The 2016 Presidential Campaign That Never Was

After an unsuccessful 2012 presidential campaign for the Boston Tea Party presidential nomination, I convinced former Minerva Village Councilman Phil Davison to consider running for the Libertarian Party’s 2016 presidential nomination.  The party’s platform aligned with the views he expressed during his March 2011 interview on Tosh.0.  Seeing how explosive the issues of political correctness and free speech had become with the growth of social media and mass communication, I branded Davison as a free speech advocate and kept his name active as a potential Libertarian presidential candidate.  This did not generate any interest in the Libertarian Party, which Davison later lamented.

A few months later, Davison wanted to run for president as a Republican.  Before taking the step of filing with the FEC or qualifying for primary ballots, we tried to convince the mainstream media to report on the campaign.  They had no interest in the story, and so the campaign went nowhere.

The following is the press release we sent out for the 2016 presidential campaign that never was:


November 9, 2015

Contact:  William Saturn

“America’s Councilman” to run for President

“America’s Councilman” Phil Davison, former village councilman and deputy mayor of Minerva, Ohio says he plans to run for President of the United States in 2016 as a Republican.  He wants to unite the country and solve problems by crafting a responsive government that connects democratic institutions with the people directly through social media.

“Americans are tired of lies and excuses,” says Davison, “we need to unite as one country to fix what is broken.”

Davison, 44, is best known for the passionate 2010 speech he delivered while seeking the GOP nomination for Stark County Treasurer.  A recording of Davison’s speech became a viral sensation, reaching over 3 million views on YouTube, and leading to media interviews on Good Morning AmericaAmerica’s Newsroom with Megyn KellyInside EditionTosh.0, and 20/20.   Davison’s popularity earned him the nickname “America’s Councilman.”

“America’s Councilman” fit not just for Davison’s notoriety, but for his achievements in public office.  He served for over 16 years in the Minerva Village Council as councilman and deputy mayor.  During his tenure, he introduced legislation that increased services without passing costs to taxpayers.  As President, he wishes to do the same with an emphasis on the economy and national security.

“Calvin Coolidge once said ‘The business of America is business.’ The importance of the economy cannot be underestimated,” says Davison, “the United States is part of an expanding planet in terms of science and technology, and our country must continue to keep pace with other nations.”

Davison believes the anti-establishment element in the Republican Party today is a direct result of “politics as usual.”  He sees Donald Trump tapping into this voter anger to draw support.  Davison theorizes that this movement actually dates back to 2010 when angry voters launched “a violent electoral attack on the House of Representatives, and to a larger degree, the political system itself.”   This coincided with Davison’s famous speech

“I am not claiming I began this anti-political system movement, but my speech resonated with people that are sick and tired of politics as usual. Donald Trump is riding the wave of anger and hostility that the average voter feels.”

While matching the charisma of Trump, Davison adds a record of public service that Trump lacks.  Plus, Davison is actually part of the middle class that makes up the anti-establishment movement.

“The loud and radical faction of the Republican Party needs a true commoner and representative of the people to lead the movement!”

Davison believes he is that man.

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