Westboro Baptist Church Offers Advice to President-elect Donald Trump

The Westboro Baptist Church, a house of worship in Topeka, Kansas, that came to prominence through the efforts of the late free speech advocate Fred Phelps, released a YouTube video offering advice for President-elect Donald Trump.

Speaking for the Church, Sam Phelps-Roper thanks God for preventing Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton from being elected president.  He calls the series of events leading to Trump’s election as a result of God’s efforts.   Phelps-Roper instructs Trump to read the Book of Jonah, particularly how the King of Nineveh saved his kingdom from destruction.  He advises Trump to turn to God by avoiding excessive pride, committing himself to God’s wisdom, and enacting righteous policies. He provides several specific policies for Trump in his first 100 days in office:

  • Stop living in adultery with Melania Trump
  • Stop America’s military
  • Re-criminalize the Sins of fornication, sodomy, adultery, same-sex marriage, and abortion, and
  • Put an end to the concept of “gender identity”

Video of the advice is provided below:



4 thoughts on “Westboro Baptist Church Offers Advice to President-elect Donald Trump

  1. Christians should convert to Islam. Short of that, more of them should be like this church. There is a great deal in their ideology to agree with.

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