Flashback Friday: Video of 2008 Pennsylvania Libertarian Party Presidential Debate


As was brought to my attention by frequent Saturnalian reader and presidential candidate Robert Milnes, the Pennsylvania Libertarian Party held a presidential debate on March 15, 2008 in which Milnes participated.  Previously it was thought video of Milnes at the 2012 Alternative Candidates Debate was the only footage of him available.  However, apparently the Pennsylvania debate was live-streamed on the video streaming service Ustream, where it has been preserved.

Milnes participated in the debate with eight other Libertarian presidential candidates: Jim Burns, Daniel Imperato, Bob Jackson, Michael Jingozian, Alden Link, George Phillies, Wayne Allyn Root, and Christine Smith. Ken Krawchuk of the Pennsylvania Libertarian Party moderated the debate, curiously, just as he did the 2012 Alternative Candidates Debate featuring Milnes.

The footage of the debate is blurry and sometimes the sound is difficult to hear, especially when Milnes speaks since he has a very soft voice. Notably during the opening statements, Milnes discusses his admiration for President Theodore Roosevelt.  When Root speaks, he thanks Milnes for mentioning Roosevelt, but comments that Roosevelt was full of energy, insinuating that Milnes was not.

The debate is embedded below:

For additional debate articles, see:



9 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: Video of 2008 Pennsylvania Libertarian Party Presidential Debate

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