Flashback Friday: Video of 2008 Pennsylvania Libertarian Party Presidential Debate


As was brought to my attention by frequent Saturnalian reader and presidential candidate Robert Milnes, the Pennsylvania Libertarian Party held a presidential debate on March 15, 2008 in which Milnes participated. Continue reading


Flashback: “Magic Johnson? . . . He’s Got AIDS!”

A year ago this week, Los Angeles Clippers then-owner Donald Sterling, an NAACP honoree, sat down for an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper.  Sterling had been the subject of controversy after his black girlfriend, Vivian Stiviano audio taped a conversation in which he asked that she not be seen at Clippers games with black people.  During the interview with Cooper, Sterling apologized for the comments and went on the attack against former Los Angeles Lakers guard Magic Johnson, who had called for Sterling’s removal as owner. Continue reading

Howard Stern’s 9/11 Broadcast

stern-9-11-2001-broadcastThirteen years ago today, with the terrorist attacks of 9/11 underway, radio host Howard Stern remained on the air in real time, capturing the essence of the moment. Stern and his staff’s alternating emotions of grief, anger, and general confusion reflect what is perhaps the most accurate documentation of American feeling as the events unfolded. Listen to the raw reaction on the recording below and compare it to your own thoughts and experiences from that day. Consider the role these collective feelings had in changing the course of American policy.

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