Nathan Norman Flaunts New Campaign Logo

Unsanctioned Libertarian Party presidential candidate Nathan Norman recently unveiled a new campaign logo, replacing a similar logo the campaign had used since Norman announced his candidacy in January 2015.

“We think it’s a lot cleaner,” says Norman, “it looks better on the Wikipedia profile.”

Norman refers to the list of Libertarian Party presidential candidates on Wikipedia that features images of the candidates and their campaign logos. Despite not being recognized on the official Libertarian Party list, Norman was recently added to Wikipedia since he qualified for the Oregon Primary ballot.

When asked what his new logo represents, Norman said it was “quite clear.”

“You know what it is,” he retorted, “I shouldn’t have to say it.”

NNorman black

Nathan Norman

On multiple occasions, Norman has expressed an obsession with male genitals.  In October 2014, he mentioned peeking at a man in a urinal beside him. In December 2014, he discussed getting a tattoo of Rand Paul on his penis. In January 2015, he bragged about having “massive balls, proportioned to [his] huge Aryan penis.”  Last August he raved about a pornographic film featuring “[a]bout 20 guys with massive throbbing cocks.”  And just last week, he recommended the 1979 film Caligula (YouTube link NSFW), which contains more full-frontal male nudity than perhaps any other mainstream film.

New Federalist, a commenter here at The Saturnalian has described Norman as “one sick puppy.”  Fellow presidential candidate Robert Milnes has called Norman a “perv.”

Norman also announced the creation of a campaign video, embedded below:

“Are you the monkey or the duck?” he asks viewers, “Vote for Nathan Norman on Election Day!”

The Oregon Primary will be held on May 27.


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