Open Letter to Florida Libertarians


Dear Florida Libertarians,

This is citizen journalist William Saturn.  I am writing to convince you to vote in the August 30 primary to make Augustus Sol Invictus your next nominee for U.S. Senate.  Admittedly, I am not a member of your party, though I hold it in high esteem. I consider myself libertarian politically and often vote for Libertarian Party candidates in my home state of Texas.  Furthermore, I am well-versed in the history and ideology of the party, having covered it extensively for the last eight years as a contributor to Wikinews, Independent Political Report, and American Third Party Report.  I rarely endorse candidates for office but when one as bright as Augustus comes along, I make an exception.

Augustus is a dedicated campaigner, a gifted orator, and, most importantly, a principled advocate for liberty.  Those are the traits that will enable him to mount a vigorous run in the general election to provide the voters of Florida with a credible third option to the Republican and Democratic nominees.

Ever since Augustus announced his candidacy last year, he has campaigned relentlessly.  He has traveled throughout the state, participated in forums and interviews in print and radio, and everywhere he goes, he sticks to the consistent message that our country is in need of a revolution.  Not a revolution of big government as Bernie Sanders espouses, but a revolution of liberty that will dramatically decrease the role of government and restore our natural rights.  Augustus’ internet campaign is also effective.  Through his “Fireside chat” podcasts, he updates voters on campaign activities and discusses important political issues.  All of these addresses are cataloged on Augustus’ campaign website.  They provide an intimate look at the candidate, as if he is speaking personally with each listener, allowing him to articulate his points in a clear, concise manner.  We need a clear messenger to reach out to voters.  Augustus’ skill in oration is one very few candidates possess.

Augustus’ public speeches are among the best I’ve seen from a political candidate.  Videos and transcripts are widely available online. These speeches empower audiences through rhetorical flare, which captures the essence of what it means to be libertarian.  Take for instance, the speech he gave in April at your party’s state convention.  He compared the government to a slave master and us citizens as its slaves, a perfect metaphor.  As slaves, we hand over our hard-earned cash to our master, the government, and are bound by its self-serving rules and regulations.  Liberty is the only way to break free.  This liberty is what Augustus advocates.  As a consequence, the good slaves or so-called “house negroes”, comfortable with their enslavement, use political correctness to do their master’s bidding to silence voices of liberty like Augustus.  We need his voice now more than ever and you can unmuzzle him by making him your party’s nominee for Senate.

While Augustus speaks the message of liberty masterfully, his actions speak even louder.  In the real world, he fights for liberty every day.  As a criminal defense attorney, one of the noblest professions, Augustus helps those at risk of losing their liberty.  His work is to ensure that the accused are afforded their constitutional right to defend against the claims of government.  Augustus defends all-comers, be it victims of the government’s drug war or those who society itself has blacklisted.  Take the case of the American Front.  Augustus zealously defended, on free speech grounds, Diane Stevens and Dustin Perry, who were arrested in Florida simply for their connections to the group.  The government had declared American Front as a “domestic terrorist” group based on its ideology of white supremacy.  Though the defendants faced a strict sentence if found guilty, Augustus secured their freedom and thus defeated the government’s attempted infringement of free speech.  Augustus took a principled and commendable stance to defend the rights of the unpopular.  This is needed in a Senate where politicians pick favorites and do not treat all Americans as equal under the law.  Augustus’ willingness to advocate for all-comers shows that he will be a Senator with aims toward liberty for all.

We do not know whether Augustus’ primary opponent, Paul Stanton, shares any of Augustus’ traits.  What we do know is that Stanton was unwilling to debate Augustus one-on-one.  A debate would have provided the voters a fair contrast of the candidates on which to base their vote.  All we can do is speculate as to why Stanton refused a debate.  Perhaps he is a poor public speaker.  Perhaps he lacks passion for liberty or understanding of political issues.  Hopefully, he did not refuse on the assumption voters would reject Augustus based on false rumors and religious bigotry.

Whatever his reason, Stanton’s refusal to debate speaks volumes about his dedication.  On the other hand, Augustus’ record proves he will fight for liberty in the general election, just as he fights for liberty in this election, and fights for the liberty of his clients in the courtroom.

The choice, Florida Libertarians, is in your hands.  Give yourselves a chance this November and vote for Augustus Sol Invictus.

Thank you,

William Saturn


43 thoughts on “Open Letter to Florida Libertarians

    • Johnson-Weld endorsed his opponent so I don’t think he’s too fond of them. I’m not sure if he’s said anything publicly on Johnson-Weld. In the interview I did with him for Wikinews, he complimented Trump but said he did not want to openly endorse him because he did not want to run on Trump’s platform.

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