ATPR Interface Recalls IPR Past

This past week, yours truly, William Saturn, decided to redesign the interface of American Third Party Report (ATPR), which had recently been acquired by myself and fellow Independent Political Report (IPR) writers Jed Ziggler and Paul Frankel.  The new interface is based upon that which IPR used from its founding in 2008 until its redesign in 2013.  The intent of this new interface is not simply to focus on the old times, but to recall fond memories of what IPR once was. Continue reading


Functional Fillmore Frugal Movement Ends

fffm header

Header for the Functional Fillmore Frugal blog featuring (from left) Newt Gingrich, John Lennon, Millard Fillmore, Jim Burns, and Rand Paul.

In 2010, an individual using the name “Concerned Citizen” (CC) began commenting on Independent Political Report (IPR) articles.  His comments often reflected social conservative positions and he self-identified as a Constitution Party member.  As the 2012 election approached, CC expressed support for the presidential campaign of Republican Mitt Romney.  After the re-election of President Obama that November, he expressed anger at fellow IPR commenters for casting their ballots for third party and independent candidates.  In his mind, their votes took votes away from Romney and handed the election to Obama.  Several months later, CC returned to IPR with a new gimmick. Continue reading

New Third Party Blog Launched

Last month, Krzysztof Lesiak, formerly a contributor to the Independent Political Report (IPR), started the blog American Third Party Report (ATPR), which, as its name suggests, covers American third parties.  Though similar to IPR in subject matter, it currently lacks the community that makes IPR such a popular blog.  All of its recent posts are copies of news articles and press releases from third parties and associated political campaigns.  It once featured some original content, but recent personnel changes have somewhat altered the blog’s output. Continue reading