicted. I’m waiting for the Camden police to facilitate that.”

    In other words – you are waiting for the end of time. Got it.

  3. Can’t say I care very much. Anyone I like even slightly is highly unlikely to even come anywhere close to winning, and I’m way more likely to be killed in a freak accident on my way to the polls than to have my one vote decide the presidential election. If someone I think I like somehow got elected, they would probably be somewhere between a huge disappointment and a totally unmitigated disaster and embarrassment in office. I probably won’t bother to vote, but if I do, it will either be for whichever turd looks like they have the best chance to beat Trump or perhaps whichever buffoon the Libertarians nominate if they manage to not screw up getting on the ballot in my state. Or maybe write something in for my own amusement. None of which really sounds like it’s worth sitting in traffic and standing in line for an hour, to be honest.

  4. I doubt I will see it in the theater, unless I happen to be hanging out with someone who has a burning desire to see it. Otherwise, maybe if I’m flipping through channels when it makes it to cable.

  5. No. I have no interest in this. I do have a classic film I think you should review.

    It’s called Caligula. Very appropriate for this blog and relevant based on the 2016 election. Consider who in the film represents Donald Trump, and who represents Nathan Norman?

  6. WSS, do you know anything about my comments on LPRC Facebook being missing/deleted?
    And on my computer screen of that LP Radical Caucus page the place to put in a comment as I did before seems to be gone. In other words I physically cannot comment on that page. I don’t see how.
    Is that a Facebook function? To block commenting at the source-the commenter’s screen?

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