Libertarian Party Presidential Candidates React to Phil Davison Video

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Twelve 2016 Libertarian Party presidential candidates participated in IPR’s second-ever presidential candidates questionnaire.  The candidates were asked seven serious questions and three “fun” questions.  At IPR, responses to only two of the fun questions were published.  The third is published here as an exclusive to The Saturnalian.

For the bonus question, the candidates were asked to react to the viral video of former Minerva Councilman Phil Davison, “America’s Councilman,” delivering a fiery 2010 campaign speech, as shown below.

Here’s how the candidates reacted:

Joey Berry of South Carolina (website):
I couldn’t bring myself to watch the entire video. The parts I watched were over the top and concerning…
Brian Briggs of Mississippi (website):
I find this video unprofessional.  You can not stay focused if you are moving all around – you will lose the peoples attention and what you are talking about.  To much non-important information can take away from your speech.  There is no need to be arrogant – this will turn people off.
Thomas Clements of Louisiana (website)
Sorry not watch the video, I am busy writing you lol.

Keenan Dunham of South Carolina (website): No response.

Marc Allan Feldman of Ohio (website):
It is a politician speaking.  Doesn’t matter what he says, really.  He is a politician.

Donald Eugene Lowe of Texas (website): No response.

John McAfee of Tennessee (website):


Kevin McCormick of Arizona (website):

I have seen this before, so many things I could say.  I admire his passion but, I feel like he highlights what is wrong with higher education he has 2 bachelor degrees, 2 master degrees including one in communications but can’t manage to put together a 5 minute coherent speech…

Darryl Perry of New Hampshire (website):
He’s passionate about something
Derrick Michael Reid of California (website):
Psychologists should determine if he needs to be committed,
and have a guardian appointed
Jack Robinson, Jr. of South Carolina (website):
Though a compassionate candidate he lost persuasiveness through demeanor. Correct on many discussion points that government is a cesspool but was one of the elected representatives that should be held responsible- Atlas shrugged. His discussion centered on economics, which is the area usually involved in corruption and incompetence but as usual offered no solutions- Atlas shrugged. As with all politicians including our own, the emphasis is forever on the problem with no solution ever offered – Atlas shrugged again. My reaction is this- these problems are real, they are caused by bad policies made by bad politicians with greed and self interest in mind; and I am the only candidate that will say “how” we will address these problems with thoughtful socio-economic solutions that are removed from government corruption, greed and graft.
Heidi Zeman of Nevada (website): No response.


18 Responses

  1. This questionnaire is bogus. Because its main message is that I, Robert Milnes, am not a candidate…BECAUSE I, Robert Milnes, am not on the list of candidates. Whereas the actual reality is that I, Robert Milnes, am the ONLY viable candidate with PLAS the winning strategy. AND the LP is so dominated by The ZOG, it has managed to spike me out of IPR AND the LP presidential nominating process because PLAS is anti-ISRAEL read: NOT anti-Semitic, which is a Zionist defense tactic. FURTHER, William S. Saturn is not William S. Saturn. Something happened to the REAL William S. Saturn about August, 2013. He joined my list of the disappeared and victims of ZOG germ warfare.

  2. The list of the disappeared includes: Jack Ruby, reward for service to The ZOG: taking out patsy Lee Harvey Oswald. William Luther Pierce, punishment for being a successful American Neo-Nazi, Antonin Scalia so as to replace a gentile Justice with a jewish justice, raising the percentage of jewish justices to 33%.
    William S. Saturn, punishment for being a Milnes ZOG dominated media ally and replacing with Milnes ZOG dominated media adversary.
    Ruth Blumenstein/Doris Klinkenberg, punishment for helping Milnes with illegal ZOG eviction, or possibly helping Milnes with illegal ZOG eviction.
    Mark Klinkenberg, punishment for being Milnes friend with high I.Q., injection with ADEM/germ warfare.
    Pat Klinkenberg, punishment for being possible Milnes love object.
    Nancy Benson, punishment for being possible Milnes love object/First Lady.

  3. You’re not a serious candidate. If you were you would take the simple step of filing with the FEC so you could be listed on It’s so easy you can do it online:

  4. I believe running with more than one party also disqualifies a candidate from being listed at as well, or being placed in nomination at the convention, as it violates party bylaws.

  5. says

    The Libertarian Party recognizes 2016 Presidential candidates who have campaign websites, are dues-paying members of the LP, have met all U.S. Constitutional requirements to serve in office as president, and are not running for the nomination of any other political party. They have also filed with the FEC, with the exception of Darryl Perry, who has chosen not to file, as a protest against the FEC, claiming that it lacks constitutional authority.

  6. Why not ask me? I qualified for the Oregon ballot. I am more of a candidate than most of these losers.

  7. Do you meet all the conditions at ? If not, which ones don’t you meet? If you do, have you asked them to list you?

    • The only thing I fulfill is having a campaign website unless you say I’m “protesting” the FEC like Perry. It doesn’t matter if they list me. I’ll still seize the nomination in Orlando with an army of supporters and secure the Oregon nomination through democratic means.

  8. You can’t even be placed in nomination if you are not a dues paying party member.

    • Like that even matters. Was Ceasar a dues paying Celt when he conquered Gaul? Was Cortes a dues paying Aztec when he conquered Tenochtitlan? Of course not. Revolutionary change requires an outsider. I’ll use your rules to wipe my ass.

  9. They’re not my rules, and bylaws changes don’t take effect until after the convention. If you hijacked the convention you would lose in government courts after you get sued.

  10. Did the Aztecs sue Cortes?

  11. Nice fantasy life you have. Almost as entertaining as Milnes.

  12. […] politicans seemed to take note of Davison and his speech.  John McAfee enjoyed the speech and both Ralph Beach and Gary Johnson tried to emulate it.  Perennial candidate James […]

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