The Temple of Saturn in Rome

Welcome to The Saturnalian Blog.

The focus of this blog is to provide content that maximizes the appreciation of human expression, hence the name “The Saturnalian.”

Saturnalia was a Roman holiday observed in veneration of the god Saturn at the onset of Winter Solstice.  Historical accounts describe festivals fraught with indulgence and licentiousness alongside displays of  freedom and egalitarianism.  Poet Catullus lauded the holiday as the “best of days.” Lyricist Horace referred to it as “December liberty.”  This blog attempts to recapture the spirit of Saturnalia.  It provides readers a forum to immerse their senses and furnish unfiltered raw reactions.

Anyone interested in writing for this blog may contact me at wssaturn@gmail.com.

Thank you,

William S. Saturn


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