Viral Video of Christopher Cantwell Shows Necessity of the Second Amendment


Anarchist Christopher Cantwell has been the subject of recent IPR discussion over the compatibility of libertarianism and constraints on immigration. Cantwell contends that, like the owners of private property, citizens of the United States should be able to restrict who can enter the country.  One reason for such a restriction is to prevent third world border-crossers from obtaining citizenship, and reflecting the totalitarian impulse of their motherland by “voting away” fundamental rights such as the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

Anarchist opponents of Cantwell believe anyone in the world should be able to enter the United States and become a citizen, even if it results in the loss of fundamental rights.  While these open borders advocates talk the talk on their personal blogs, completely divorced from reality, Cantwell actually walks the walk in his defense of liberty.  He demonstrated this in a May 2015 video posted to his popular YouTube channel.  The video, which has gone viral and garnered over half a million views, documents, in reality, how a firearm diffuses a potentially deadly situation.  It highlights the necessity of maintaining the Second Amendment.

With gun rights under attack (even by the Libertarian Party presidential front-runner), it’s refreshing to see an anarchist actually risk his life in defense of the Second Amendment.  It’s too bad other anarchists indirectly contribute to its demise as they advocate open borders and unfettered immigration to the United States.


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