Augustus Sol Invictus Launches Website

Invictus War Room

Former Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate Augustus Sol Invictus, chairman of the Orange County, Florida Libertarian Party, launched a new website today at 12:23 am EDT, the precise moment at which the Moon became full over Invictus’ hometown of Orlando.

Invictus announced the new site, titled Invictus War Room, via press release on Facebook. The purpose of the site, according to the release, is “to further an agenda that calls for the abolishment of the federal government using revolutionary tactics.”  It is a natural continuation of Invictus’ Senate campaign, which ended in August.

The War Room is divided into an “open arena” for public consumption and a special “members only” area, which can be accessed for a fee of $9.99 per month.  Payment of the fee will also enable the reader to access a pdf of Invictus’ new book The Great War, which complies past Invictus writings and speeches.

Invictus invites readers to refer to him as “Caesar” on the site.

Today’s launch coincides with the release of a new Fireside Chat, which is embedded below:


4 thoughts on “Augustus Sol Invictus Launches Website

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  2. William… what do you make of all the controversy regarding Invictus and all the legal issues in which he is involved?

    • I haven’t been following it closely enough to make a solid judgment. My instincts tell me this is an attempted character assassination, but I cannot yet make that assertion. What are your thoughts on it?

      • In reading all the comments posted at IPR it appears to me that he has some serious issues that go beyond simply being eccentric. I have not researched his alleged association with fringe groups of the far right nor have I watched the video of the goat slaying. I just have the feeling with all this smoke there is a fire someplace.

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